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An incredible Testimonials from Kruba Det amulets.Simply mind blowing!!!

Recently, I received a email from a client of mine from singapore who had used the kruba det amulets and gotten incredible results. I just got to include this long testimonial in my blog for everyone to read. This is genuine and 100% original. There were no edit or anything done to the email. Original as it is from the email sent to me by my client.

Check it out yourself!
Here it goes:

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In case its too small to read. I copy and paste the text here:

From my client (Name not to be mentioned)

Kruba det takrut settee luang (TSL)

Had been looking around for amulets for quite some time but just nothing caught my eyes or rather heart.

Then your web site caught my attention and Kruba Det got my heart. I like TSL so much that I met up with you in few hours time to get my takrut TSL.

1st night as it has got no casing so I put takrut under my pillow and sleep. Been a very light sleeper, amazingly that night my sleep was so good that I was late for work (1st time in working life). Second night, takrut has got its new casing and I chant the katha you gave me and make a wish for some windfall luck. As I do not have regular 4D number to buy so I ask takrut to give me “advise” ! Amazingly that night not only I slept well and had a dream. With busy work and problematic family life, I had less then 10 dreams in my 34 years life; many of which I hardly can remember them after I woke up. But that night dream was so clear I remember everything. This part of my dream ….. I was in nice quiet peaceful place enjoying the environment but out of no where I saw a building collapsed! The feeling was - am at the scene but am protected by four huge tall glass box. The smoke dust etc did not affect me yet I can stand there to see the building drop to the floor!!!!!

Never think much of it 'cos of busy work. Came weekend, On sunday I chant the katha and ask TSL to help me about the dream ( is it takrut giving me any hint?) and also as is a sunday I ask for luck and advise on what number to buy! Then a phone call biz partner... our appointment had changed location to sembawang – Northlink Building. “also good lah... after which can go God of Wealth temple to pray!!!! Then I ask my partner, recently in singapore any building collapse ….. “ Xiao!!!” “ either you in a very long coma , then of course dont have lah… the only building collapsed is the one and only New World Hotel !!!!” replied my partner.

I went to serangoon straight away. Nothing leh... except a lot of Indian workers!!! Even the Building number is single digit how to buy 4D. Instead I went shopping at Mustafa! As I park beside the new hotel (same site where New World collapsed) I had to cross the road. While waiting for cars to clear I saw the front part of hotel was having major renovation and there was a big white board stating the nature of works above my car. Read and found 2 sets of 4 numbers!

Went for appointment and prayer at the temple. As usually at the temple when we use the incense paper there is always a card with 4D number on it. I went there several times and there was only once the number given came out but not direct. Next we were at the 4D outlets, I bought the numbers I found at the hotel... small amount only. My partner asked why I did not buy the God of wealth number... “ hardly will come “ I replied.

Back home I felt uneasy and chant the katha again and slept. Woke up and I went to a 4D outlet straight away and place more bets. What happen? Difficult to describe in writing … (experience it yourself and you know the feeling)I bought the god of wealth number – only the direct - NO Ibet NO system and in amount I usually would not have dump money in.Came evening the result out....very disappointed the hotel number never came out! Then I found one set of numbers very familiar at the Starter Zone. Check my bet slip....... Long Live Kruba Det and Takrut ….. The set of number I bet more on - striked! And in direct ! I did not believe it myself... but was true and real.

Got my winnings … planning to give thanks to whom ever had helped me. I order a Big “Fa Gao” for the god of wealth temple. Collect it on Wed. Thinking of buying the receipt number as is a wed got 4D mah.... But receipt is those bought from bookshop type - no serial number! Again I hold on to the takrut and advise me. I bought the amount of the “Fa Gao” and the date – both direct. But the date was sold out!. On way leaving the outlet I saw a poster and there is a number very familiar to the amount number I bought but in reverse. U turn back in and place direct bet on that set of number. (of course I bought the Hotel numbers also 'cos never open last draw – so try for 1 -2 more draws)

Amazingly, that day's night was so beautiful. The reverse version of the amount numbers came out DIRECT and also one of the Hotel number. Both starter!

That's how I met with you again and pick up few more amulets – especially from Kruba Det!!!Guess the only way to give thanks is thru this letter and have more good amulet for Kruba Det.Note that is not the amount of money won, not that am greedy to have more amulets (to win more money or like wise) and never mind if numbers striked at 1st 2nd 3rd or Consol.....

The main thing here (I appreciated very much) is the experience I had with the takrut. Prayer been answered and its effect could be seen … felt... almost immediate.Guess what bro.... That night I bought a few more; one of them the tiger oil. I went for a night out straight after our meeting. In the car I applied the kruba det tiger oil. Because its been so many years I did not go socializing (due to my family case) and afraid I might spoil the mood of the gathering.

One girl I met that night.... had been calling me “darling” till today! Guess am losing my freedom
Again I had experienced the power of Kruba Det!!!! Guess more exciting real life experience to share with you in days to come...Thank you for bringing to many of us such wonderful amulets.


This are the amulets from kruba Det which my client mentioned.

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