Monday, December 22, 2008

More Fascinating takruts by kruba keow mah

Today i will introduce more interesting and powerful takrut made by kruba keow mah back when he was still alive.
Many people have related special occurrences whilst wearing amulets consecrated by Kruba himself.

kruba keow mah takrut pit sa wa lorng lai (many fascinating love) (Sold out)

Takrut pi sa wat lorng lai is specially blessed and made by kruba keow mah, Wat RongDoo, Lp Sawat, Wat GaSatSook and Kruba Noi, Wat Boon yong. This is one of the best takrut for love and attraction.
The special ingredient is collected over a period of years from many different monks before it is made. Most material is super strong for opposite sex attraction and metta.
All holy material is specially blessed and inserted into the handwritten takrut.
Material including:
- Prom prai nam mon pray by poo prom
- Prom paya in keow and prom saw noi powder by Kruba keow mah ,wat Rongdoo
- Prom nang rum rai by Lp Sawat (poo lersi) from Wat GaSatSook
- Prom nang lom ruk by Boo rom koo taw keow prom sen
- Prom kai keow kok look and prom chang pa som khong by Kurba Jaw tai ong, Wat Koo Kai keow
- Prom reak nang by Kruba Noi from wat Boon yong
- Prom ar cha pa det seuk by Kruba Det from Wat ratta na kosin
- Prom mar sep nang by Poo koo huansukying

Pit sa wat lorng lai means many fascinating love.Which means the owner who wear this takrut will have many love and great love from the opposite sex.
Now this takrut is rare as kruba has already passes away and no longer able to make this takrut. Only limited pieces is left.

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Kruba keow mah Takrut Glab Duang (change fortune)

Special takrut handwritten and blessed by kruba keow mah in 2549
This special Takrut has the ability to transform bad luck and negative energy to become super good luck and positive energy.
This takrut is suitable for people who
- Faces many problems in life.
- Facing a stream of negative and bad luck events.
- Have a lot of obstacles in life.
- Wish to increase luck to skyrocket high.
and much more.
Those of you following the market and news will know that volatility is still extremely high and the market is still on a downtrend, following more bad news every week. This has truly become the worst financial crisis since the great depression. Things like this happen ONLY ONCE in a 100 years.
At times like this, it will be good to own one Takrut Glab Duang by kruba keow mah.
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