Tuesday, July 27, 2010

YES!!! Finally the long await New amulet made by the great Archan maha tana

Finally, Archan maha tana had finally made another new batch of takrut call special takrut salika pon yer. This takrut according to Archan maha tana is the strongest for sustaining good luck and great wealth.

This is the lastest takrut made by archan maha tana since the red and yellow jet maha put takrut.
Inside is special yantra of special salika pon yer, the highest level of salika made by archan maha tana and fill with special powder keep for 10 yrs, ittijai pra putta ku powder.

(Ittijai pra putta ku powder)

This powder is the rare kind of powder and are highly in demand cos of the power of the powder.
Usign this powder to make amulets will enhance the effect by many many times.

This takrut is blessed for a period of 3 months and while mediaiting and chanting this takrut, archan maha felt his whole body became numb due to the power of this takrut.

According to archan maha tana, this takrut can be use for metta, sales and also for super increase good luck and wealth.
The owner will be super strong in persuasion and even make people bend against their will to listen to you and obey you.

Comes with 2 katha given by archan maha tana to be chanted.

1st katha is for super good business, luck and sales luck
2nd katha is for super metta and super communication.

There is a secret way to use this takrut and will be taught to the owner of the takrut only.

Archan maha tana mentioned that these salika pon yer takrut can be wore together with the archan maha tana red and yellow jet maha put takrut.
Wearing all 3 will enhance the effect and power to great heights.

Archan maha tana special takrut salika pon yer ( super great luck and wealth) (highly recommended 5 star rating)

This takrut salika pon yer is very very limited produced due to the limited amount of ittijai powder.
Get The Best Results As Fast As Humanly Possible…
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Important!!! Testimonials from Kruba Det Phra Khun Pean Sam payon artan

Recently got a great testimonals from a client of mine from europe reagrding this Kruba det Phra khun pean sam payon artan amulet.
Attached is the email sent by my client:

(Click for enlarge )

Actual testimonial sent by my client (Non edited)

I started a new job last September. On my first day at work I saw this beautiful Asian girl who I was attracted to. I would always say hello to her and she would greet me but that was all that ever happened. I got the feeling that she was not really interested in me. I also got the impression that she felt she was too good for me.

Any way I thought thats the way it goes. Then one day I was scanning the web and I came across your web site. I read about the wonderful experiences people were having with the Thai amulets they purchased from Mr Tham. So I decided to buy one. Stanley recommended that I get an amulet that had Khun Pean on one side and Guan Thong on the other. I learnt how to say the Katha and every morning when I drove into work I would sit in the car park and recite the Katha three times and then make my wishes. I began to notice that people who used to ignore me or treat me with disrespect began to smile at me and even one lady who was usually very unpleasant began to smile at me and talk to me nicely. I thought this was very interesting. Anyhow one morning when I arrived at work I sat in my car and recited the Katha three times as usual and then I wished while holing the amulet in my hand for the lady I liked to fall in love with me. Then I went in to my work place. Well what happened was amazing. She walked right up to me stood close to me, rubbed her body against me and placed her face very close to mine. She was flirting with me. Further more she would not leave me alone. I was amazed.Since then I have bought another amulet for health ( A tortoise amulet). This has also helped me. I used to get very nervous around people but now I am very calm and feel very confident. Infact one day i was sitting with a colleague and got nervous, I realised that I did not have my amulet so I went and got it then shortly after I felt relaxed and calm. I have also recently ordered a third bull amulet for protection. I am telling you that these amulets really work. I never leave my house without them. Infact I was reading about the cat and mouse amulet and I am going to ask Stanley to send me that one.

Amulet which my client has gotten from me:

kruba det Phra khun pean sam payon artan (Best for attraction,metta and charm back ex lover) (Super highly recommended)



What you hope to get out of your dating life, relationship with people, love or what you want to achieve with the opposite sex... be 100% stringent with yourself,

Whatever time you have left on earth is the only time you can use to achieve it, might as well achieve it EARLIER.

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