Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Er ger Fong Special wealth katha (chanting)

Massive , massive, massive number of people had been contacting and emailing me asking me about the chanting or katha (mantra ) for Er ger fong.
My email gotten get flooded soon !!!
To all the great people out there, here's the katha for the Er ger fong.
You can chant it with your Er ger fong amulets , for achieveing best fortune and great wealth everyday!!!

Here it goes:

Jek Sim Ai kiew
Na Mo Tai Sue
Tai Pui Lieng Miang
Jeng Sae Yee Go Hong
Chai Seung Yee Go Hong
Po Sak Sue Oow Gim Ngeng Tai Po
Po Jang Chai Ko
Sue Gao Oow Gae Lai
Gao Oow Gae Lai
Aek Jit Khor Wing Worn Na Mo Metta
GaRuNa Choke Lab Wassana
BaRaMee Phor Poo Chao Yee Go Hong
Prod Pra Tan Ngern Thong
Choke Lab Gaew Hwan Rattana Manee
PraTan Khumm Sap Lam Ka Soo Ruen Ka Noi

(Chant for 3, 5 or 7 times.)
Do remember to chant with deep faith and ask for blessing from Er ger fong. Happy chanting!!!

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