Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Incredible power of Takrut

Seeing this two video for the first time, my reaction was like Wow!!!
The amazing power of takrut for super natural powers, protection and invulnerability.
In thai, this effect is known as 'Kwan yu yong kong kraphan', meaning physical invulnerability from weapons. The power of the takrut prevents the skin from being punctured by knifes and bullets.

Thai ancient magic is simply amazing.
Word of caution: ( DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME)

(The power of Takrut part 1)

(The power of Takrut part 2)

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Kruba Pak Yun metta Love charms takrut ( For love and opposite sex attraction)

It was the rainy season in ‘Chiangmai province. The sky is raining with the sun still shining and the weather is cold. I was shivering in the car and on my way to visit kruba pak yun. His temple name is called Wat kok Mu Pak He was known to be famous in Chiangmai and was strongly recommended to me by the local Thai people.

Upon reaching Wat kok Mu Pak, I enter his temple and was surprise to see many people in his temple although it was raining heavily. Many local Thai people came to seek his blessing and fortune telling. I came to found out that kruba pak yun has a unique way of fortune telling ,which was to use flowers and candles to deduce the people future and past. He is also a master of making effective metta and love relationship handwritten takrut.. Many people who wore his takrut has encountered good experiences and improve metta in their lifes.

Kruba pak yun nun kin lang long laiu (Cat and mouse takrut)

There is one special takrut which is specially handwritten by kruba pak yun. I was curious and ask him the specific reason of making this takrut and the meaning of it. He looked at me, smile at me and said: “This takrut means the Cat allow the rat to drink his milk.”I looked confuse and said:"kruba ,why do you wish to make this takrut?"
He smile again,(I suddenly realized this monk posseses and radiates strong metta and charisma) and said: "By nature, rats are suppose to be scare of the cats and they are enemys. Cats in nature are supposed to attack them and eat them up, but,the spells and the yantras in this amulet will enable the rat to have such a great magnetic charisma and metta that the cat will like the rat and allow it to drink his milk. In another words, they become friends instead.Whoever who own this takrut will enable him to have the strongest form of metta and will have the ability to be well-liked by everybody."
kruba pause for a while , drank some water and continue :"In life, everyone should own this effective and powerful takrut, because in life, we need to gain rapport with people so that we can achieve great results and success in life!It will not only help in rapport in business but also improvement in love and relationship also."

What he say make a lot of sense to me. And this takrut is amazing. Kruba told me that this takrut is made from an ancient Cambodia khmer book leave behind by an old archan who have passed away.

Kruba mention that this charm is not like other amulet, because it is 100% handwritten, while writing and blessing the spell mantra in his heart, after which kruba roll up the takrut himself and blessed it again to seal up the energy. He then tied the string personally from the beginning till the end, the whole process is all done by himself and each step is important.
Before making it, he has to go into deep mediation, invite the Gods and devas to witness the process.
Furthermore, the blessing and making is done at selected date when the energy of the star is the strongest so that the amulet will receive the strongest and the best energy from the universe!!!!!

The effect of this takrut is

1) Have strong metta,whoever hate you,will start to love you instead.

2) You get to effortlessly get along with anyone and expand your network of friends easily.

3) Energize your social life and wins friends and influences others easily.

4)You get to naturally attract the opposite sex and have a satisfying love life!

5)You get to overcome the common challenges that most salespeople encounter.

6) Able to attract the opposite sex who at first rejected you

7) You get to win arguments and negotiations, even when the situation seems hopeless.

8) You get to successfully deal with difficult people, and charm them into your way of thinking.

9) Have that lady who is only "interested in being friends" to change her mind about you.

10) Your girlfriend or wife will love you more with no more conflict and quarrel.(remember the cat and mouse).

I was informed that only limited pieces of this takrut is made by kruba .
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Kruba Pak Yun Yant Nei (Insert name love takrut)

The next interesting takrut I came across is in the shape of a square with many yantra written in it.

Curiosity got the better of me again and I ask kruba what takrut is this.

He smile again and said:” This takrut is call yant nei and its for metta mahanesanh( opposite sex attraction) and improvement in relationship or marriage.”

I became more interested and ask him how to used this takrut.
He mentioned the steps to follow is
1) Write both the name and date of birth of both you and the member of the opposite sex which you like on a piece of paper.

2) Insert the paper in the takrut slot.

3) Fold and roll up the takrut.

4) Chant a special chant for her or him to be attracted to you and treat you well.

5) Chant at night and put the takrut under your pillow while you sleep for the other member of the opposite sex to miss you and dream of you.

6) Wear this takrut when going out on a date to make the opposite sex be charmed by you.

Kruba mentioned:” Yant nei yantra and spell is taken from another old Cambodia khmer magic book. This spell is strong and best for attracting the members of the opposite sex. Both male and female can used this takrut.”

It can also be used for saving a broken marriage , get back a past relationship or strengthening of a current relationship.

Best for love and affair of the heart.
Made only 29 pieces per year during a major ceremony.

Stock: Sold out

Kruba pak yun is a person full of power, metta and charisma.This trip to him has been fruitful and I gain a lot of knowledge from him. He is someone I respect and I will sure be visiting him more often in the near future.

Peace and love to all.
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Kruba Noi Pra Kring Wu kar pak (Forever rich )

Traveling to Chiangmai , I was introduced by the thai people to the great master Kruba Noi from Wat si dong moon(Chiangmai province). His temple was beautiful and fill with peace and serenity.
Through my conversation with him, I realised that he was a very humble master and possesses a lot of loving kindness. During his blessing for me, he has a very unique way of chanting which make me feel peace and strong positive energy flowing into my body. Amazing indeed!

