Sunday, December 19, 2010

Amazing rare amulets for excellent windfall, charming and gambling luck by Luang phor Amanard

(Devotes receiving great blessing by lp amnard)

The great Luang Phor amanrd at chaiyapom had recently made a new batch of rare amulets roon har.

A recent ceremony conducted at Luang Phor amnard temple and is well received by many Thai people.

(Devotes paying respect and donation for lp amanrd)

(Special ceremony conducted at night for blessing of all amulets)

Special amulets by Luang Phor Amnard

Lp amnard hand -made phra nak prok  (super rare and made only two pieces) (Super powerful for owner to be successful in everything they do)
(Sold out)



Magic power Buddha amulet!
This amulet carved from genuine dead elephant's ivory by lp amnard and blessed for a period of 1 year.

This is hand made by lp amnard, not factory made as verified by lp amanrd.

Phra Nak Prok by LP amnard is very well known about protect worshipper from dangerous, harm, bad things and trouble. On the other hand, this powerful Buddha amulet can bring happiness and peace to worshipper.

Phra na prok buddha can increase networking luck and authority and most suitably wore by executives, managers, businessmen and executives who are climbing corporate career ladders. This exclusive ivory amulet has traditionally hand crave beautifully with nice features.
This RuPhra na prok is powerful to enhance wealth luck, to gain authority and to ensure smoothness of business/work pursuits.

Made only 2 piece and not available anywhere in the world.

Price: Sold out

Lp Amanard Duei Ngoo Lueam (snake hidden feet best for wealth and gambling luck) (only 3 pieces)

Lp amnard created and strongly consecrated Duei Ngoo Lueam amulet by himself.

lp amnard inserted one poweful Takrut between Duei Ngoo Lueam to increase power of amulet. Thai people believe Duei Ngoo Lueam amulet is great of luck and wealth that who worship this powerful amulet will get luck, wealth, property, kindness and charming. In addition, this lucky amulet is great of luck in gambling too.

This is a hidden feet inside a huge snake and is extremely rare.

According to lp amnard, this snake amulet help in generating endless windfall for you. It will lead to the manifestation of uncompromising ambition in ultimate windfall, speculative investments, gambling, lottery, horseracing, football bet and stock market.This amulet is best for victories in all gambling and wealth.

GET This special piece of Duei Ngoo Lueam now at: $238sgd

lp amnard special yin ku mahsaney with inserted forehead bone (made from love wood) (save broken marriage and mend relationship)

Special batch yin ku (couple for love ) made by luang phor amnard.

Material to made this amuelt include
- special hand crave love wood
- Takrut handwritten for saney
- nam man prai oil
- forehead bone fragment
Chanted for period of one year and all pieces is hand made by luang phor amnard and not from factory, so every piece is different.

The special yin ku couple signifies love, romance, devotion, fidelity, affection and partner loyalty. This amulet are often used to help singles find love partners in love and eventually marital bliss.
This amulet can

1. Igniting sparks back into a love relationship.
2. Instill harmony and affection for married couples. Preventing separation and divorce.
3. Create peach blossom luck for singles.
4. Save back a broken marriage or relationship.

Comes with a special method to use as taught by lp amnard.

Get this piece of lp amnard special yin ku mahsaney with inserted forehead bone now at: $128sgd

Price is 88sgd (Singapore dollars)

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Auspicious black cat that can make you super RICH!!!

Archan thep the master of all magic had recently became a monk and last i heard, his magicial level had up ten fold since he became a monk. He studied even more subject and tudong in the jungle just to learn the special wicha.

Recently archan thep had made a special powerful batch of cat amulet called rare black cat loop kok Maew Spirit with stillborn offspring cat powder. A special amulet which he claim is super powerful for wealth and windfall luck.

The mother black cat in archan thep temple gave birth and one of the loop kok cat fetus which it passed away, so instead the cat passed the loop kok fetus to archan thep instead by its own free will. Archan Thep saw the special power which this cat fetus possessed and decided to make it into a super powerful cat amulet.

Black lucky cat is the symbol of plentifully and richness. In the ancient time, Arjarn believed in the mystery of cat. They believed that cat bring about lucky. Some Arjarn said that dead cat can made loop kok. Also, the magical power is similar with Human loop kok
The characters of black cat are bravery and determination.

Black cat is they symbol of soul. It has charisma. Diamond eye cat is scared cat. If whoever has owner, they will prosperity and invulnerable. Thus, almost Diamond black eye cat is hard to find. It’s superb amulet.

Archan thep rare black cat loop kok Maew Spirit with stillborn offspring cat powder (Best for windfall luck, side luck and super wealth )(super highly recommended)

This amulet made from

- loop kok fetus powder of cat

- Rok Black Cat

- Soil from 7 Cemeteries

- Gafak Nham Leb Maew

- Krai Sae-Ma

- Krue Roi Pla

- 7 Mai Khon

- Other Material (conceal)

After archan thep have all of materials. He prognosticates and recites incantations. He made only 38 Black lucky cats.

This black lucky cat mean it could bring luck to the owner. It has diamond eyes. There are incantation on the back and bottom surrounding by holy thread on the neck.
Black cat spirit by archan thep has powerful securing good fortune in business affairs and wealth to the owner, it is considered as a sacred animal and brings successful business encounters, luck in investments, luck in stocks speculation, prosperity, wealth, abundance, success, passing examinations, good descendants luck and good fortune to households.

I thought it's fair to warn you that this black cat amulet is made only 38 pieces and selling out fast like hot cakes.

So you need to act now or your amulet will go to someone else.

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