Monday, December 22, 2008

More Fascinating takruts by kruba keow mah

Today i will introduce more interesting and powerful takrut made by kruba keow mah back when he was still alive.
Many people have related special occurrences whilst wearing amulets consecrated by Kruba himself.

kruba keow mah takrut pit sa wa lorng lai (many fascinating love) (Sold out)

Takrut pi sa wat lorng lai is specially blessed and made by kruba keow mah, Wat RongDoo, Lp Sawat, Wat GaSatSook and Kruba Noi, Wat Boon yong. This is one of the best takrut for love and attraction.
The special ingredient is collected over a period of years from many different monks before it is made. Most material is super strong for opposite sex attraction and metta.
All holy material is specially blessed and inserted into the handwritten takrut.
Material including:
- Prom prai nam mon pray by poo prom
- Prom paya in keow and prom saw noi powder by Kruba keow mah ,wat Rongdoo
- Prom nang rum rai by Lp Sawat (poo lersi) from Wat GaSatSook
- Prom nang lom ruk by Boo rom koo taw keow prom sen
- Prom kai keow kok look and prom chang pa som khong by Kurba Jaw tai ong, Wat Koo Kai keow
- Prom reak nang by Kruba Noi from wat Boon yong
- Prom ar cha pa det seuk by Kruba Det from Wat ratta na kosin
- Prom mar sep nang by Poo koo huansukying

Pit sa wat lorng lai means many fascinating love.Which means the owner who wear this takrut will have many love and great love from the opposite sex.
Now this takrut is rare as kruba has already passes away and no longer able to make this takrut. Only limited pieces is left.

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Kruba keow mah Takrut Glab Duang (change fortune)

Special takrut handwritten and blessed by kruba keow mah in 2549
This special Takrut has the ability to transform bad luck and negative energy to become super good luck and positive energy.
This takrut is suitable for people who
- Faces many problems in life.
- Facing a stream of negative and bad luck events.
- Have a lot of obstacles in life.
- Wish to increase luck to skyrocket high.
and much more.
Those of you following the market and news will know that volatility is still extremely high and the market is still on a downtrend, following more bad news every week. This has truly become the worst financial crisis since the great depression. Things like this happen ONLY ONCE in a 100 years.
At times like this, it will be good to own one Takrut Glab Duang by kruba keow mah.
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Friday, November 14, 2008

Thailand Magical Ritual - insertion of holy needles.

This video showed the monk (Lp Ong) inserting golden needles into the skin of the human.


The needles , unlike the talismans are considered to be "living", as it can travelled from one part of the body to another part of the body, so it is belief that the body has to be made suitable to host them.

Check it out:

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Friday, October 24, 2008

You should know about this news

Have you heard yet that mysticalthai website had just official launched their amulet online store?

I bet you haven't yet heard though that they offered a wide range of geniune amulets taken directly from temple themselves.

The Mystical Thai team will like to make a promise to you that you can find an interesting amulet that will suits your needs and be beneficial to your daily life. If you are looking for genuine and effective artifacts create by top monks and gurus. Here is the right place for you to explore.

Some background info of the Mystical Thai company.

They were a group of amulet enthusiastic who were researching and exploring Thailand for our magazine for the past few years. Throughout our journey, they had came across and discovered many amulets which were created and blessed by great monks and gurus. They would like to share with you our knowledge and experiences through our Mystical Thai Magazine and websites.

They will also be launching their first Thai spirtuailty amulet magazine in english in coming November.
More information at:

Do join in the adventure….

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Great Sak Yant master Archan Thoy Dabos, Por Gae Lersi Tafai

(Archan Thoy Doing Sakyant)

Recently , I had visited one interesting archan by the name of Archan Thoy. A master of Sak yant (Thailand Tattoo yantra). He is also a master of making effective amulets.
Archan Thoy learn from the great master Lersi Tai and Luang Phoo Thongdam Cha ta pa low.

Archan Thoy wore the robe of lersi which he received devotees every day (except for of Holy days) for Sak Yant tattoos and had many magicial love charms, potions and miscellaneous amulets for aquiring love, riches, longevity and protection.
Archan Thoy follow the traditional way of Thai buddhism Tattoo in Thailand.

A Sak Yant tattoo is basically a sacred "Yantra" - a geometrical design charged with ancient Buddhist prayers and magical spell.

