Saturday, August 30, 2008

Who else wish to know more about wealth attraction charm

Lately , luang phor income of wat Chaiyasathan, Chiangmai, had made a special batch of wealth attraction amulets.

In fact the respond for this amulet was so good that it was totally sold out from his temple.
The amulet was a takrut plate with special written yantra but it came with a special way to use.
This takrut was consider the excellent wealth charm batch of 2008.
You don't want to miss this one.

Lp income special wealth holding and attraction takrut

Specially blessed and hand written by lp income.
Made only 99 pieces.

There are two unique ways to use this takrut.

For wealth Attraction

One of the most special features of this takrut is that:

First you must insert a money note(any kind of money) into the takrut square plate. Following that, you have to roll up the takrut plate.
Before you wear it, you have to think of lp income and make a wish, then you can wear it either in a chain or pants pocket.
This will ensure that money will flow into your life and your money will be kept safe also.

Some other effect of this takrut includes.

- Changing bad luck to good luck

- windfall luck

- Attract more opportunity to gain wealth.

and much much more..

For Fulfill wishes

The second way to use this takrut instead of inserting money, is to use a piece of buddhi leafs,
Write down your heart desire wishes and insert the buddhi leafs in the takrut.
Same as before, you have to roll the takrut plate up and wear it.
Pray for lp income to help you fulfill these wishes.

This was meant to help fulfill your wishes in a faster way.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

You don't realize it yet, but in the next few minutes you're going to see some interesting amulets."

It is quite obvious.....

The fact of the matter is, most of these amulets are out of this world and not the same as the normal range of amulet u seen in the market. In another words, special type.
Some more interesting amulets from Archan perm and other archans.

Archan perm lst batch locket ee per with bone. (Sold out)

1st batch locket ee per with bone made by archan perm. Extremely rare in the market now. See more of this ee per locket at: (Sold out)

Archan perm mar sap lang
(For display only)

Another interesting amulet by archan perm. Featuring a dog making love to a woman. And so forth a good amulet for attraction of the opposite sex. This is for display only.

Archan meng Er ger fong amulet (small pim) (sold out)

Another batch of er ger fong amulet made by archan meng with inserted special coin behind. See more information of this er ger fong amulet at: (Sold out)

and (Sold out)

Kruba Toh mang si wu har ta (5 eye 4 ear) (available last 2 pieces)

Kruba toh from chiangmai special made and blessed this 5 eye 4 ears celest creature. This creature name is call mang si wu har ta. Kruba toh has written yantra below the amulet of mang si wu har ta. According to the Thai people, they pray to this celest creature for wealth, metta and gambling luck.See more information of this amulet at:

see the rest of my amulets at:

Monday, August 4, 2008

You better not miss this!!! More mind blowing amulets from Archan Perm

This is just plain awesome!!! Lately the Cambodia master Archan perm had just made another special batch of enhance lockets of yin tong and khun pean.

According to Archan Perm ,this time round the amulet was inserted with a special bottle of nam man prai oil (Corpse oil) .
All amulets behind was personally blessed by Archan perm himself and had handwritten special katha written on it.
He even siad it was much much much more effective and powerful then the previous batch made(with bone only).

Nam man prai was one of the most effective love potion ever seen which originated from Thailand. It can bring great great charm to the wearer, help the owner from a family or relationship who have split up to reconcile, a person with no love luck to meet love and no sales to good sales luck.

Only limited pieces is made. I can't wait till you try this Archan perm amulet.
The testimonals I received from my client who had used before the Archan perm amulets were simply crazy and mind blowing.
Those who have miss out on the previous batch of Archan perm amulets, you better not miss this one.

Archan Perm special Yin Tong with nam man prai oil



Special batch Yin tong with nam man prai oil. Made limited pieces, First come first serve basics. Once sold out, will have no more like last time. Grab it fast!!!

See more information of this Archan perm locket at:

Archan Perm Khun pean with nam man prai oil



Special batch khun pean with nam man prai oil. Made limited pieces, First come first serve basics. Once sold out, will have no more like last time. Grab it fast!!!

See more information of this Archan perm locket at:

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