Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kruba Keow Ma Wat Rong Ru,Phayao province

Wat Rong Ru, is a more remote temple in Phayao province, relatively deserted and in the forest on top of the mountain. This is the temple of the great Kruba Keow Ma.
Many local Thai people and even Foreigners would visit him to pay respect to the great Abbot.

Despite the hot afternoon, I was feeling happier and excited then I had ever been in my life.
I'm in the car with some of my good friends and driving to Wat Rong Ru, to visit Kruba keow ma. The trip to his temple took a long staggering 4++ hours starting from the city of Chiangmai.

When l finally arrived at his temple during the long trip, I look around at his temple and asked my Thai driver to look for Kruba Keow Ma.
10 minutes later, he returned and told me kruba keow Ma is resting and will attend to us later.
I then went to see his amulets and saw many takruts, patyants, khun peans and lockets.

I like his amulets very much as I know that many people has encountered good miracles and experiences when wearing his amulets.
After purchasing many amulets made by kruba keow ma, my thai driver informed me and my friends that kruba has woken up and without a shadow of a doubt, we immediately procceded to his room and received his special blessing and chanting.

Kruba keow Ma is a very passionate guru indeed. I can feel his energy when he was chanting for me and my friends.

He blessed me and his amulets with an ancient Lanna way of chanting which I never heard before.
My friend took a lot of pics when we was chanting for us and when l looked back at the picture preview of the digital camera, I saw many white light spots surrounding kruba Keow Ma and us. This is simpily amazing. Kruba Keow Ma really do possessed very strong baramee and chanting power.
Those Pictures with white light spots is not feature in this blog.
If anyone is interested to see this amazing pictures, can contact me for viewing.

Kruba himself is also very quiet and seldom tok much.
I personally respected him a lot and pay my deepest respect to this great monk.
Seeing him in real life person , was really an incredible experience.


Kruba Keow Ma, a merciful 89 year old monk of Phayao province.
He studied Vipassana Meditation as a disciple of Kruba Sriwichai who possessed a profound knowledge of Visha and is highly revered in Thailand.
Vipassan means "to see things as the really are" – an ancient meditation technique discovered by Gotama the Buddha more than 2500 years ago.
Kruba Keow is also highly respected for his dedication an practice of the 700 year old traditional use of holistic folk medicineMany people have reported miracles associated with the amulets consecrated by this Guru Monk. Every day, many people go to meet Kruba Keow as they firmly believe that he has power to secure good fortune, particularly in business and love.

Kruba Keow is known as a Lanna monk, differing from other Thai monks in as much that he practises the centuries old traditional form of Buddhism and meditation derived from the original Lanna scripts
Note: The Tipitaka was first written in Sri Lanka, on palm leaves in the Singhalese script, in the year 433 of the Buddhist Era. ....In Thailand, the scriptures were first inscribed in the Great Buddhist Council at Chet Yod Monastery in Chiang Mai in 2020 of the Buddhist Era (A.D. 1477). The script used then was the "Lanna script.
To the many monks in Northern Thailand, such as Kruba Keow, practicing the original Lanna ways of chanting, blessing or meditation can be very difficult and generally will require a life time process of learning and dedication. One of the very reasons he is so highly regarded by the people of Northern Thailand.

Amulets of Kruba Keow Ma
These are some of the amulets l brought back from his temple.
All are blessed by kruba himself and limited produced as kruba is already very old.

( Kruba Keow Ma Luck and wealth takrut)(Sold out)
For good luck, business success, sales and wealth.
According to the temple, only made 299 pieces.

(kruba keow mah Salika Kru takrut)(Sold out)
For metta , love and opposite sex attraction.
Also only made 299 pieces.
There are many amulets I brought back from Wat Rong Ru which has already been blessed and chanted by kruba keow Ma.
I Personally love his self-made amulets very much and has kept a lot of his amulets.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Kruba Noi Pra Kring 'Wu kar pak' - Testimonals

Lately, I have been reciving lots of feedbacks and testimonals from my friends and clients regarding the Kruba noi pra kring 'Wu kar pak'. The feedbacks and results were so Sensational and Remarkable that I figure out in my mind, " What the Heck, I'm just going to feature this testimonals in my blog."
One testimonal is from a friend named Desmond.
(By the way not his real name)

Few weeks ago, I met a man named Desmond.
He contacted me and wanted to meet me to know more about this Kruba Noi Prak kring as it had caught his eyes and had a very keen interest in it.
It was a Friday evening when we met, he mentioned to me that he had been having bad luck and downturn in life for the past one year, facing financial problem, going through a divorce case with his wife and much more.
I told him since he like the Kruba noi Pra kring so much, means he must have spiritual connection with the amulet.
I advised him to chant a general katha every morning and wear this amulet with faith and belief.
As taught by Kruba Noi, I told him to use this Pra Kring to make into holy water and bath on a Saturday morning (he was Born on a Saturday).
Derrick thanked me for the advised and proceeded home.

One week later. I received a phone call from him and he told me:" Your Kruba noi Pra kring Wu ka Pak is the best. My life has improved for the better since wearing it."