(Archan Thoy Testing the power of the Sak Yant for Invulnerability using a sharpe knife)

(Archan Thoy blessing the Sak Yant )

(Picture taken with Archan Thoy)

Archan Thoy is a friendly person, people who wish to have a traditional Sak Yant done, definitely can pay a visit to him. He also does Sak Yant in invisible oil, resulting the tattoo being invisible to the human eye but with the magicial effect of the yant remaining.

Archan Thoy Dabos 's amulets

Archan Thoy Ya Nak amulet

(Archan Thoy Ya Nak Front)

(Archan Thoy Ya Nak Back)

Archan Thoy Ya Nak is the same as Mae nak at Wat Mahabut. This amulet is best for Windfall luck, attraction, fulfilling wish and more. One of the best amulet made by Archan Thoy with handwritten yantra behind.

See more information of this Yak Na amulet at

Archan Thoy crocodile skin amulet (Sold out)

(Picture of Crocodile with money in the mouth)

Genuine crocodile skin with handwritten yantra in it. Crocodile has the ability to bite on the wealth and not be lose. People believe that Peuk crocodile skin by Archan thoy is specially powerful in protecting the owner from evil forces, black magic, bad thing and danger. Also, this amulet can bring good luck and wealth. Only one piece left.

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Archan Thoy Tiger head with bullet shell (Sold out)



Beautiful Tiger head image with written yantra. Behind is inserted with a real bullet shell with engrave yant personally by Archan thoy. Tiger is a sign of strong, invulnerable and prestige. Best for protection, authority, get rid of bad things and more..

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Archan Thoy 3 Head Lersi sem sang per lok sak tan fai 2549

(Portrait of 3 head lersi in Archan Thoy Temple)

(3 head lersi amulet front)

(3 head Lersi amulet back)

A special 3head Lersi made by Archan Thoy with inserted kring seed inside. While shake will produce a ringing sound. Sem sang per lok sak tan fai means the sky is clear, meaning when wearing this amulet will be successful in whatever that you do and no obstacles.

Chanted and made in Year 2549. Extremely unique and beautiful amulet not to be miss by Lersi fans.

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I will be bringing in more interesting amulets by Archan Thoy for my next trip.
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Want to know secrets to increasing your luck?

For a Fee, a Thai Temple Offers a Head Start on Rebirth

In a ritual at a temple in Nakhon Nayok, Thailand, visitors lie in a coffin as monks chant for them to be cleansed and reborn.

NAKHON NAYOK, Thailand — It is the ultimate in second chances: a Buddhist temple here offers, for a small fee, an opportunity to die, rise up again newborn and make a fresh start in life.

Nine big pink coffins dominate the grand hall of the temple, and every day hundreds of people take their turns climbing in for a few moments as monks chant a dirge. Then, at a command, the visitors clamber out again cleansed — they believe — of the past.

It is a renewal for our times, as recent economic hardship brings uncertainty and people try seeking a bailout on life. In growing numbers, they come here from around Thailand to join what has become an assembly line of resurrection.

“When the economy is down, we latch our hopes onto some supernatural power,” said Ekachai Uekrongtham, the writer-director whose movie “The Coffin” is in Thai cinemas now with a plot revolving around such funerals for the living.

“When I went in I felt warm, and when I came out I felt released,” said Nual Chaichamni, 52, a masseuse who visited recently and who said she liked the feeling so much that she had done it six times.

“As I lay there and listened to the chanting of the monks, I felt relaxed,” she said. “When I got up, I was thinking of good things, thinking of the Buddha image in the hall. I felt good.”

Visitors taking part in the daily resurrection ceremonies at the temple, Wat Prommanee, praying from their temporary coffins.

Buddhism in Thailand can take unexpected forms, embracing animist superstition, magical practices — and the entrepreneurial spirit of many senior monks. Many Thais say that the true spirit of Buddhism is being lost.

Many temples have become centers of enterprise that parallel Thailand’s economic growth over the past few decades, selling good-luck amulets, holding boisterous fairs and telling fortunes.

This temple, Wat Prommanee, 66 miles northeast of Bangkok, has offered its unusual daily resurrection service for more than three years, and its clientele keeps growing, said an attendant, Pradap Butcharerm, 69.

On weekends as many as 700 people a day pay 180 baht each, a little more than $5, for the ceremony and much more for amulets that are auctioned off by temple acolytes.

