Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm ready to EXPLODE!!! Here's a secret.....

Dear Readers,
Get over here and listen to this!
You won't believe this one....

One of my client just share with me a fantastic testimonal after wearing the Archan maha tana pra lersi with salika amulet. In fact, it's so mind blowing that l just had to share this with everyone in my blog. Check it out....

I have often received testimonals on this amulets from many of my clients. Recently one of my client (Richard) met up with me and share his great testimonal to me.
You see, Richard has been wearing this Archan maha tana for one month straight and he told me his life has improve tremendously. He's even going to frame it up with gold casing soon. Now this amulet was as valuable as a diamond.

1) Career: Richard had been in the the sales line for many years. In the beginning when I met him, he commented to me that in recent years, his sales was poor and had experience a down turn in his luck. I recommended him to wear this amulet with strong faith and belief.
First week when Richard wore this amulet, the feeling was positive but did not experience any big effect yet.
Second week after he wore this amulet, customers started to call him up instead. He just met up with them and easily clined sales worth millions of dollars. Unbelievable!!! Richard said with a happy look on his face that it was not just one deal but a few more in the way which was also going to close deal soon. His manager even complimented him on his great performances for the recent weeks.

2) Gambling luck: Richard was playing mahjong with his friends on a weekend. He felt stressed and troubled as he was losing every game. He told me that at the moment, he took a break and went to the toilet. A gut feeling came over him and he made a wish with strong faith from the lersi amulet to get back what he lose. When he resumed playing the game, he suddenly felt a strong sensation of confident feeling flowing to his body, it's as if he was unstoppable. Well to make the story short, Richard won back what he had lose and better still, he wipe out all the clips on his other friends.
The story doesn't ends here....
Richard continued playing mahjong for the next few weeks with other players and guess what,
He wipe all of them out. The chinese term, one player killed all three players.
Just incredible!!!

3) Love and relationship: Richard was getting more attention and second glance from gals around him. In one event, he was driving along lavendar road when he happened to see two gals walking at the side of the road. It was late at night, Richard stopped his car and offered the gals a ride to sent them home. According to Richard, the gals were friendly and accepted the ride.
To make the story short, the gals were roomates (not singaporean) and stay in a rented apartment. Richard end up in their...............................
ok there, I can't mentioned the rest here. You have got to leave it to your imagination!!!!
Readers who want to know the rest of the story, you have got to email me....
Only two words to describe this testimonal.....SPICY HOT.

What a triple combo!!! Imagine what it would be like if you were Richard now.
Sounds hard to believe? Still scratching your head?
All I can say is this is the Ultimate truth and nothing but the whole truth.
Seeing is believeing.

You dont want to miss this one!!!
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Now Listen closely! Don't miss a word of this...........

Dear readers,
Lately, yahoo auction been having so much technicial problems.
This message keep popping up when I log in.

SG Auctions is currently experiencing technical difficulties. Yahoo! is working to resolve the situation but we are unable to provide an estimated date of resolution. However, please be assured that we are working on a solution to improve our service for you and our community of users.

They been trying to solve this technicial problem for weeks and have not rectify the problem yet. I am not able to post the many new amulets in auction and many of my clients were not able to see my full range of amulets.

Anyway life gotten move on.

Here are a few important things to take note:

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Anyway I will try to improve more on the features at till yahoo auction is
ready and running.

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Just view it at the left side of my blog and scroll down to the "LABELS" headling.
There will be many interesting topics there. Click on it!
Happy reading!!!

May you be bless with happiness, prosperity, good health, long life, wisdom and wealth.

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From Stanley Tham

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Edison Chen seek help from White Dragon King (Bai Long Wang)

The scandal

The Edison Chen photo scandal involved the illegal distribution over the Internet of intimate and private photographs of Hong Kong actor Edison Chen with various women, including actresses Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan, and Cecilia Cheung. The scandal shook the Hong Kong entertainment industry in early 2008 and received high profile media attention locally and around the world. Many local newspapers relegated coverage of the 2008 Chinese winter storms to secondary prominence during Chinese new year; Apple daily headlined the story consecutively from29 Jan to 18 Feb.

