Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kruba Keow Ma Wat Rong Ru,Phayao province

Wat Rong Ru, is a more remote temple in Phayao province, relatively deserted and in the forest on top of the mountain. This is the temple of the great Kruba Keow Ma.
Many local Thai people and even Foreigners would visit him to pay respect to the great Abbot.

Despite the hot afternoon, I was feeling happier and excited then I had ever been in my life.
I'm in the car with some of my good friends and driving to Wat Rong Ru, to visit Kruba keow ma. The trip to his temple took a long staggering 4++ hours starting from the city of Chiangmai.

When l finally arrived at his temple during the long trip, I look around at his temple and asked my Thai driver to look for Kruba Keow Ma.
10 minutes later, he returned and told me kruba keow Ma is resting and will attend to us later.
I then went to see his amulets and saw many takruts, patyants, khun peans and lockets.

I like his amulets very much as I know that many people has encountered good miracles and experiences when wearing his amulets.
After purchasing many amulets made by kruba keow ma, my thai driver informed me and my friends that kruba has woken up and without a shadow of a doubt, we immediately procceded to his room and received his special blessing and chanting.

Kruba keow Ma is a very passionate guru indeed. I can feel his energy when he was chanting for me and my friends.

He blessed me and his amulets with an ancient Lanna way of chanting which I never heard before.
My friend took a lot of pics when we was chanting for us and when l looked back at the picture preview of the digital camera, I saw many white light spots surrounding kruba Keow Ma and us. This is simpily amazing. Kruba Keow Ma really do possessed very strong baramee and chanting power.
Those Pictures with white light spots is not feature in this blog.
If anyone is interested to see this amazing pictures, can contact me for viewing.

Kruba himself is also very quiet and seldom tok much.
I personally respected him a lot and pay my deepest respect to this great monk.
Seeing him in real life person , was really an incredible experience.


Kruba Keow Ma, a merciful 89 year old monk of Phayao province.
He studied Vipassana Meditation as a disciple of Kruba Sriwichai who possessed a profound knowledge of Visha and is highly revered in Thailand.
Vipassan means "to see things as the really are" – an ancient meditation technique discovered by Gotama the Buddha more than 2500 years ago.
Kruba Keow is also highly respected for his dedication an practice of the 700 year old traditional use of holistic folk medicineMany people have reported miracles associated with the amulets consecrated by this Guru Monk. Every day, many people go to meet Kruba Keow as they firmly believe that he has power to secure good fortune, particularly in business and love.

Kruba Keow is known as a Lanna monk, differing from other Thai monks in as much that he practises the centuries old traditional form of Buddhism and meditation derived from the original Lanna scripts
Note: The Tipitaka was first written in Sri Lanka, on palm leaves in the Singhalese script, in the year 433 of the Buddhist Era. ....In Thailand, the scriptures were first inscribed in the Great Buddhist Council at Chet Yod Monastery in Chiang Mai in 2020 of the Buddhist Era (A.D. 1477). The script used then was the "Lanna script.
To the many monks in Northern Thailand, such as Kruba Keow, practicing the original Lanna ways of chanting, blessing or meditation can be very difficult and generally will require a life time process of learning and dedication. One of the very reasons he is so highly regarded by the people of Northern Thailand.

Amulets of Kruba Keow Ma
These are some of the amulets l brought back from his temple.
All are blessed by kruba himself and limited produced as kruba is already very old.

( Kruba Keow Ma Luck and wealth takrut)(Sold out)
For good luck, business success, sales and wealth.
According to the temple, only made 299 pieces.

(kruba keow mah Salika Kru takrut)(Sold out)
For metta , love and opposite sex attraction.
Also only made 299 pieces.
There are many amulets I brought back from Wat Rong Ru which has already been blessed and chanted by kruba keow Ma.
I Personally love his self-made amulets very much and has kept a lot of his amulets.

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