“We have only 50 of these, a limited edition, the price is up to you!” they cry. “Twenty baht, 50 baht, did I hear 300 baht? Someone has run into luck.” As the number of visitors has grown, their dip into the supernatural has become more perfunctory; now a monk with a bullhorn herds worshipers through the row of coffins, nine at a time.

Like Charlie Chaplin on an out-of-control assembly line, they follow the monks’ commands: into the coffin, down on their backs, eyes closed, shroud on, shroud off, up on their feet, quick prayer and scramble out into a new life.

The whole process takes a minute and a half. The next group of nine is waiting.

A cardboard sign warns visitors not to stand behind the coffins, where bad karma sucked from the “dying” devotees may still be hovering.

The rebirth ceremony is unusual, but not surprising, said Suwannan Sathta-Anand, an associate professor of philosophy at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.
“These days, a lot of people in Thai society are creating new kinds of rituals and practices to suit whatever purposes they have,” she said.

With the hierarchy of organized Buddhism slow to adapt to changing times, she said, “people are looking for their own expression of Buddhism that could be relevant to their lives.”

Along with the religion of their past, a tide of modern capitalism has seized the imagination of Thais as their country has rapidly developed in the past three decades.
Two years ago, Thailand was gripped by a frenzy for a magical amulet called Jatukam that sold in several versions with unambiguous names like “Super Rich,” “Immediately Rich,” “Rich Without Reason” and “Miracle Rich.”

The people who come to be reborn here at Wat Prommanee are seeking help for many of the ailments and aspirations of life.
Jirapat Winarungruang, 37, a lawyer, came one recent day to complete a transformation that he began four years ago when he changed his name from the less auspicious Suthep Wina. His new name includes the suffix rungruang, which means prosperity.

Fifty percent of a person’s destiny is determined by his name, Mr. Jirapat said, and the other 50 percent by his date of birth. When he arose from the coffin, born again, he said, the last vestiges of the old Suthep Wina would be gone.

Woraphot Sriboonyang, 30, an engineer, said he had come with Mr. Jirapat and four other family members to rid himself of bad karma. Within just a few weeks, he said, he had suffered a break-in and a bad car accident. He wanted his run of bad luck to stop at two.

Sangkhom Thani, 37, who sells subsidized food for the government, said he hoped for luck in business and relief for his aching back and knees. “If I lie down in the coffin, it will give me a new lease on life,” he said as he examined an expensive new amulet.

Chalida Muansawang, 33, a hairdresser, brought her 12-year-old daughter, Saksithorn, in the hope that a few moments in a coffin would help cure her hyperactivity.

“I’m excited and a little bit scared,” said the girl, who proceeded bravely through the process with her mother lying next to her in an adjacent coffin.
As the morning’s ceremony ended, a long line had already formed for the afternoon shift. Among the newcomers was the entire 36-man Royal Thai Army soccer team, in bright red jerseys, preparing for a match the next day.

“We’ll lie in the coffins and then we’ll go to practice,” said one of the players, Nippon Khamthong, 22. Asked what he hoped his rebirth would bring him, he said, “We just want to win tomorrow.”

Published: September 26, 2008

Source: New York Times.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

A good Testimonial about Faith of amulets

Recently people been asking me, are all these testimonials in your blog for real?
It is simply too amazing to be real!!!

Well I'm here to say, YES IT IS ALL 100% TRUE TO THE CORE!!!
No bullshit, No fairy tales and nothing but the astounding truth.

There are also other questions from some people, regarding how come amulets when they wear, can't see instant result.

My answer to all this,
You gonna have strong faith and belief in your amulets. It takes time for the amulet to get use to your body aura and energy.
Some people will see result fast but there are also some who will only experience it after wearing it for a longer period of time.
The most important point is NEVER GIVE UP on your amulets as they are holy items who need mutual respect.
Believe me when I say this, if you constanly have true faith and belief in your amulets,
Your amulets will help you when you are most in need for help.

Just today, I received this wonderful email from a client of mine from NZ.
I decided to include this email in my blog from permission from the writer himself.
To illustrate my point, here goes:
(To read, click on picture for enlarge view)

Actual content from this email (in case the picture too small to read):

To whom it may concern,

I would like to recommend Mr Stanley Tham services as an amulet consultant. I have bought 2 amulets from him. The lersi from Acharn Maha Thana. I have since been made redundant with my job from AA Insurance Ltd since May 2008 During that time I have been using the lersi amulet but nothing happen. So eventually I put it aside and give up. Till last week as my financial situation is really getting out of hand with no income. I have therefore been praying hard to Acharn to grant me a good job. I have then buy flowers and incense to offer even with overdraft believing things will improve. I have been to several recruitment agencies but to no avail. Then one day a recruitment company called me up and have say to me that there is a position for me and that they want me to go for an interview.
Therefore I went wearing the amulet and to my suprise it was a large group and I prepare the interview questions properly in mind with prayer in hope I will get through. After several days my agent call me back and whala! I was offered a job with General Electrics on October 2008.