Despite enlisting the assistance of Interpol, the Hong kong police were unable to stem the spread of the photographs. As of 12 Feb 08, ten people were arrested in connection with the distribution of the photographs. The police crackdown raised questions over violations of the privacy and free speech rights of Internet users. The manner in which actors, their management, and the police handled the situation, in turn, made those arrested into heroes and martyrs for some Internet users.

On 21 Feb, Chen admitted being the author and copyright owner of most of the photographs. He stated that the private photographs had been stolen and published illegally without his consent . He made a public apology, especially to the female victims involved, and also announced that he would "step away indefinitely" from the Hong Kong entertainment industry.

The damage

On 5 Feb 08 , Chen was pulled from the upcoming Stephen Fung movie Jump as a result of the scandal. On 10 Feb 08, it was reported that credit card company Manhattan Titanium has withdrawn all advertisements featuring Chen.
Upon his return to Hong Kong on 21 Feb, a hundred police officers were present throughout the press conference at the HITEC centre, and some citizens complained about the waste of manpower. The police argued that their strong presence was essential to maintain public order due to the great public and media interest in the case.

The Traids reportedly offered a HK$500,000 reward to anybody who hacked off Edison Chen's hand.This contributed to fears for Edison's safety upon his return, and heavy police protection.
The LA Times reported that Pepsi China, Standard Chartered Bank, Samung , Levi's and the Hong Kong Metro, has dropped or declined to renew ad campaigns involving Chen.

Seeking help from White Dragon King Temple (Bai Long Wang)

Back in 2003, Edison chen and Famous Hong kong actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai went to visit the white dragon temple in Thailand and receive the blessing and advise from Bai long wang himself.

During the recent scandals , there were reports that Edison Chen was feeling lost and need to seek help. He informed his manager to contact the master Bai long wang for advise and help.
It was reported that Bai long wang told Edison Chen's manager that regarding the scandal issue of Edison Chen, he does not want to speak and has no comments on him.

Guess Edison Chen did not follow the great master advise back in the early days.

Bai long wang (white dragon king) temple in 5 Surasak Sri Racha, Chonburi(Thailand)

Master kim Nam (Bai long wang)
Known to the Hong Kong entertainment industry as a living god.
Many Hong kong and taiwan celebrities including Andy lau, kelly Chen, Tony leung etc, went to seek advise and blessing from the great Bai long wang himself.
Usually people who visited Bai long wang temple, wore all white to show respect.

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Kruba Duang Dee, Wat Tha Jampee, Chiang Mai

Kruba Duang Dee, Wat Tha Jampee, Chiang Mai. Kruba was born in 2449. He was currently the eldest living monk in Chiangmai. Kruba , at 101 years old , has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. Many people have related special occurrences whilst wearing amulets consecrated by this great Guru Monk.

Taking a picture outside the temple, Wat Tha Jampee.

Kruba Duang Dee blessing the amulets.

When I arrived at the temple, there was a mass chanting ceremony at the temple.
Manage to buy Kruba Duang Dee amulets from the temple counter and waited for my turn to enter the room where kruba Duang Dee is resting.
Finally got to see Kruba Duang Dee in his room and I paid my respect to the great oldest monk in Chiangmai. Kruba blessed all the amulets and bucha which was taken from his temple.
At 101 years old, Kruba in actual real life, looks weak and old but he still posseses full of baramee and radiated metta.

Kruba Duang Dee ' s amulets

(kruba Duang Dee salika lin tong)

(kruba Duang Dee salika lin tong)

Kruba Duang dee Salika was carved from auspicious wood call mai mak yong (metta wood).
These trees were known as auspicious trees that could brings wealth, luck and metta.
Specially chanted by kruba duang dee with pasted pit tong (gold foil).

The Salika is also known as Heavenly Whispering Bird or Heavenly Bird of Congeniality and wa said to have the power to enhance individual in smoothing their speech and congeniality. It was believe to have orginated from heaven and as such considered holy by the Thais. The Salika was also known as a wealth giving Heavenly Bird that brought good luck and prosperity to its wearers. It is said that they have magical powes and particularly for lovers and those who want to be charming either towards a member of the opposite sex or in a business scenario.

This amulet is great for using negotiation in business. The sweet talker is able to charm his companion or hosts.

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