Wednesday, July 30, 2008

OLYMPIC Thai athletes given Luang Pu Tuad amulets to boost morale.

Princess Sirindhorn gives Thai athletes a boost

Urges competitors to do their best.

Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhornon on 28 Jul 08, urged the Olympic athletes to give their all to show to the world that Thais are capable of competing at this level.
The athletes and officials were granted an audience with the Princess at Chitralada Palace's Dusidalai Pavilion.

The Princess told the delegation, led by Tourism and Sports Minister Weerasak Kohsurat, that the Olympics was the greatest sporting event in the world.

Although some in the 2008 Olympic delegation have attended the Games on several occasions, they receive new experience every time, Her Royal Highness said.

"You should use this occasion to show to Thais and foreigners how capable Thai athletes are," said the Princess.

"You should carry out your duty to the best of your ability. Winning or losing is not important. I hope you meet what you want to meet and avoid what you want to avoid."

The Princess gave 200 Luang Poo Thuad amulets to Weerasak for him to hand them to the delegation to help boost their morale and give them confidence.

Her Royal Highness will attend the Beijing Games' opening ceremony on August 8 and will watch Premsiri Bunpithak and Pensiri Laosirikul compete in weightlifting the next day.

The Princess conversed with the athletes and officials particularly Athens Games weighlifting champion Pawina Thongsuk, who officially retired from the national side in a farewell party on Sunday. Pawina paid respect to the Princess who sent her a bouquet of flowers to Sunday's party.

The Princess asked Thai delegation chief Thana Chaiprasit who will carry the Thai flag during the opening ceremony and Thana said boxer Worapoj Petchkoom, a silver medallist at the 2004 Games, is assigned to do the job.

She was also keen to know about the number of the Thai athletes at the 2008 Games, their preparations and accomodation as well as the weather in Beijing.
Gen Yutthasak Sasiprapha said the delegation felt grateful to the Princess who gave them some wise words.

Thana said it was an honour for the contingent to have been granted an audience with Her Royal Highness. "We feel grateful. This boosts our morale," he said.

Thana, who was in Beijing at the weekend, said the Athletes' Village was ready and athletes from some countries had already stayed there.

There will be 51 Thai athletes at the 2008 Olympics who are expected to win two gold medals. Thailand won three gold, one silver and four bronze medals at the Athens Olympics.

According to Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej, the Princess will cook a meal for the Thai delegation during her stay in Beijing.


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Monday, July 28, 2008

Luang Phor Koon Wat Bahn Rai

Luang Por Koon Wat Bahn Rai

Luang Por Koon was borned on Thursday, 4th October BE2466. He was raised in a well off family. His grandfather was an influential person and very well-known in Nakon Raatchaseemah province. He also known to have Wichah (magic power), and many people were afraid of him.

When Luang Por Koon was 7 years old , his grandfather brought him to study Thai and Pali under Ah Jahn Cheum, Ah Jahn Saai and Pra Ah Jahn Lee in a temple near his house. Luang Por Koon was ordained as a monk at the age of 21 years old at Wat Thanon HakYai on 5th May BE2487. Pra Kru Wijahn Dtigit was the preceptor. Pra Kru Atigahn Torng Suk was his dhamma teacher. His monk's name is Pisuttoh.

Luang Por Koon stayed in Wat Thanon HakYai to study dhamma, in addition Luang Por Koon also learned under Luang Daeng Wat Nong Poh. He learned dhamma, sammahdti and Wichah (magic) from Luang Por Daeng.

Luang Por Koon was very diligent when studied under Luang Por Daeng. Seeing that Luang Por Koon was so keen in learning, Luang Por Daeng brought Luang Por Koon to meet Luang Por Kong who was the abbot of Wat HatYai. Then, Luang Por Koon became the disciple of Luang Por Kong.

Luang Por Kong was a Pra Tudong (forest monk) and brought Luang Por Koon to Tudong (forest dwelling). Besides dhamma and sammahdti, Luang Por Kong also taught Luang Por Koon Wichah (magic) on inserting takrut into a person's arm. After learning from Luang Por Kong for some time, Luang Por Koon went Tudong alone. He went as far as Laos and Cambodia. He stayed in the deep forests of Laos and Cambodia for many years.

During the rainy season, if Luang Por Koon was near town, he would stayed in any one of the temple near town to Khow Pansah (rainy season for a monk to stay indoors), if he was still in the forest, he would stay in the forest and continue his Tudong.

