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kruba Noi kar sa tong special takrut

Kruba Noi of Wat Si Dong Moon is highly respected and revered for his powerful mind developed from meditation and mantra. He is now 55 years old. His Visha is widespread both locally and in ternationally because he regular make vipassana medidation (stay alone, not eat not drink water, not speak for 7 day) once a year.

Kruba Noi is an exceptionally well known master in Chiangmai, know particularly for his Takrut kar sa tong special takrut.

(Kruba Noi takrut kar sa tong)

Takrut Kar Sa Tong is specially made by Kruba Noi using one kind of special black wood.
Kruba noi blesssed this takrut with Special ancient mantra, magic incantation with intended deep meditation for 7 days.
This Takrut Kar Sa tong is well-known for it's great protection, prevent danger and against all bad negative energy.

Some miracles of Takrut Kar Sar tong, extracted from the newspaper and internet news reports.

Unable to Do needle injection
Mr.ThongKam JaiTon is 65 years old. He lives in Chiangmai province. He said that he went to see a doctor to check up his body. A doctor tried to put hypodermic syringe into his stomach.

But it was broken. A doctor tried many times but he can’t complete this process.
Mr.Thongkam recalled that he saw that he hanged takrut Kar sa tong of Kruba Noi. Then, he took it off. After that a doctor could put hypodermic syringe into his stomach.
Mr.Thongkam believed that this takrut is so powerful.
Source : KhaoSod newspaper 2 September 2007

Escape from bullets

One miracle about takrut kar sa tong happened on 19 September 2007.

Mr.Tavorn NaJak was 59 years old who was a member of SaiNoi Local Administration. He lived in Phrae province. He was shot by criminal. A criminal used a short gun shoot 5 times to him. A bullet shaved his head. His hair slipped off disarranged. But he was not wounded from this event.
He reveled that he got this takrut kar sa tong in B.E.2532. He hanged this takrut all the time.
He believed that this was the blessing of takrut kar sa tong of Kruba Noi. After that, he met Kruba Noi immediately. He mentioned this miralces event to kruba noi, which he then chanted mantra and blow at his head.

Escape from Accident

This accident happen to one of my friend Mr Roy Sim. He was wearing Kruba noi kar sa tong takrut and riding his motorbike along Tuas road( heavy Industrial area and Traffic).

He was riding at a fast speed and did not saw an oil patch in front of the road. His motorbike came across the oil batch which it went out of control and ski along the road. He was then flee out of this bike and fell hard on the middle of the road, rowing a few meters.

At that point of time one car behind him was also driving at a fast speed approaching him, but Miraculously it managed to drive out of the way, barely and nearly avoid knocking him down.

Roy told me that after that, he immediately pick himself up and realised that surprisingly he was not hurt or suffered from any bone fractured despite the bad fall. He did not even went to the hospital for further check up as he was feeling perfectly fine.

He strongly believed that Kruba Noi takrut Kar sar tong had saved his life.

Such is the power of the miraclous Kruba Noi kar sar tong takrut.

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