Thursday, November 29, 2007

Er Ger Fong Temple Shrine, Bangkok

Traveling to chinatown in Bangkok, I went to visit the great Er ger fong shrine. The temple was located opposite the famous TAI HONG KONG temple, along Chao Kam Rop Road.
The interesting thing was, it was located at the 4th floor of the Prapacha Police Station building.
I took the staircase, climb up to the 4th floor, reach the roof top and there it was, the beautiful temple of Er ger fong.

(The photo of Er Ger Fong)

(The Status Image of Er Ger Fong)

(Praying to Er Ger Fong)

I was told by the caretaker there that many Thai people especially those doing "side-line" or so call illegal business came to this temple to seek Er Ge Fong blessings & properous and sucessful in their business.

Back in those days, the temple wasn't as beautiful as present. Due to the miracles that happen in his temple , Er Ger Fong had help lots of "side-line" businessmen and devotees to strike big lottery and earn prosperous incomes in their business, hence they donated lots of money to enhance and build his shrine.

Many gamblers also like to visit his temple before they attempt their luck at the casinos.
Er ger fong is very well-known in Asia, especially in Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong and Taiwan.

Some offerings for Er ger fong includes black coffee, chinese Tea, yellow flowers, Cigars, Chinese red candles and incenses.

The caretaker kept telling me, it's good for me to Pray to AH Gong(Great grandfather in chinese). He will blessed you with good luck and good fortune everyday.
Well, interesting temple to say the least. Maybe you too can drop by one of this days , to pray to Er Ger Fong for good fortune or maybe......... gambling luck :)

Er Ger Fong amulets Blessed in his temple

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Luang Phor Income Wat Chaiyasathan

My next destination trip in Chiangmai, my Thai driver brought me to Wat Chaiyasathan Phrapootchedi, Chiangmai province.
He insisted must bring me to visit this unique local temple and monk.
Luang phor Income is the abbot of this beautiful temple.

When I entered the temple, there were already many Thai people waiting to see LP Income.
My first reaction was WOW, so many people. Despite the long waiting, I reminded myself to be patient.
Same as usual, I went to the counter to check out LP Income self made amulets first.

It was finally my turn to see LP Income, he looked quite delighted when we met. He smile a bit and ask me to come nearer. He started chanting and applied a very nice fragrance type of metta oil on my forehead and palms, then drew a yantra on it.He then pasted gold foil (pit tong) on my forehead and palms, chanted some more and rubbed oil over the gold foil to be dissolved in my skin. I was told to rub the oil all over my face and arms. By doing so, it would bring great charm and metta to me.
LP Income told me that this blessing ritual is call " Na Na Tong"
He is famous for doing this ritual and he mentioned that having Na na tong can

1) Have Metta mahaniyom ( well-liked) and Metta mahansaney (Great Charm)
2) Able to sell well. (If you are in sales)
3) Good luck.
4) Opposite sex attraction.
5) Strong protection against enemy.

I have to say, I was pretty fascinated and impressed.

LP Income then blessed all his amulets which I bought from his temple. He even applied the metta oil on the amulets for extra blessing and power.

LP Income asked me :" what's your name and where you're from?"
I look at LP in the eye and replied:" I'm called Stanley and from Singapore."
He moved closer to me . I held my breath, not sure what LP wanted.
He then stood up, walk a few steps , held my left hand and said :" Follow me!"
Well to say the least , I was a bit confuse but just do as follow.
LP Income then brought me around his temple and showed me many donation template boards secured in his respective temple walls and ceilings.
The donation template featured many names of Singaporean from Established Companys.
I finally understood that LP Income had many supporters from Singapore.
He even showed me his meditation Room and more.
End of the day, he never asked for money but I put some on the box as donation to the maintenance of temple.
LP Income is indeed a very nice, friendly and passionate monk.
Now that's interesting.

Luang Phor Income 's amulets

This patyant is specially for strong metta and opposite sex attraction.

1) Mae sar lang (Horse make love with woman) yantra is best for opposite sex attraction.

2) Cat and mouse yantra is for best metta and able to charm all difficult people.

3) Tiger and cow yantra means your metta is so good that noone will harm you or hate you.

4) Four Lizard double tails (tookage) yantra for attraction of wealth and opportunity from all directions of life.

5) Wealth Deva Goddness for fetching wealth, business ,career (right hand), windfall, gambling luck (Left hand)

Basically this patyant covers every aspects of life and is a beautiful piece.

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LP Income Luck and Wealth Takrut

Takrut handwritten and blessed by LP himself.

Specially for increasing personal good luck , attraction of great wealth and business success.

Was told only limited produced by LP Income.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Daily buddha colour and meaning.

Monday ( Yellow )
Character : Good memory, serious, love to travel
Optimum profession : trader, doctor,nurse,fisherman
Very lucky day / colour : Saturday / Black
Lucky day / colour : Wednesday (day) / green
Unlucky day/colour: Sunday / orange
Buddha : Pang Ham Yath, making peace

Tuesday ( Pink )
Character : brave,active,broad and serious mind
Optimum profession: policeman, soldier,chemist,cook,hairdresser
Very lucky day / color: Thursday / yellow
Lucky day/color: Saturday / Black
Unlucky day/color: Monday / White
Buddha: Pang Sai Yas, reclining Buddha

Wednesday ( Green )
Character: ambitious, gregarious, fun loving
Optimum profession: banker, singer, musician, artist, designer
Very Lucky day/color : Wednesday (night) / light green
Lucky day/color: Thursday / yellow
Unlucky day/color: Tuewsday / pink
Buddha : Pang Um Baatr, holding the alms-bowl

Wednesday Night ( Light Green)
Character: hardworking, diligent, honest
Optimum profession: writer, poet, doctor, scientist, actor, archaeologist
Very lucky day/color: Monday / white
Lucky day/color: Sunday / orange
Unlucky day/color: Thursday / yellow
Buddha : Pang Par Lelai, the blessed one

Thursday ( Orange )
Character: good heart , graceful, tranquil, honest
Optimum profession: judge, lawyer, teacher, clergyman
Very Lucky day/color: Sunday / orange
Lucky day/color: Friday / blue
Unlucky day/color: Saturday / black
Buddha: Pang Samah Thi, meditation

Friday ( Blue )
Character: ambitious, gregarious, fun loving
Optimum profession: banker, singer, musician, artist, designer
Very Lucky day/color: Tuesday / Pink
Lucky day/color: Monday / white
Unlucky day/color: Wednesday (night) / light green
Buddha: Pang ram Pueng, contemplation

Saturday ( Purple )
Character: logical, tranquil, reclusive
Optimum profession: agriculturist, constructor, miner, bailiff
Very Lucky day/color: Friday / blue
Lucky day/color: Wednesday (night) / light green
Unlucky day/color: Wednesday / green
Buddha: Pang Naga Prok, protection

Sunday ( Red )
Character: respectable, carefree, wise, and beloved by both friends and relatives
Optimum profession: manager, official, doctor, trader, craftman
Very Lucky day/color: Wednesday / green
Lucky day/color: Tuesday / pink
Unlucky day/color: Friday / blue
Buddha: Pang Tawai Natra, restraint

Good luck to everyone.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Guman Thong Video

Guman Thong is a Thai amulet or statue represented in the form of a beautiful child within which is captured a spiritual entity.
Interesting video on the introduction of the Magic Golden baby, 'Guman Thong'.
Do check it out.

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