Luang Por Koon returned to Thailand after more than 10 years of Tudong, and reside at Wat Bahn Rai, Nakon Raatchaseemah. The first time, Luang Por Koon came to Wat Bahn Rai, the temple was in bad condtion. There was only a old Salah (shether), Bot (hall) and Guti (place where Buddha Statue will be placed).

Luang Por Koon seeing that was determined to re-build this temple. He approached the abbot of the temple at that time, and asked him for his help. The abbot told him that the temple did not have much fund (only 10,000 bahts) and asked Luang Por Koon how much money he needed to re-build the temple. Luang Por Koon replied that he needed 3 to 4 million bahts. When the abbot heard that, he said that he had no ability to help, though it was his duties. Luang Por Koon, then asked the villagers and his lay disciples to source for fund. Many people came forward and helped. The total fund collected was almost 2 million bahts and Wat Bahn Rai was re-built. Luang Por Koon was gradually gaining popularity in Nakon Raatchaseemah.

Whenever, people heard Luang Por Koon wanted to build a temple or a school, many people would come forward to help. Luang Por Koon had built many schools, temples and hospitals in Nakon Raachaseemah. The devotees who go to Wat Bahn Rai, be it rich or poor, Luang Por Koon will meet them personally and bless them. He would specially make time for the poorer devotees, because to Luang Por Koon, the poorer devotees need to earn a living, and thus their time is more precious comparing to the richer ones who had already have a stable livelihood.

Luang Por Koon chanted the most amulets in Thailand. Many temples and people would create the amulets and asked him to bless. He seldom rejected anyone when come to him for blessings. Luang Por Koon is very good in the Wichah of inserting takrut. He would personally insert the takrut under the arm of the devotees, these takrut are very well proven to protect a person from accidents, Metta and as well as Kong Grapan (immunity from weapons).Almost 20 years, Luang Por Koon had chanted and inserted takrut, but now Luang Por Koon had stopped due to poor health. However, he will still meet and bless the devotees who go to Wat Bahn Rai to pay respect to him.

Recently went to visit lp koon again in Wat Bahn Rai. He is one of the greatest living monk in Thailand. Nowadays Lp Koon due to poor health condition, were only able to see people for a short while. There were also new rules of restriction of taking picture with him.

The beautiful temple Wat Bahn Rai. Anyone who visit Thailand , definitely need to pay a visit to the great Lp Koon.

Luang Phor Koon amulets

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This is an old medal rian of lp koon. Rare and limited.
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Another Lp Koon image amulet, made of old holy powder and inserted with one old takrut of lp koon in front.Made in year 2536. Only one piece.
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

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Recently just came back from a long trip to Thailand.
I'm going to share some interesting amulets that will open your vision in the world of thailand amulets.
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Archan Perm Yin Tong locket with inserted bone

Archan Perm is a cambodia archan who live in Thailand. He is a master of making effective love charms. This Yin Tong (love couple) locket inserted with a piece of woman bone behind.
With specially added yantra by Archan perm. Currently this piece of locket is in high demand and Archan perm has stopped making this amulet.

(Archan perm Yin Tong )(front)

(Archan perm Yin Tong ) (Back)

One of the best amulet for love and attraction. Used to enhance love relationship, marriage and also save back a broken relationship.

katha to be chanted:

Namo put ta ya , Na On Jai Rak,
Ma Chak Ma Non Kod
Put Soum Kod Yod Rak Saneha
Tha Ched Nam Ta
Ma SuYa Hen Na Ku U Mi Dai
Rong Hai Mahaku Sawaha
Ar Ka Cha Yah, Ar Ka Cha Hit
Jit Ti Ji Tang
Pan Thang Pi Yang Ma Ha

Chant 7 times

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Luang Phor Boon Song Salika with butterfly Yin tong


Luang phor boon song from Wat kar jom made this beautiful salika amulet with butterfly yin tong. Front is inserted with special gem to enhance the power of the amulet. Behind is inserted with a silver takrut hand written by lp boon song.
This amulet is best for sales luck, metta and love luck.