I felt overjoyed for Desmond and ask him :" So in what way did your life improved?"
He told me:" On Friday, I got the amulet from you and on Saturday morning , I pray to the Pra kring and made a wish, then I requested to use the Pra kring to make into holy bathing water. After I finish bathing, I felt very positive and relaxed. I had obliterate stress, dissolved worry, banished tension and my mind is not filled with any problems.

I felt happy, wore my Kruba Noi Pra kring and went to the market to buy breakfast.
On my way back, there's a gut feeling asking me to go buy the lottery.
In normal cases, since the lottery shop was a distance from my home, I would easily gave up the idea to walk back there to buy lottery.
That day was different, the feeling was very strong and I headed to the lottery shop immediately to buy the lottery.
Sunday evening , the radio broadcasted the lottery result and I won third Prize in the 4D lottery. Wow, it has been a few years since I have ever strike the lottery.
I felt so good about myself and my life that makes me the luckiest of all."
After that he also mentioned to me that his career ran smoothly and things started to improve slowly.

He was so impressed with this Kruba noi Pra Kring that he even bought another one of this Kruba Noi Pra Kring for his father.

I wished Desmond for the best in everything that he do and good luck always.
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Friday, October 19, 2007

Mantra and katha power

Today, I am going to share with you some of the best kathas and mantras taught to me by some good monks and archans. This kathas and mantras are known to be best for wealth, metta, increase luck, protection and attraction.

One thing I learned from chanting katha or mantra is to never.............................

Before I explain what I learned, let me point out the introduction of kathas and mantras.

Mantras and kathas are powerful sounds and when chanted with devotion produce enormous effects. Mantras and kathas are well-off in their meanings and their meaning can be meditated while chanting. As the mind concentrates more and more on mantra and its meaning, it conditions the mind and takes up to the higher states and forms the path to salvation - the eternal bliss. Read on to know about the significance of mantra…

The Vedas are full of mantras and kathas, therefore have been kept for ages in their raw form to use in the different practices like patha, karma, jata, gana, patas. It has been done to ensure that the chanter clearly interprets the correct letters and sound for each letter (svara). People are advised to chant the mantras only when they know the correct pronunciation of it. That is how mantras are kept against deterioration with time.

Mantras and kathas Are Energy-Based Sounds
Sound is the foremost content of the creation. Mantras are divine sounds. Saying any word produces an actual physical vibration. Over time, if we know what the effect of that vibration is, then the word may come to have meaning associated with the effect of saying that vibration or word. Mantras appear really powerful when this sound effect reaches the mind and the surroundings.

Mantras and kathas Create Thought-Energy Waves
Mantra, when chanted sincerely produces a state where the organism vibrates at the rate completely in tune with the energy and spiritual state, represented by and contained within the mantra.

Mantras and kathas Have Fire-Like Energy
They have fire like energy which can bring a positive and beneficial result, or it can produce an energy meltdown when misused or practiced without some guidance. There are certain mantra and katha formulas which are so exact, so specific and so powerful that they must be learned and practiced under careful supervision by a qualified guru.

Mantras and kathas Eventually Quiet the Mind
At a deep level, subconscious mind is a collective consciousness of all the forms of primitive consciousnesses which exist throughout the physical and subtle bodies. Sincere use of mantra can excavate into subconscious crystallized thoughts stored in the organs and glands and transform these bodily parts into repositories of peace.

According to some monks and archans, some of the amulets requires mantras and kathas to be chanted to increase the power and its effect.
A mantra is a powerful word or phrase that may or may not have meaning in the same way as a sentence. Mantras and kathas can only be experienced, there is no proper term to define them and phrase them. That is why; they get passed from generation to generation.
............(To be contiuned)

I will be posting some good and powerful katha for metta ,attraction and wealth for the next posting ....... stay tune!!!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Luang Phor Sawat ' Phra Lak Nah Thong '

I arrived at Wat GaSatSook, the temple and resident of LP Sawat. According to the Thai local people, LP Sawat is famous for his Phra Lak Nah thong amulets. He is also a master of fortune telling and can forecast the future.
When it was my turn for the blessing, LP Sawat drew a 'Phra Lak Nah Thong' yantra on my forehead. While he was deeply chanting, I can felt a strong energy flowing from his fingers into my body. I can even felt my body shaking. Simply Amazing.
After that, he contiuned to draw and chant a special 'Salika Lin Tong' yantra on my lips and palms for best metta, attract good opportunity and good communication with people. When the blessing was finished, he told me that this ritual is good for increase metta and attractiveness.
He also advised me to wear his Phra Lak Nah Thong amulet for to be lucky in love, strong courage and metta mahasaney (Attractiveness).

LP Sawat was indeed a humble and good monk.

Luang Phor Sawat

LP SaWat or Phor Poo Lersi of wat GaSatSook, Phayao province is well-known and popular for his knowledge in Visha (Supernatural arts.) Before he was ordained as monk, he was a Lersi (Hermit).
He studied magic from Master of hermit who was knowledge of Visha and Sammahdti (meditation) for more than ten years.