I was walking around his beauitful temple and one unique amulet caught my eyes. This amulet is known as
“ Pra kring Wu Kar Pak”.
This unique Pra kring is made by kruba noi during a Wai Ku ceremony in Wat si dong moon temple.
This beautiful kring is made of old holy material and when shaken produces a ringing sound.
People believe that hearing the ring from this pra kring amulet can bring you so much wealth in your lives through fame luck as well.

The ceremony involved during the consecration of these amulets including the insertion of the round seed in the Phra Kring amulet itself . The method is followed precisely so that the efficacy of this amulet will be great and effective.
Kruba Noi mentioned to me that wu kar pak means “forever rich” and wearing this amulet can bring good luck and good fortune to the owner.
This amulet is best for:
1) Business luck and sales luck.

2) Increase good luck everyday.

3) Never be in debt.

4) Never experience poor or poverty.

5) Good health and longevity.

6) Protect the owner from enemies, danger, bad things.

7) Peace of mind and happiness everyday.

8) Able to be promoted in your job.

9) Unimaginable wealth.

10)Magnetically attract the right people into your life, and easily gain rapport with any.

11) Successful in everything that you do.

12) Get people to like you... a lot.

13) Attract wealth and good luck from all direction of life.

14) Poverty to richness.

15) Overcome all barriers and bad things in life.

Every Pra kring wu kar pak amulet, it's below features 4 different serial number code engraved by kruba noi himself and this amulet is wrap in a nice gold casing.
Kruba noi personally taught me a method to use this pra kring which is if anyone faces bad luck,can use this pra kring to
1)Made into holy water to bath away all the bad luck and increase his good luck.
2)When moving into a new house, use the kring to make into holy water to spray around the house to get rid of negative energy and evil spirits.

There is case where one thai man named ‘Nong’, who faces a lot of problems in life and having a bad downturn in life. He went to seek kruba noi for help and ask him for his advise, Kruba told him that his luck is very bad, and pass him this pra kring wu kar pak and instructed him to wear it with faith and belief.
Two weeks later, Nong came back to look for kruba noi.He bought many food and donated money to his temple.He said that ever since he wear the Pra kring, his life has improve for the better and found a new job with better salary. Seems like all his bad luck has disappeared out of his life. Since then he started to respect kruba noi a lot and believe very much in all his special amulets.

These amulets are now exceptionally rare and in high demand by many people.
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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lersi Tafai Possesses Woman (Interesting)

Hey everyone,
gotten check out this video clip.
So interesting.
Lersi tafai possesses a Woman and perform miracles.
Check it out:

The Amazing Pra Naga

Payanak is Thai word mean Naga. People believe that Naga is god. The appearance of Naga are full of power. Besides Naga can impersonate to be human. Naga is ascetic and give alms. He lives in nether world city.

The Naga live in paradises beneath the rivers, lakes and seas. They control the sources of rain and are the guardians of life-giving energy in its waters. On the balustrades to temples they represent both the rising of water to the heavens and the down pouring of rain from the sky. Thus they are powerful symbols in a culture based on wet-rice cultivation.

According to belief of Oriental people, it is to believe that Naga and Dragon are scared article and powerful. Hindus believe that Naga close to any gods.

Crest of Naga is the symbol of mightiness, richness and luck.

For Thai people, we always see the symbol of Naga in forms of painting, sculpture and handicraft. Naga Legend is an inspiration of Thai architecture especially for buildings, Wat, King building and religious place. Regarding to Thai Tradition, it is to believe that great Naga, Sadung Naga, is appropriate for magnificent institution.

Naga is miraculous animal which have special property is that it can impersonate. Naga has a supernatural power
and its life is similar to human’s.

Thus, Naga is full of supernatural power. Thais believe in amulets that have form of Naga. Thais believe that wearing these amulets will receive power from Naga in protection from the bad things and turn the owner’s fate into good luck.

Naga Fireballs Festival - Bang fai phaya nak

This festival celebrates one of Thailand’s most curious natural phenomena – the Naga Fireballs of Nong Khai. Taking place during the full moon of the final day of Buddhist Lent, small balls of fire rise from the Mekong River and plunge upwards of 300 metres into the night sky. The fireballs appear as eerie blobs of red, blue, pink or green light that hang in the air for around 10 seconds. This fascinating spectacle has spiritual overtones manifested by the crowds and the presence of chanting monks. Folk lore suggests beneath this part of the Mekong River is the spirit world of the Naga. The events of the festival spur the Naga to leave their habitat and join in on the celebrations that commemorate the return of Lord Buddha. The fireballs form steps on which the Lord Buddha descends from heaven.
If you have a chance to go there, this should not be missed. Alongside the fireballs themselves visitors are treated to a range of activities including floats and illuminated boat processions. The fireballs can be viewed from 18:00 to 02:00 but it is should be noted that although sometimes there are thousands of fireballs, on other occasions there might be only 20 or so the whole evening. Despite this, a good time is guaranteed.Many Nagas who live in Mekong River will congratulate by lighting firework for offering the Buddha. People call “Bangfaiphayanak”.

The majority area that occur of this phenomenon is Mekhong River especially in Amphur Phonpisai, Amphur Pakkad, Amphur Sangkhom, Amphur Sri Chiangmai and Amphur Buengkan which located in Nongkhai Province.
The fireballs have been seen for centuries and are most often reported around the night of Wan Awk Pansa - the end of the Buddhist rains retreat - in October, although displays have also been reported in March, April, May, June and September.

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