Thursday, May 7, 2009

Need a good charm to Thrive during this economic turmoil? Here's one by the great Krube Det.

Kruba det had chanted and made one batch of takrut call takrut po kasep mahasette. According to krube det this takrut is best for transform super good luck and attract wealth and opportunity to the owner.

kruba det takrut po kasep mahasette (transform super good luck and attract wealth and opportunity) (Sold out)

Takrut po kasep is handwritten by kruba det and chanted for one month before passing this takrut to the owner. There were many feedback for this takrut after the owner had wore it. Kruba det chanted the best katha for attract wealth and transform good luck into the takrut.
This takrut is limited produced.

Let's face it. During this these economic turbulent times you need every advantage you can get!

Only the Strong, the Flexible, and the Smart People Survive and actually Thrive during economic turmoil. Owning this takrut will have an added advantage over others and actually allowing the owner to thrive and overcome this economic downturn. This takrut is not to be missed. The actual takrut looks much more impressive than what you see in the picture and I am sure that you will be more than happy when you get the item.

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