Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Archan Khun Phan wat kao or Nakhon Si Thammarat 万事兴 Er ger fong rian BE 2542

(Archan Khun Phan, Wat Kao Or)

Biography of Er ger Fong (1851 – 1935), @ Zheng Yi Feng (郑义丰) his family moved to Thailand from the Chao An Province in China. From a young age he had joined the “Hong Meng Tian Di” a secret society active in revolutionary activities against the Qing Dynasty.
Being a charismatic leader he became the no.2 man of this society and hence the nick name “Er Ger Fong” (2nd elder Fong). He later became the leader of the society.
During this period King Chulalongkorn’s (Rama 5) administration was facing economic instability and needed help. Having seen Er Ger Fong’s great charisma and ability to set up several businesses he approached him for assistance. Er Ger Fong advocated for some casinos and gambling dens to be opened and invited his wide network of business associates both locally and around the region. This generated the much needed revenue for the ruling dynasty and allowed the legacy to grow.As the dynasty grew, Er Ger Fong’s reputation and businesses flourished alongside and spanned many trades including transport, development, trading and most importantly gambling houses.
In his later years Er Ger Fong had a dream of “Tai Hong Gong” (a Chinese deity) told him to carry out philanthropic (charitable) duties. He set up several homes and orphanages for the aged, sick, poor and homeless during his lifetime. His philanthropic acts are not only limited to Thailand but in the region as well.
He passed away in the year 1935 (3rd day of the 1st lunar month) at the age of 87 in Bangkok. He now rest in his home town of Chao An China.

Archan Khun Phan Nakhon Si Thammarat 万事兴Er ger fong rian  BE 2542 

Archan khun phan wat kao or 1st batch Er ger fong rian 2542
Material: Bronze
Effect: Good for wealth, safety, good luck ,business opportunity will come in every time and business success will soar to new height then ever before, windfall luck and gambling luck.
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