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Luang Phor Wan Poo Jao Phra Lersi Tigerhead



Luang Phor Wan from Wat Soi Suwan Vaeraram, kampheang province.
This is a special lersi tiger head specially hand crave by lp wan.
The material is ghost wood, soak with special green oil.
Many Thai people believed that Poo Jao Lersi is an excellent amulet that could protect them from enemies, danger, black magic and harm.
It also has the ability to bring deep respect and authory to the wearer.
Made only 19 pieces due to limited wood and oil.
Furthermore lp Wan made this one by one while craving the wood and chanting the special mantra. After that this batch of lersi amulets were chanted for another 3 years.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Thai monks mix Buddha with David Beckham

Like billions of other people around the world, 25-year-old Phra Prawit is avidly following the World Cup - and especially his favourite team, France.

On the other side of Bangkok, 28-year-old England fan Pramaha Preecha is equally addicted to the beautiful game.

But Prawit, Preecha and their football-mad friends have a problem: they are Buddhist monks and have to be awake at 5am every morning to collect alms from the local community.

Because of the six-hour time difference between Germany and Thailand, many matches do not start until the early hours of the morning, and since the World Cup began there have been reports of monks sleeping in, leaving local Buddhists waiting in vain with their morning offerings.
One report in the Nation newspaper cited an angry woman in the city of Chiang Mai who said her birthday celebrations had been ruined because she arrived at a temple with her carefully-prepared alms, only to find that most monks were still in bed.

But Prawit and Preecha know where their priorities lie. Despite their allegiance to the football, they rarely stay up past midnight.
"I watched some football the other night, but I fell asleep after 15 minutes," said Preecha. "I had to follow up what had happened the next morning."

His friend Phra Phitak has an established World Cup routine. "I get up early, meditate and collect alms. But as soon as I get back to the temple for breakfast, I turn on the TV or check the internet to find out the score from the previous night's match."

Football fever

The issue of whether monks should be allowed to watch football has been a topic of debate in Thailand over the last few weeks, with the subject featuring in newspaper reports and TV chat shows.

After all, Cambodian monks have apparently been asked to steer clear.
The chief monk in the capital, Phnom Penh, told the French news agency AFP that monks found watching the World Cup should be kicked out of their temples.

In Thailand, though, it appears the consensus of opinion is that monks should be able to follow Beckham as well as Buddha - as long as they don't take their passion for football to an excessive level.

One senior abbot I spoke to, Pramaha Grissana, said: "Some Thai Buddhists don't want monks to watch the football, as they think we should be separate from the lives of laymen. Personally, though, I think it's fine."

In any case, it is hard to prevent young Thai monks supporting a sport that the rest of Thailand is obsessed with.

Their country might not be in the competition, but that has not stopped Thais from following every free kick, red card and own goal of the 2006 World Cup.
Bars showing the football are packed to capacity whenever a match is on, and according to one research centre, Kasikorn, Thai people will wager up to $1bn on the tournament, despite the fact that gambling is illegal.

Average Thai citizens think nothing of watching into the small hours of the morning.
"I've seen every single match," said 32-year-old Brazil supporter Protpinan Buranayooyti proudly. "I've specially kept some of my holiday allowance, so I can take some days off work and not get too tired."

So it's not surprising that while temples may be places of sanctuary from the outside world, even they are not completely free of the all-pervasive love of football.

David Beckham

The David Beckham temple
See David Beckham's likeness in the Buddhist temple

In Pariwas temple, where Phra Prawit lives, the monks have taken this one step further. A golden statue of David Beckham - forever immortalised with his late 90s-era floppy hairstyle - is nestled among the Buddha images.

Since it was created in 1998, the statue has become a tourist attraction, but the temple's monks are non-plussed by all the interest.

"Beckham's all right," said Brazil supporter Phra Phitak, busy washing bright orange robes outside the temple, "but personally I think Ronaldhino is a better player."

Red card on excitement

Thai monks watching soccer

The one stipulation that senior Thai Buddhists agree on when it comes to the World Cup is that monks should not become too emotional when they watch their teams play.

"It's not good for monks to shout and get too excited," said abbot Pramaha Grissana.
"It's not the Buddhist way - we should be calm and take things slowly."

His colleague, Phra Pornchai, agreed. "I'm supporting Germany, but I've been a monk for a long time and I've learnt not to get emotional. If Germany win, I'll be happy, but if not I will accept it."

"I support my team in a quiet way," added Pramaha Suriya, "But it's difficult, because my temple is near Khao San Road [the main centre for foreign backpackers] and I can hear people yelling and shouting when the matches are on."

As the World Cup final approaches, there is little doubt that monks throughout Thailand will be glued to their screens.

But the question is - unlike the rest of the world's football fans - can they contain their emotions at the result?

by Kate McGeown
Source: BBC News, Bangkok

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