Saturday, December 22, 2007

kruba pak yun 2008 new batch Cat and mouse takrut.

(kruba Pak Yun , Wat kok Mu Pak)

It's coming to the end of year 2007,
Due to the overwhelming respond to the Kruba pak yun nun kin lang long laiu (Cat and mouse takrut). All of the 49 pieces had been sold out .
The feedbacks and responds were so good for this takrut that many people requested for more.
In fact, many people were looking forward to the making of the 2008 batch Cat and mouse takrut.

Kruba pak yun nun kin lang long laiu (Cat and mouse takrut)

Don't miss a word of this... .. here comes the good news, kruba pak yun had already made the new batch of year 2008 nun kin lang long laiu (Cat and mouse takrut), with new design and enhance power.

I mentioned to kruba pak yun that many people had experience good result with his nun kin lang long laiu takrut and experience many good effects. I personally requested him if he can handwritten and produced more of this takrut for year 2008.

He agreed and handwritten 88 pieces of this takrut for this year 2008 only. Just plain awesome!
NEW 2008 Batch Kruba pak yun nun kin lang long laiu (Cat and mouse takrut)

Apparently, this is the new design of the cat and mouse takrut. It features two twin handwritten takrut by kruba pak yun. He still followed the old ancient method of writing and making it.

Kruba pak Yun told me that one piece of the takrut represented the yantra of the cat, where else the other piece represented the yantra of the rat. When I asked why he decided to make this takrut in the twin form instead of the single one, he mentioned that this new one is more powerful then the old batch due to:

1) More extra yantra written inside the takrut compare to the old batch. (More attraction and metta yantra)

2) During the making of the process, he especially chanted a ying tong (yin and yang balance) mantra for tieing up the two takrut togther, making it even more powerful in bonding.

He then blessed it again and again for 7 days straight to power up and seal up the energy in the takrut. Certainly, Just incredible!

The effect of this takrut is

1) Have strong metta,whoever hate you,will start to love you instead.

2) You get to effortlessly get along with anyone and expand your network of friends easily.

3) Energize your social life and wins friends and influences others easily.

4)You get to naturally attract the opposite sex and have a satisfying love life!

5)You get to overcome the common challenges that most salespeople encounter.

6) Able to attract the opposite sex who at first rejected you.

7) You get to win arguments and negotiations, even when the situation seems hopeless.

8) You get to successfully deal with difficult people, and charm them into your way of thinking.

9) Have that lady who is only "interested in being friends" to change her mind about you.

10) Your girlfriend or wife will love you more with no more conflict and quarrel.(remember the cat and mouse).

You have to see it to believe it!

I was informed that only 88 limited pieces of this takrut is made by kruba pak yun.

Do read on for more info of this takrut at:

Friday, December 21, 2007

Newly unloaded pictures of amulets

Lately, lots of people had feedback to me that yahoo auction was not able to display all items which I posted in it, they were not able to view the full range of it.
Immediately, I decided to upload all my amulets pictures into flickr.
The link is at:

Everyone will be able to view the full range of my amulets.
Click on the picture and there will be a direct link to my auction page for the full descripition of that particular amulet.
You can type in some "key words" and be able to to search for any of my amulets under the search button , located at the upper right hand side at the flickr page.
I will be uploading more new amulets pictures into flickr.
Do check it out often!!!
last but not least, the link again is at:

Before we go, I would like to leave a thoughts for the day

" The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call LUCK."
- Anthony Robbins

Friday, December 14, 2007

Love Charm Black Magic Ritual

Interesting Video.
Showcase the introduction and actual performing of love black magic ritual by a female archan.
Check out the awesome collection of parakits too!!!

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Passing of the great Kruba Keow Mah, Wat Rong Ru

(BE 2461 - 2550)

Lately, I received a despairing news from my Thai friends in Chiangmai.
They informed me that the great Kuba keow mah of Wat Rong Ru, had passed away peacefully on 7 Dec 2007 at the age of 89 years old.
At that point of time, this was indeed a devastating news to me as Kruba Keow mah is one of my most respectable and favourite monk.
I was told that kruba keow mah was already very sick a few months back.

Manage to see kruba keow mah in his temple six months ago.
Was intending to see him early next year but now too late.
My deepest respect to the great kruba keow mah.
heart-rending farewell.

Kruba keow mah amulets is well-known among many amulet collectors nowadays due to its effective power and miracles.
Last l heard from my thai friends, there were very little amulets left in kruba keow mah temple as
mostly were already sold out.

These are some of the amulets which I gotten from the last trip from his temple.
As Kruba had already passed away, these will be the last few pieces of his amulets.

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kruba keow mah patyant, more information at: (Sold out)

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