Within that week as well I have no money to buy food but strangers and friends suddenly become warm to me and offered to buy me food and even call me up to check on me.
As with females as well thats more weird I have registered myself in tagged and then out of no reason have females from Russia, Thailand , USA wanting to talk to me and some even wanted to send me half naked pics of them which I seem is weird for a stranger.

Therefore I hope with these testimony would be sufficient to say Amulets are not to be played and should be respect at all cost.Thanks Stanley for taking of my needs even when I am really in a bad situation and your prayers.Many thanks!

Alex Woo

Thank you Alex for allowing me to used your real name and may buddha blessed you and your family.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

More Crazy Testimonials from Archan Maha Tana amulets

Lately, been so busy doing my research and stuff in Thailand. Indeed Thailand is the land of wonders, the land of wealth, the land of wine, the land of wonderful women, the land of wisdom, the land of happiness, the land of hope, the land of promises, the land of dreams and the land of everything.

I was so busy that I do not even have time to check my mail. After two weeks, I opened my inbox and it was flooded with tons of mails. My eyes nearly pop out looking at all these emails.
Now Pay close attention! As I was clearing my mail I came across lots of testimonials about my clients who used the amulets.
It appears that lots of testmonials came from people who used Archan Maha tana amulets.
I'll get straight to the point. I'm going to be completely honest and shared with you some testimonials from real clients who used this real amulets with real feedbacks.

Archan maha tana Mae per with scorpion amulet (Love charm)

Mr J Thompson (Not real name) from USA needed help for his love life. He got divorced in 2004, since then, he haven’t had a steady relationship. He was able to know a few girls, but only end up as being in the friendship zone and nothing else. On top of that, he was also a committed Christian for 23 years. (I know what you are thinking; who says Christian can't wear amulets?) Anyway he feedback to me that his love life was not good and needed a talisman to boost his love luck. I recommended this Archan Maha Tana Mae per amulet to him.

After one month, he sent me an email and this is what he mentioned:

When he first received the amulet and hold it in his hand for the first time, he could felt a strong sensation energy flowing in his body.

After wearing the amulet for 3 days, he noticed that he became more chattier and more girls start giving him second glance on the street. He could not explain why also.

2 Weeks later, He started dating some girls with good result and most importantly his ex-wife contacted him back. They chatted on the phone and she mentioned that she still love him and was talking a lot about getting back together.
(Although he don't love his ex-wife anymore)

3 Weeks later, his love life has improved as well. A new love presented itself and they both fell head over heel in love with each other. (It's a new girl of course):)

Mr Thompson words to me:
Thank you so much for getting my life back on track. You were so right when you recommended me this Archan maha tana amulet. I appreciate the time and service you gave to me when I needed someone to help me. Thank you Stan!

Get this Archan maha tana Mae per amulet at: $98sgd

Archan maha tana Lersi with Salika

Another great testimonials from the great Archan Maha Tana Lersi amulet.

June Koh (Not real Name) from Hongkong wrote this to me:

I wanted to give you wonderful testimonial. I wish that this mail be display on your blog, so people could benefit from my experiences.
As you know, I have gotten the Archan Maha Tana Lersi amulet from you. Ever since I have worshipped and wore it according to the instructions.
I felt the strong positive influence helping me in my career and in life in general.
I got along better with my colleagues at work, they treated me better and with more care and love.
I also strike a small lottery ( small winning) after wearing for 3 weeks.
In my life, I have never considered myself to be a lucky person, but now I really feel as though luck favours me. I am still a bit stunned about it all but things are going great.

Get this Archan maha tana lersi with salika amulet at: $88sgd

My personal point:
To all readers: I hope you enjoy reading this testimonials and are as inspired by them as I am. I have been in this business for a long time and had seen many many satisfied customers.
No, not everything works for everybody, that would be impossible (and you should never believe anyone that tells you that it is possible). There are many factors and reasons behind it which I will discuss next time in my blog. Nonetheless, i have a high percentage of satisfied client.
Do stay tune for my next posting.....