LP SaWat lived with his master in the deep cave of Thailand. After LP SaWat succeeded in learning Visha arts from his master. His mater advised LP SaWat to become a monk and help the people in the Northern part of Thailand.

LP SaWat ordained as a monk at the old temple in Sing Buri province.
He went alone to the deep jungle of Thailand, Laos, Burma and Cambodian, to gain knowledge and to build up his good karma and Visha.
Until the day he passed Phayao province, the local people who stay in Phayao requested LP SaWat to live and teach them about Buddhism way.
At the same time, people who had studied dharma practices under LP SaWat, had given the land to him for building the GaSatSook temple.

Every day, many people went to visit LP SaWat. They seeked him for his help, conduct magical ritual and fortune telling.
LP Sawat knew almost everything and could forecast the future.

Story of Phra Lak Nah Thong (Lakshmana)

Regarding to the Ramakien story,
Lakshmana is described as the incarnation ofAnanta Shesha, the thousand-headed Naga upon whom rests Lord Vishnu in the primordial ocean of milk(Kshirasagara) . The Lord of Serpents, Sheshanaga was incarnated to the earth in the form of Lakshmana and during the Dwapara Yuga, he incarnated as Balarama. He is said to be an eternal companion of Vishnu in all incarnations.

Lakshmana is part of the Mariyada Purshottamm, or The Perfect Man personified by Rama , by his unswerving loyalty, love and commitment to his elder brother through times of joy and adversity alike. He is an invincible warrior committed to virtue and the service of his brother. He never covets the throne of Ayodhya , nor hesitates from joining his brother in exile, even though he does not have to.

Lakshmana is considered a powerful warrior nearly equal to Rama. In the war against Ravana and his Lankan army of rakshasas, Lakshmana slays thousands of powerful demons such as Atikaya and Prahasta, Ravana's chief commanders, and his son Indrajit. With Rama, he also slays Kumbhakarna, the great giant rakshasa.

Once upon a time there was a giant king (called Tosakan) on the island of Lanka who won a battle against the god Indra and then sought to achieve the rule of the whole world. The gods knew that only a mortal man would be able to stop the invulnerable giant and sent the god Vishnu down to earth. Vishnu is reincarnated as Prince Rama (Phra Ram), son of the mighty King Tosarot of Ayuthaya. Rama and his faithful brother and friend Lakshmana (Phra Lak) become famous heroes and Rama is appointed by his father as successor to the throne of Ayuthaya.

When Rama manages to win beautiful and chaste Princess Sita as his wife, their happiness seems complete.

However, an envious concubine of King Tosarot convinces him to favor her son and to disinherit Prince Rama. Rama, Sita, and the faithful Lakshmana are expelled from the royal palace and have to flee into the jungle where they spend the next fourteen years hidden in a hermitage.

Lakshmana is revered for his absolute devotion to Rama.
His performance of his duties as a younger brother is considered to be a sacrifice and superiority of character as such duties are especially hard to do in adverse conditions. Lakshmana's life symbolizes the duties of a man to his elders and superiors, and how greatly valued is seflessness in a man's character.

While he is generally considered to be rather short-tempered when compared to Rama, Lakshmana is also considered an important element of Mariyada Purushottama, displaying great courage and presence of mind when Rama becomes distraught, angry and desperate over the loss of Sita — in an uncharacteristic display of desperation, a furious and almost hopeless Rama, not knowing of Sita's fate or whereabouts, is suddenly about to fire a weapon capable of bringing vast devastation of life; Lakshmana stops Rama, calms him down, explains to him that the world is not responsible for their separation from Sita, and consoles and encourages his righteous brother, while giving him support and strength to keep looking for her.

'Phra Lak Nah Thong' (Lakshmana) was known as a hero that possessed a handsome and charming feature. Everyone who saw or have an eye contact with him will fall in love.

Luang Phor Sawat ' Phra Lak Nah Thong ' amulets

LP SaWat is famous for his 'Phra Lak Nah Thong' amulets and he made this amulet following his master’s old magic book (Master of hermit). LP SaWat was the only one who succeeded in making effective 'Phra Lak Nah Thong' amulets from his master.
The materials and step to make this amulet:

1) Powder of Metta Visha. He dedicated his chanting day and night.

2) His master’s Relics powder.

3)Pure water of 9 ponds from 9 different provinces.

4)Mixed all the materials together, until all become one same unique materials

5) LP SaWat molded Phra Lak status from materials blessed and hang out to the sun for 3 days to absorb the universe energy.

6)After 3 day, LP SaWat wrote Yantra Script with ancient KaTha on the face of Phra Lak amulet and invited Phra Lak Nah Thong down from heaven to bless the amulets.

According to Lp Sawat, he only made 399 statues of this 'Phra Lak Nah Thong' amulet.
Many Thai people believed that Phra Lak amulets helped them to be lucky in love and gave them strength to be brave as a hero in their women's mind. Also this amulet is for those who wanted a promotion and unending support from higher upper management in their career.

