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Super Combo Set by kruba Tai Ong that can enhance all relationships and aspects of your life!!!

(Kruba Tai Ong Blessing ceremony)

Special set of 4 items which kruba tai ong blessed in year 2552 . He chosen all the best material for making all these amulets including the famous loop sakot mahawonwean.

Kruba tai ong had made the special yin ku sompong duangjai together with the holy cream for applying on the forehead and lips.

Yin ku is a love couple that bless everyone whether you are seeking for marriage luck, happiness, love, family harmony, good friendship, minimize quarrelsome energy and those seeking for proposals. One advantage is that they are the guardian angels of love, relationship and harmony for everyone irrespective of sexuality.
Wearing the yin ku by kruba tai ong signifies hard-to-be-torn apart relationship and is best suited for couples who often breakup and reconcile finally achieve a stable relationship. They will make your relationship work for you.

Khun pean ah cah is best for giving sucess to the owner and strong attraction.

For loop sakot is use for control the mind of the other people. See write up of loop sakot at:

Kruba Tai ong combo set (Looksakot mahawonwean +yinku sompong duang jai + khun pean ah cah+ sepeng yin ku dung rak ) (super recommeded set for enhancing all relationship and luck in all aspects of life)( 5 star rating )



According to kruba tai ong, any user who use this set of combo love amulets will experience for the following 20 effects.

1) Strong rapport with everyone
2) Strong attraction towards opposite sex or same sex
3) Mahaniyom - well liked by everyone
4) Mud jit , everyone always think of the user .
5) Mud jai , gf/bf only have the user , will not have third party
6) Missing , even never saw the user , that girl/guy will be always think of the user
7) Na jung ngung , .like under the magic , memerise by the owner.
8) Even they have arguement in marriage or relationship, will not be able to break up or separated
9.) Be loving to everyone , boss love , for smooth working life.
10) Strong communication to everyone
11) loopsakot , insert name of people to control mind
12) power ,baramee , able to control the worker and staff if you are the boss
13) For enhance good love life , if already good will became better.
14.) Good relationship, easy to find real friend , true friend, or supporter
15) people will be hook on to the user, never get boring of the user.
16) Increase wealth , work , business opportunity
17 ) Increase good luck . gambling luck
18) Protection from evil , bad things , spirit , and black magic
19) klaewklad ,protecion from danger
20) Enable the user to have six sense or dream about good things.

Do you wish to....

- Influence anyone to follow your lead
- Command new respect with everyone
- Compel colleagues or your boss to do what you suggest
- Get just about anyone to say “Yes”
- Keep your lover(s) eternally loyal
- Charm an ex lover back
- Get clients & customers to buy from you
easy it will be for you to capture wealth, health, power, respect, happiness... everything you want... FASTER than most truly successful people could ever previously have imagined possible.

You will not want to miss out on this limited edition Look sakot mahawonweun amulet made by kruba Tai Ong.

Fair important Warning:

Please promise me that you will

1) Please know how to draw the line and not abuse the power of this incredible amulet.
Do not use it for bad intentions.

2) Please recommend to someone who needs it. Be a good sport and pass on this for greater good. By recommending people who need this also gain merit.

This amulet is very hard to make and Kruba tai Ong only made very very little and limited pieces.

Therefore please don't be upset if you come back later only to find they have been sold out and you've missed out.

Seriously, You don't want to kick yourself for getting left behind on this one...


Get these Kruba Tai ong combo set (Looksakot mahawonwean +yinku sompong duang jai + khun pean ah cah+ sepeng yin ku dung rak ) at: $138sgd

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