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej is a collector of Buddha amulets and Buddha images


Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej has steadfastly refused to bow to demands by the People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) for him to resign and dissolve parliament. He says such actions would not solve the country's problems. There have been whispers that Mr Samak has been searching for answers at a temple.

All was quiet at his residence on Soi Navamin 81 yesterday.

Security was still tight, even though there were no students turning up to clamour for his resignation, as on Thursday.

The prime minister had no official functions to attend to yesterday. But about 10am, he was seen leaving his house in his car, with his entourage of security guards in tow.
He took the expressway at Lat Phrao and turned left at Soi Choke Chai 4.

Reporters were following him when his security guards thwarted their efforts to find out exactly where he was heading.

It was reported that Mr Samak might have gone to a temple to make merit in what many saw as a bid to lift his sagging morale in the face of mounting pressure from critics demanding his ouster.

People close to Mr Samak confirmed he often sought solace in temples and gave offerings in merit-making ceremonies when his morale was low.

Associates said he is a collector of Buddha amulets and Buddha images.

He also has Buddha images crafted and gives them to others as gifts. Perhaps the most famous Buddha image is called phra pairee pinas (Defeating the enemies).

''At social functions, Mr Samak usually gives phra pairee pinas images as a token of his appreciation,'' a source close to the prime minister said.

The source added at wedding receptions, the brides usually receive a statue of phra siam thewathirat (The Lord Protector of Siam) from Mr Samak.

Lately, many astrological forecasts have spelled trouble for him.

According to former senator Boonlert Pairin, who is a well-known astrologer, the stars of Mr Samak showed that he would find himself in great trouble and it is highly likely that he could lose his position as prime minister. It is believed that the more such gloomy predictions keep coming up, the more he will try to seek ways to ward off bad luck.

When Mr Samak was sworn in as prime minister, astrologers forecast that he would not last long in office, prompting angry responses from him.

After that, however, he was seen attending a ceremony worshipping Rahu, the god of darkness, arranged by a temple near Hua Lamphong.


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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Who else wish to know more about wealth attraction charm

Lately , luang phor income of wat Chaiyasathan, Chiangmai, had made a special batch of wealth attraction amulets.

In fact the respond for this amulet was so good that it was totally sold out from his temple.
The amulet was a takrut plate with special written yantra but it came with a special way to use.
This takrut was consider the excellent wealth charm batch of 2008.
You don't want to miss this one.

Lp income special wealth holding and attraction takrut

Specially blessed and hand written by lp income.
Made only 99 pieces.

There are two unique ways to use this takrut.

For wealth Attraction

One of the most special features of this takrut is that:

First you must insert a money note(any kind of money) into the takrut square plate. Following that, you have to roll up the takrut plate.
Before you wear it, you have to think of lp income and make a wish, then you can wear it either in a chain or pants pocket.
This will ensure that money will flow into your life and your money will be kept safe also.

Some other effect of this takrut includes.

- Changing bad luck to good luck

- windfall luck

- Attract more opportunity to gain wealth.

and much much more..

For Fulfill wishes

The second way to use this takrut instead of inserting money, is to use a piece of buddhi leafs,
Write down your heart desire wishes and insert the buddhi leafs in the takrut.
Same as before, you have to roll the takrut plate up and wear it.
Pray for lp income to help you fulfill these wishes.

This was meant to help fulfill your wishes in a faster way.

If you're ready to feel really good about yourself and your relationship to money, then check out this lp income special wealth attraction takrut at:
(Sold out)

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Friday, August 15, 2008

You don't realize it yet, but in the next few minutes you're going to see some interesting amulets."

It is quite obvious.....

The fact of the matter is, most of these amulets are out of this world and not the same as the normal range of amulet u seen in the market. In another words, special type.
Some more interesting amulets from Archan perm and other archans.

Archan perm lst batch locket ee per with bone. (Sold out)

1st batch locket ee per with bone made by archan perm. Extremely rare in the market now. See more of this ee per locket at: (Sold out)

Archan perm mar sap lang
(For display only)

Another interesting amulet by archan perm. Featuring a dog making love to a woman. And so forth a good amulet for attraction of the opposite sex. This is for display only.