Due to limited pieces produced, I only manage to take a few pieces of this Phra Lak Nah Thong amulet back from his temple.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

The Reverned Luang Pu Hong of Wat Petchaburi

In the early morning, I was inside the car where my Thai driver was driving. We were on our way to visit the great reverned luang pu Hong of Wat Petchburi. The trip from Bangkok to surin province took around 5 hours ++. Driving this stretch of the road riddled with potholes and steepclimbs is a challenge because of the bumpy rides and bend curves roads. Despite the long distance ride there, I knew it was worth it to see Lp hong again because he was one of my favourite monk which I truly respected a lot.

Around 9 am in the morning, I reached Tungmon Cemetery of Wat Petchaburi, the place where Lp Hong resident. I was surprised to see many local Thai people already there, waiting to pay respect to the great LP Hong. Lp hong was conducting a mass chanting and blessing for the Thai local people.

I then procceded to the temple counter to purchase lots of Lp Hong special made amulets and waited patiently for my turn to be blessed. Lp Hong was giving a mass blessing and chanting to all the local Thai people.
When it was my turn to see Lp Hong, I told him I was from Singapore and personally respected him a lot.
He let out a nice smile filled with loving kindness and asked me to come nearer to him. He then put his hand on my head and chant a very special Cambodia padi language chanting. Drew a yantra on my head, blessed all his amulets and then sprinkle lots of scared chanted water on me and his amulets.
Instantly after the blessing, instead of feeling tired for the morning trip, I felt more positive,awakened and energized. Lp hong indeed was a very good monk which possesses lots of baramee(power) and loving kindness.

LUANG PU HONG’s biography

(Luang Pu Hong) Brommapanyo or the Lord Master
Prasartbromakhun lived in the Tungmon Cemetery of Wat Petchaburi, Prasart District in Surin Province.
His old name was Mr. Suwannahong Chamuadi, born on Thursday 23rd March 1918 at
Tungmon village, Prasart District, Surin Province. His father’s name was Boak and his
mother’s name was Auen – they were farmers. Luang Phor Hong had 8 brothers and sisters – he was the first son.

He entered priesthood as a novice at 18 years old and ordained as a monk at the age of 20 at Wat Petchaburi.

Present during his ordination were Luang Phor Prae Luang Phor Chueng and Luang Phor Gad. As a novice, his masters called him "Samanane Bromsorn" (Novice Bromsorn). After his ordination he was given the new name"Brommapanyo".
Luang Pu Hong had studied both theoretical and practical dharma from many masters. Seven years after his ordination, he travelled to Cambodia to practice meditation and to seek peace. In addition he studied magic incantations from many masters. He finally returned to Wat Petchaburi, where he was appointed Abbot in 1973.

Luang Pu Hong is known as one of the top guru monks of the present era, although he is now 90 years old. He is well-known and popular for his knowledge in both Dharma and Visha (supernatural arts).

Luang Pu Hong's knowledge of Visha had come from Cambodia and is widely-proven for its efficaciousness.

There have been reports of miracles and beneficial experiences related to Luang Pu Hong and his amulets

among the locals of Surin Province, like protection from bullets and knives.

In fact Luang Pu guaranteed that his amulets were not only sacred but efficient. He has said that ''you shouldn't even dispose of the box that came with the amulet. If you want to throw it away, please give it back to me.'' Also,he told his many disciples that "if my amulets do not work, may I die one hundred times a day".

Above all, you have to observe the five basic Buddhist precepts of moral practice. If you can follow these precepts, nothing can harm you.

It was said that unusual phenomena like lightning and thunderstorms have also occurred during consecration ceremonies held by Luang Pu Hong in the past. What is most amazing is that not a single candle or incense stick was extinguished during the ceremonies, despite heavy thunderstorms.

Devas and holy beings have also been reportedly sighted at the ceremonies. Such can be seen efficaciousness of the power and Dhamma practice of Luang Pu Hong.

Luang Pu Hong is one of the top guru monks of the present era. He is well-known and popular for his knowledge in both Dharma and Visha (supernatural arts). Luang Pu Hong's knowledge of Visha had come from Cambodia and is widely-proven for its efficaciousness. There have been reports of miracles and beneficial experiences related to Luang Pu Hong and his amulets among the locals of Surin Province, like protection from bullets and knives.
His amulets are widely worn by many local Thai and overseas people who experiences many good effect, like great protection, metta and good luck.

Here are some of Luang Pu Hong amulets:

(LP Hong beautiful Jatukam Ramathep with haruman behind)
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(LP Hong Jatukam Ramathep with pik Ganesha, simply beautiful)

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(LP Hong Special Takrut and betal nut loop om) (Sold out)

See more description and information of Lp Hong gold takrut now Sold out!!!

and Betal nut loop om

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Luang Phor Chamlong Testing his takrut.(Incredible)

This video feature Luang phor Chamlong of Wat Chedi Deng Testing his ' kong kraphan' takrut.
Simply amazing.
Word of caution again : ( DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME)

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The great ER GER FONG

The Story of ER GER FONG
Given name “zheng Yi Fong” aka “Li Yu” and with nick name “Er Ger Fong”.During the democratic revolution he gave a helping hand to “Xun Zhong San” and finally they became sworn brothers. With his bravery and intelligence they name him “Zhi Yong” .In mandarin ”Zhi” means intelligence and “Yong” means brave.

