Thursday, November 14, 2013

Amazing Archan Khun Pan Er ger Fong Rian BE2542 (Part2) (The way to use)

The follow up to the popular rian er ger fong made by archan Khun Pan in BE 2542, the magical master  who passed away at age 108 years.

The Demand is getting hot...

According to Thai people feedback, this old  rian is very powerful with a lot of good effect like winning in gambling, good luck , money will always come , wealth ,casino and lottery luck.

Special way to use :
1)If the user faced any problem and need er ger fong to help , just burn 16 incenses and make a wish with the rian of Er ger fong , then stick the 16 incenses onto the ground (outside the door ) , the wish will be fulfilled very fast, like the great er ger fong will come to always protect , and followed around the user
Furthermore,  Er ger fong will come into the dream of the user and warned about the user if there is any danger that will happened to them in the future.
2) For lucky in  love life, if the user is single and looking for finding real love, just burn 16 incenses and make a wish with the rian of Er ge fong , then sticked the 16 incense onto the ground (outside the door ) , after making the wish on finding soulmate, Er ge fong will come to the dream and will come tell the user about who is the truth lover.
3) For gambling and windfall luck , just burn 16 incense and make a wish with the rian of Er ge fong, then sticked the 16 incense onto the ground (outside the door ). After making the wish , it was feedback that Er ge fong will came into the dream of the user and the user will dream of money , gold or lottery Number which meant that the user will have good luck and fortune in gambling and windfall luck.
(Note: If win any money, donation and merit must be made to the temple)
This batch of Archan khun pan Er ge Fong 2542 Rian is strongly highly recommend , and according to Archan khun Pan, those who wore this batch of amulets will not be poor.
Price: $138 (Limited)
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