Archan meng Er ger fong amulet (small pim) (sold out)

Another batch of er ger fong amulet made by archan meng with inserted special coin behind. See more information of this er ger fong amulet at: (Sold out)

and (Sold out)

Kruba Toh mang si wu har ta (5 eye 4 ear) (available last 2 pieces)

Kruba toh from chiangmai special made and blessed this 5 eye 4 ears celest creature. This creature name is call mang si wu har ta. Kruba toh has written yantra below the amulet of mang si wu har ta. According to the Thai people, they pray to this celest creature for wealth, metta and gambling luck.See more information of this amulet at:

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Monday, August 4, 2008

You better not miss this!!! More mind blowing amulets from Archan Perm

This is just plain awesome!!! Lately the Cambodia master Archan perm had just made another special batch of enhance lockets of yin tong and khun pean.

According to Archan Perm ,this time round the amulet was inserted with a special bottle of nam man prai oil (Corpse oil) .
All amulets behind was personally blessed by Archan perm himself and had handwritten special katha written on it.
He even siad it was much much much more effective and powerful then the previous batch made(with bone only).

Nam man prai was one of the most effective love potion ever seen which originated from Thailand. It can bring great great charm to the wearer, help the owner from a family or relationship who have split up to reconcile, a person with no love luck to meet love and no sales to good sales luck.

Only limited pieces is made. I can't wait till you try this Archan perm amulet.
The testimonals I received from my client who had used before the Archan perm amulets were simply crazy and mind blowing.
Those who have miss out on the previous batch of Archan perm amulets, you better not miss this one.

Archan Perm special Yin Tong with nam man prai oil



Special batch Yin tong with nam man prai oil. Made limited pieces, First come first serve basics. Once sold out, will have no more like last time. Grab it fast!!!

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Archan Perm Khun pean with nam man prai oil



Special batch khun pean with nam man prai oil. Made limited pieces, First come first serve basics. Once sold out, will have no more like last time. Grab it fast!!!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

OLYMPIC Thai athletes given Luang Pu Tuad amulets to boost morale.

Princess Sirindhorn gives Thai athletes a boost

Urges competitors to do their best.

Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhornon on 28 Jul 08, urged the Olympic athletes to give their all to show to the world that Thais are capable of competing at this level.
The athletes and officials were granted an audience with the Princess at Chitralada Palace's Dusidalai Pavilion.

The Princess told the delegation, led by Tourism and Sports Minister Weerasak Kohsurat, that the Olympics was the greatest sporting event in the world.

Although some in the 2008 Olympic delegation have attended the Games on several occasions, they receive new experience every time, Her Royal Highness said.

"You should use this occasion to show to Thais and foreigners how capable Thai athletes are," said the Princess.

"You should carry out your duty to the best of your ability. Winning or losing is not important. I hope you meet what you want to meet and avoid what you want to avoid."

The Princess gave 200 Luang Poo Thuad amulets to Weerasak for him to hand them to the delegation to help boost their morale and give them confidence.

Her Royal Highness will attend the Beijing Games' opening ceremony on August 8 and will watch Premsiri Bunpithak and Pensiri Laosirikul compete in weightlifting the next day.

The Princess conversed with the athletes and officials particularly Athens Games weighlifting champion Pawina Thongsuk, who officially retired from the national side in a farewell party on Sunday. Pawina paid respect to the Princess who sent her a bouquet of flowers to Sunday's party.

The Princess asked Thai delegation chief Thana Chaiprasit who will carry the Thai flag during the opening ceremony and Thana said boxer Worapoj Petchkoom, a silver medallist at the 2004 Games, is assigned to do the job.

She was also keen to know about the number of the Thai athletes at the 2008 Games, their preparations and accomodation as well as the weather in Beijing.
Gen Yutthasak Sasiprapha said the delegation felt grateful to the Princess who gave them some wise words.

Thana said it was an honour for the contingent to have been granted an audience with Her Royal Highness. "We feel grateful. This boosts our morale," he said.

Thana, who was in Beijing at the weekend, said the Athletes' Village was ready and athletes from some countries had already stayed there.

There will be 51 Thai athletes at the 2008 Olympics who are expected to win two gold medals. Thailand won three gold, one silver and four bronze medals at the Athens Olympics.

According to Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej, the Princess will cook a meal for the Thai delegation during her stay in Beijing.


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Monday, July 28, 2008

Luang Phor Koon Wat Bahn Rai

Luang Por Koon Wat Bahn Rai

Luang Por Koon was borned on Thursday, 4th October BE2466. He was raised in a well off family. His grandfather was an influential person and very well-known in Nakon Raatchaseemah province. He also known to have Wichah (magic power), and many people were afraid of him.