During dynasty Qing, Zhi Yong migrated to Thailand when he was only 14 years old. He starting his life in Thailand exploring around by working as a porter and doing some business. When he was 16 years old , he participated in the army deserter troop. This organization is called “Tian Di Hui” clan which is leading by the leader “Ling Mang” while Zhi Yong was only the chief assistant.
After the chief passed away ,Zhi Yong took over his place as the new chief but the members were too use to calling him “Er Ger Fong” hence this nick name still follow him for years.

During the initial stage, the Thailand king was facing financial difficulty, the king suggest to develop a gambling business and impose tax from the revenue that come from gambling business, The project was tender by a man with the surname “Hu” from teow chu district.However he was unable to perform the task well and suffering failure in this business.Afterward”Er Ger Fong” accept the contract and ran the gambling business for the whole district.
He created a “hua hui” which is a kind of gambling.

In the game they used Chinese chess as their gambling paraphernalia by using black and red “jiang”, “shi”, “xiang”, “che”, “ma” and “pao” total 12 chess chips, the gambler can only place their bet on 11 chess chipand left 1 empty chess chip.

This gambling business consisted of a strong organization which include a treasurer, supervisor, bouncer, servant etc.
With the daily high income in term of tax contribution, it gave the Thai king the financial gain.

Er Ger Fong became famous and his capital and his financial got stronger as well. With the benefits of his strong capital, he invested in commercial trade and created an organization call “Zheng Qian He Hao” .
The trading activities includes marine trading which he owned up to 8 vessel and manage to ship around south east asia, other activities including rice processing industry, bank, pawn broker, press holding, printing industry etc.
The business even expanding to south asia country i.e. Japan, Hong Kong, and China mainland, Shanghai, Qingdao, Xiamen, Shan Tou etc
As he had been able to boost up the Thailand’s ecomomy, the Thai king declared a special status for “Zheng” familiy. In addition the Thai king also stated a road name “ Zheng Cai Gui Ni “indicated that the road was sponsor by Er Ger Fong.

Years after years, there was a severe natural disaster in the country , Er Ger fong donated lots of millions to assist in the disaster.In 1903, Xun Zhong San was moving to Thailand, again Zheng was giving him a helping hand and he joint the same society.

To thank him, “Xun Zhong San” gave him a calligraphy with two words “be love” as a gift to Zheng. After wining in the revolution, “Xun Zhong San” became a president, during the ceremony, “Zheng summon his fifth son to present some gifts, it including fifty thousand gold and some handicraft made by ivory .
They also gave 10 million baht to Guang dong province government..

1911, Er ger Fong built a huge resident in his hometown “Qi Quan” village. It was so grand and spacious filled with mixture of eastern and western style.
This resident were occupied with all the facilities, with 300 rooms, school, temple, learning room, hall, field, stadium, entertainment centrre etc.

His school was given a name “ Zhi Yong school” and they conducting a free teaching for the first intake, there were 3 classes and 180 students were benefited on this. He also built and repair the road from his resident to teow chu town and fu yang cao san railway station.

Early of 1981, an earthquake occurred in teow chu and caused “han jiang” bridge to collapsed. Once again , with his generous, he donated thirty eight thousand liang for repairing job. He not only helping in financial support but alos used one of his vessel which is usually routine from Shan Tou to Bangkok to supplies a lot of material to repair the bridge.

The next year in the month of eight, some monuments was built to memorise him for his great contribution to the society.

1937, lunar calendar 7th of third month he was already 87 years old. He passed away peacefully. The government summon “Zheng Kai” and “HU Han Ming” to Thai to show condolence.

He set his will to pass all his properties to the Thai government including his own personal doctor in Bangkok.

Miracles of Er Ger Fong

In regards to Er Ger Fong, he was born in China. He was a Chinese Millionaire. He came to Thailand in the reign of King Rama III.

He was the first person who originated gambling in Thailand. He often helped the poor people. Er Ger fong's joss-house is very popular among Thai gamblers.

Every day, many people go to his joss-house and pray to get lucky in gambling or lotto.

Regarding to Er Ger Fong story, when he die, people built joss-house for him in the Pub-Pla-Chai road.

One day, the government needs to build police station in that area and demolish Er Ger fong joss-house in the police station. Strangely enough, after that 3 policemen were dead by car accident, shot gun and heart failure in the period of one month.

After this bad situation happen, the government decide to rebuild Er Ger Fong joss-house. Now Er Ger fong joss-house nowadays place on the top of this police station’s main building.

Er Ger Fong amulets

Er ger fong amulets had became more popular over the years as many people who wore this amulet has induce and experience good luck, windfall and wealth. Many archans and monks use
the special ability of Er Ger Fong to do the amulets for wealth and gambling luck. Many testimonal and good experiences of the Er Ger Fong amulet is reported by the owner and published in the newspaper and magazines. The above newspaper feature a story where a gangster became a millionaire after wearing Er Ger Fong amulet.