When Luang Por Koon was 7 years old , his grandfather brought him to study Thai and Pali under Ah Jahn Cheum, Ah Jahn Saai and Pra Ah Jahn Lee in a temple near his house. Luang Por Koon was ordained as a monk at the age of 21 years old at Wat Thanon HakYai on 5th May BE2487. Pra Kru Wijahn Dtigit was the preceptor. Pra Kru Atigahn Torng Suk was his dhamma teacher. His monk's name is Pisuttoh.

Luang Por Koon stayed in Wat Thanon HakYai to study dhamma, in addition Luang Por Koon also learned under Luang Daeng Wat Nong Poh. He learned dhamma, sammahdti and Wichah (magic) from Luang Por Daeng.

Luang Por Koon was very diligent when studied under Luang Por Daeng. Seeing that Luang Por Koon was so keen in learning, Luang Por Daeng brought Luang Por Koon to meet Luang Por Kong who was the abbot of Wat HatYai. Then, Luang Por Koon became the disciple of Luang Por Kong.

Luang Por Kong was a Pra Tudong (forest monk) and brought Luang Por Koon to Tudong (forest dwelling). Besides dhamma and sammahdti, Luang Por Kong also taught Luang Por Koon Wichah (magic) on inserting takrut into a person's arm. After learning from Luang Por Kong for some time, Luang Por Koon went Tudong alone. He went as far as Laos and Cambodia. He stayed in the deep forests of Laos and Cambodia for many years.

During the rainy season, if Luang Por Koon was near town, he would stayed in any one of the temple near town to Khow Pansah (rainy season for a monk to stay indoors), if he was still in the forest, he would stay in the forest and continue his Tudong.

Luang Por Koon returned to Thailand after more than 10 years of Tudong, and reside at Wat Bahn Rai, Nakon Raatchaseemah. The first time, Luang Por Koon came to Wat Bahn Rai, the temple was in bad condtion. There was only a old Salah (shether), Bot (hall) and Guti (place where Buddha Statue will be placed).

Luang Por Koon seeing that was determined to re-build this temple. He approached the abbot of the temple at that time, and asked him for his help. The abbot told him that the temple did not have much fund (only 10,000 bahts) and asked Luang Por Koon how much money he needed to re-build the temple. Luang Por Koon replied that he needed 3 to 4 million bahts. When the abbot heard that, he said that he had no ability to help, though it was his duties. Luang Por Koon, then asked the villagers and his lay disciples to source for fund. Many people came forward and helped. The total fund collected was almost 2 million bahts and Wat Bahn Rai was re-built. Luang Por Koon was gradually gaining popularity in Nakon Raatchaseemah.

Whenever, people heard Luang Por Koon wanted to build a temple or a school, many people would come forward to help. Luang Por Koon had built many schools, temples and hospitals in Nakon Raachaseemah. The devotees who go to Wat Bahn Rai, be it rich or poor, Luang Por Koon will meet them personally and bless them. He would specially make time for the poorer devotees, because to Luang Por Koon, the poorer devotees need to earn a living, and thus their time is more precious comparing to the richer ones who had already have a stable livelihood.

Luang Por Koon chanted the most amulets in Thailand. Many temples and people would create the amulets and asked him to bless. He seldom rejected anyone when come to him for blessings. Luang Por Koon is very good in the Wichah of inserting takrut. He would personally insert the takrut under the arm of the devotees, these takrut are very well proven to protect a person from accidents, Metta and as well as Kong Grapan (immunity from weapons).Almost 20 years, Luang Por Koon had chanted and inserted takrut, but now Luang Por Koon had stopped due to poor health. However, he will still meet and bless the devotees who go to Wat Bahn Rai to pay respect to him.

Recently went to visit lp koon again in Wat Bahn Rai. He is one of the greatest living monk in Thailand. Nowadays Lp Koon due to poor health condition, were only able to see people for a short while. There were also new rules of restriction of taking picture with him.

The beautiful temple Wat Bahn Rai. Anyone who visit Thailand , definitely need to pay a visit to the great Lp Koon.

Luang Phor Koon amulets

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Another Lp Koon image amulet, made of old holy powder and inserted with one old takrut of lp koon in front.Made in year 2536. Only one piece.
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