The Er Ger Fong amulet is best for victories in gambling and business.

Effect is for
1)Unimaginable wealth

2)Wisdom to Succeed in business

3)Successsful in doing business.


5)Gain the "upper hand" in gambling by winning all your competiter

6)Gain the "upper hand" in business or your career by instantly gaining rapport with colleagues and clients... negotiating with power and poise... devising highly creative solutions to almost any problem.

7)Lottery and windfall luck

8)Super good luck

9)Win most gambling game.

10)Respect and well-liked by people.

11)Business opportunity will come in everytime and business success will soar to new height then ever before.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Kruba Arnan Wat Don Chan Special Amulets

During my trip to chiangmai, my Thai driver recommended me specifically to this monk called kruba Arnan from Wat Don Chan.
I was told that many local thai people visited him, including many Thai royal people, families and government personals.
Kruba Arnan is the Abott of Wat Don Chan. He has a orphanage in Chiangmai. The Wat Don Chan orphanage.
It's near his temple.
Such great kindness and compassion does kruba himself possessed, that he opened up a school/orphanage for children who were poor or orphan in order to provide a home and education for them.
I can see many children running around in his temple.

The entrance of his temple shows a beautiful pra lord pik ganesha.
It is the first thing that caught my eyes. It is very beautiful.
The local thai people told me that before kruba Arnan became a monk,
Lord Ganesha possessed him during ceremony and he help to do blessing and ritual for the people who needed help.
He has deep fate with the deva Lord Ganesha.
After he ordinates as a monk, he became a master of making effective Lord ganesha amulets.
That explain why his temple has many lord ganesha bucha and status.
When I entered his temple,there were already many local thai people queuing up to pay respect and received blessing from Kruba Arnan.

Kruba Arnan Pra pik ganesha amulet.
Ganesha is the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles. He is also worshipped as the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth.

In fact, Ganesha is one of the five prime Hindu deities (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Durga being the other four) whose idolatry is glorified as the panchayatana puja.
In Thailand Ganesha is represented as the “Sacred white elephant” and “lucky elephant”. Thai believe God Ganesha can be represented reclining hedonistically, as befits a bringer of good luck, wealth, fine foods and luxury.

This unique and beautiful Pra Pik ganesha is made by kruba Arnan himself.
This material is made of Golden plated metal. with inserted special chanted seed inside the Ganesha amulet.
While shaking the amulet, will produced a ringing sound which symbolizes good luck and fortune.

This amulet is best for:
1) Having a sharp, highly creative, forward-thinking intellect that can
enable you to accomplish business success.
2) You get to effortlessly get along with anyone and expand your network of friends!
3) Unimaginable wealth.
4) Gain the "upper hand" in business or your career
6) Feel so good about yourself and your life that makes you the luckiest of all.
7) Wisdom and knowledge to earn money and business success
8) Relish in pure, raw energy and have the natural ability to
remain motivated and tenacious, all the time.
9) Obliterate stress, dissolve worry, banish tension and live "care free",
safe in the knowledge that things just go right for you.
10) You get to overcome the common challenges that most people encounter in life.
11) Free from debt and finanical problems.
12) You get to build trust and get people to cooperate with you

Most of the amulets in kruba Arnan temple is sold out.
This Pra Pik Ganesha only have limited pieces left.
Purpose for making: Kruba made this amulets for donation of money in
developing the temple and the orphanage.

More further info of this beautiful Pra Pik Ganesha at: (Sold out)

Kruba Arnan Temple Roof Top Tile luck, metta and wealth takrut

This special Takrut is made of The temple roof top tile of wat Don Chan.
Kruba explained that this material is powerful as every morning the temple roof tile will absord the energy from the daily chanting of the monks in the hall.

He blessed the amulet and tied the string through the takrut one by one by himself.
He further explained that this takrut can be used for any different purpose and is best for increase good luck, metta and wealth.

Kruba Arnan then taught me a special way to use this takrut.
He said:" Hang the takrut above the neck,
-For good luck, wave the amulet three time above the head

-For metta (well-liked by people), wave on left side of face three times,
follow-by wave on right side of face three time.

- For attractiveness and charming, wave on left eyebrown three times and follow by right eyebrown three times.
- For getting rid of badstabbers and evil spirits,
wave on your left shoulder three times, follow by right shoulders three times.
- For good metta and sales luck, rub the amulet on your lips in clockwise direction.
(For smooth talking)
He contiuned and said:"Use it for good purpose and the power of the takrut will be stronger and will see better result. Even when you don't wave the amulet, just by wearing it above your neck, you will feel more peaceful, more positive energy and less temperamental in life."
This amulet is best for
1)You get to easily sell much more of your products in sales.
2)Feel so good about yourself and your life that makes you the luckiest of all.
3)Attract all the money that you truly desire to have and enjoy it fully.
4)You get to effortlessly get along with anyone and expand your network of friends!
5)Magnetically attract the right people into your life, and easily gain rapport with.
6)You get to overcome any job interviewer and secure your dream job.
7)Feel like your world just "flows" somehow, that you're in all the right places at just the right time.
8)Obliterate stress, dissolve worry, banish tension and live "care free", safe in the knowledge that things just go right for you... automatically... all the time.
9)Your business can grow so fast and successful when everything is going your way.
Purpose for making: Kruba made this amulets for donation of money in developing the temple and the orphanage.
For more information of this Temple Roof top tile takrut(black), checkout:
For more information of this Temple Roof top tile takrut(green), checkout:
Throughout my conversation with Kruba Arnan, I could tell that he is a very humorous, friendly and humble monk. He definitely possessed a lot of baramee (power) and metta(loving kindness).
I will sure be visiting him in the near future.
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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Inspirational - Courage to face our problems

Just finish reading a book and wanted to share some thoughts and feelings.

All the time, I come across people who still define happiness as a life without pain, a life without too many problems, at least not big ones. They believe that fulfillment means
1) Finding pleasures and
2) Avoiding pain.

Unfortunately, they are destined for the deepest unhappiness. They do not understand that there is no such thing as a smooth ride in life. They do not understand that life always involves struggle- and that they will not get a free pass from the pain

The absolute reality is that when it comes to living , there are a thousand bumps along the way, some of them small, some of them jarring.

With life comes illness and injury, rejection and disappointment, frustration and misfortune.

You will endure unexpected turns and hardships, some that will blindside you by chance, and some that will be of your own making.

You endure negative circumstances beyond your control and you have to endure the consequences of your or someone else’s poor decisions and self destructive behaviors.

Make no mistakes, problems are innumerable and endless. I once read a report from the World Future Society that listed 2,635 problems facing humanity, a list ranging from nuclear war to plagues to financial concerns.

The institution of marriage continues to crumble. The divorce rate is estimated to be as high as 60 percent, and the average length of new marriage is now about 22 months.
Children we do have are not being at all well treated.
The reported emotional neglect of children has increased 330 percent in the last decade.

We live in the fastest paced, most rapidly changing society in the history of humankind. Indeed, the changes are coming so fast that it is difficult to gain our footing, let alone predict the future. Not too many generations ago, we planned on going to work for the same company all our lives. Today it is not uncommon for people to have not just four different jobs in a lifetime, but four different careers!

The change is so dizzying that organizations are being asked to do in a year what used to take a decade. Just when you though we were in the midst of an unparalleled economic boom, we now face a global recession and a shrinking job market.

The ever changing demands of a technological society have made holding a steady job as difficult as tap dancing on quicksand. Unemployment rolls are swelling. Stock options are gone. People who bought beautiful homes a few years ago are now talking to bankruptcy attorneys.

In other words, the good life is not going to just happen to you. To grab a hold of the good life, then you must be prepared for the struggles that lay ahead.
It is that period in life when one feels lost in the wilderness, disconnected from all others, alienated and isolated from the very things that make life seem worth living.

I’m not here to discuss all the negative thing in the world but to tell you instead:

Those very struggles were actually going to be your best opportunities to develop the richer and more satisfying life you’ve always wanted.
The key to happiness is not to avoid life ‘s struggles , but to go out of your way to deal with them.

Pray to Lord Buddha with Sincerity for Strength and wisdom, wear your amulets with strong faith and belief, embraces all the challenges. Be courage enough not just to recognizes life’s challenges , but to embrace them and rise above them. Through the process of facing our problems and then trying to deal with them, we ultimately make ourselves better human beings.
This is a vital in
valuable piece of truth.

Problems are the cutting edge that distinguishes between success and failure.

Problems call forth our courage and our wisdom;indeed they create our courage and our wisdom.

So have faith in your amulets and may buddha bless us all.


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Lengendary Khun Paen

(Khun Paen Bucha in shrine at Old Kanburi)

Legendary Khun Paen lived between 1491-1529. He is the legendary Ayuthaya warrior living some 450 years ago. His name later became the name of a kind of votive tablets found at Wat Bankrang, Suphanburi Province, about a century ago. Khun paen was born in Suphanburi Province (some 70 km. northwest of Bangkok) but grew up in the close bordered Kanchanaburi Province, where the world wide well-known "Bridge over River Kwai" situated.

He was a disciple of Archan Kong, a magic-expert guru monk, for magical studies. By his skillful fighting, he was appointed by the king to be Khun or a high ranking military officer.
His biography was far more extended and rather a story by poetic authors of the early Rattanakosin period.

The Story of Khun Paen

Phlai Kaeo (who later is given the title, Khun Phaen), and Nang Phim Philalai (who later changes her name to Wanthong) are childhood friends in Suphanburi. Khun Phaen is handsome and intelligent, but poor because the king has executed his father and seized their property. He enters the monkhood as a novice to get educated, excelling at military skills and love magic.

He was a disciple of Archan Kong, a magic-expert guru monk, for magical studies.

Khun Chang is ugly and stupid, but rich and well-connected at the Ayutthaya court.
By age 15, Phim is the belle of Suphanburi. She meets Phlai Kaeo when putting food in his almsbowl at Songkran (Thai New Year). Sparks fly. They have a passionate affair, with him shuttling between the wat(Buddhist monastery) and her bedroom.

Khun Chang is also smitten by Wanthong. He competes for her using his wealth and status.
He offers to give her mother Phim's weight in gold. After Khun pean and Phim are married, Khun Chang maneuvers the king to send Phlai Kaeo on military service, and then claims he is dead. When Phlai Kaeo returns victorious, Khun Chang plots to have him banished from Ayutthaya for negligence on government service.

Phim (now Wanthong) resists Khun Chang. But when Phlai Kaeo (now Khun Phaen) returns from war with another wife, they have a jealous quarrel. Wanthong goes to live with Khun Chang, enjoying his devotion and the comforts afforded by his wealth.

When Khun Phaen's second wife, Laothong, is taken into the palace by the king, Khun Phaen regrets abandoning Wanthong. He breaks into Khun Chang's house at the dead of night and takes Wanthong away.

At first she is reluctant to leave her comfortable existence, but the passion rekindles, and they flee to an idyllic but frugal sojourn in the forest.

Khun Chang tells the king that Khun Phaen is mounting a rebellion. The king sends an army which Khun Phaen defeats, killing two of its officers. A warrant is issued for his arrest. When Wanthong becomes pregnant, Khun Phaen decides to leave the forest and give himself up. At the trial, the charges of rebellion are disproved, and Khun Chang is heavily fined.

Khun Phaen angers the king by asking for the release of Laothong. He is jailed, and festers in prison for around twelve years. Khun Chang abducts Wanthong and they again live together in Suphanburi.

Wanthong gives birth to Phlai Ngam, her son with Khun Phaen. When Phlai Ngam is eight, Khun Chang tries to kill him. Phlai Ngam escapes to live in Kanchanaburi with his grandmother who teaches him from Khun Phaen's library.

When the kings of Ayutthaya and Chiang mai quarrel over a beautiful daughter of the King of Vientiane, Phlai Ngam volunteers to lead an army to Chiang Mai, and successfully petitions for Khun Phaen's release. They capture the King of Chiang mai, and return with the Vientiane princess and a great haul of booty. Khun Phaen now gains status as the governor of Kanchanaburi . Phlai Ngam is appointed Phra Wai, an officer in the royal pages.

Khun Chang gets drunk at Phra Wai's wedding, and the old rivalry returns.
Phra Wai abducts Wanthong from Khun Chang's house, prompting Khun Chang to petition the king for redress.

At the subsequent trial, the king demands that Wanthong decide between Khun Chang and Khun Phaen. She cannot, and is dumb-struck. The king orders her execution. Phra Wai pleads successfully with the king for a reprieve, but the order arrives fractionally too late to avoid her execution.
(Source of story taken from Wikipedia)

The Magical power of Khun paen

Based on old legends, Khun Paen was handsome and very attractive to ladies.
Although, he had many wives, but still many ladies fell in love with him. Khun Paen had magical knowledge. He used magic to make himself invulnerable and unseen to enemies, to change the marching track of the enemies to become labyrinthine field, and to change leaves of the tree to become wasps to sting enemies etc.

Khun Paen is also a master in mantra or formulas with supernatural power.
They are used for such purposes as stunning enemies, transforming his body into other forms, opening locks and chains, putting everyone else to sleep, and converting sheaves of grass into invulnerable spirit warriors. Khun Phaen also uses love formulas to captivate women, and to allay the wrath of the king.

Khun Paen was also the first who created Guman Thong. He brought the dead baby from the womb of the dead Bua Klee, one of his wives, to the Temple outer area within the chanting hall where the Buddha image is placed. The Temple and its outer area are so sacred place that no mighty ghosts or spirits can enter. Based on the legend descriptions, Khun Paen was chanting some sacred mantras to invoke the spirit of Guman Thong while roasting the dead baby on the fire.

Guman Thong defended him against enemy spirits, act as spies, got for him money and transported him at speed.

Special Khun Paen amulets

( Luang Pu Tim Wat Lahanrai Khun paen plai guman)

From above miracle Khun Paen story, many Archans or monks like to make Khun Paen as charming and metta amulets. Personally, I like to collect khun paen amulets as some of it are beautiful and it's effect proven to be good. According to some comments and reviews by the archans, monks and local Thai people, khun paen amulet generally is best for :

1) Able to naturally attract the opposite sex.
2) Get to be liked, trusted, respected and admired by everyone.
3) Get to develop indestructible confidence and courage.
4) Easiler to ask for favour and help.
5) Gain the "upper hand" in business or career.
6) Sucessful in everything that your do.
7) Great luck and great charm.
8) Victories in all aspects of lifes.
and much much more....

Some more of khun paens:

(khun Paen from Wat Bankrang)

(Khun paen from Cambodia) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>(Khun Paen by Archan Monak)

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