Friday, September 28, 2012

Amazing!!! most famous sakyant master Archan Tueng is here in Siamarts !!!

Amazing!!!, The great sakyant master Archan tueng is here in Siamarts from 02 Oct to 10 Oct, catch him in Siamarts with more newly made amulets and special blessing conducted by him.
Archan tueng is currently known as the top 10 sakyant master in Thailand.
The ever first trip here in Singapore to provide blessing for all devotees.
He is famous in the power of kongapan, metta mahaniyom and good business luck.
He tattooed using the old traditional method and all his sakyant were beautiful and powerful in all aspects. He is famous for doing yant

Gao Yord, Ha Taew, yant tiger, guruada , saen lersi face, attraction butterfly and many more.You can get the Sak Yant in all black, or red ink. Invisible oil tattoo will also be carried out

Beautiful Sakyant done by Archan Tueng

Archan tueng will also be carrying out blessing like
- insertion of golden takrut into body
- gold foil nana thong blessing for good luck and wealth
- ser dok kor chanting for transformation of luck
- opening of 6 point good luck in body for six sense and good luck.
- doing yant salika pon yer on body for attraction, perusuaion and sales luck.
Many special amulets will be  brought over by Archan tueng including:
Special loop om for wealth and good luck

Khun pean saney for attraction, metta and wealth

9 tail lizard locket front

9 tail lizard locket back
And many many more...
Here's the truth...
Some people seem to almost stumble onto good luck, wealth, and opportunities, even when they might be less qualified or intelligent than most... while others work hard, pay their dues but can't seem to catch a break no matter how hard they try.
Now it is time to get a good sakyant , insert takrut for good luck and obtain the higher blessing from Archan tueng to increase your good luck, wealth and increase opportunities.
This is the first time Archan tueng will be here in singapore. Don't miss out on this great event blessing from this incredible and powerful Archan tueng.
Date 02/10/12 - 10/10/12
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Become 10 times more popular then ever with the special na klong amulet by Archan maha tana

The newest amulet by the great Archan maha tana, called na klong lersi pa kon tub
This special amulet is made from old ancient temple drum skin.
Archan maha tana used the old drum skin and cut into many small pieces then handmade each piece into a drum shape with  written yantra in each piece.
Archan maha tana na klong lersi pa kon tub amulet (Best for popularity, good luck and wealth)


Then he chanted a total of 9 ritual ceremony into this amulet and invited lersi pa kon tub into the drum. Lersi pa kon tub can protect the user and give good luck and wealth to the user.

According to Archan maha tana , this drum skin was used many times in the temple while the monk is hitting the drum to gather all people to the temple and also this drum was used to invite the celest heavenly god to the temple.
So it been used for more then a 100 years and thus possessed strong magicial power.
This na klong drum amulet can open new opportunity in life.

Wearing the na klong amulet can :
- Become popular in your work and mong all industiries( reputation will be well-known and loud same like the hitting of the drum)

-  Bring complete good fortune, material luck, spiritual growth, peace, confidence and genuine happiness.

-  Harvests opportunity luck, magnifies chances of success in all endeavours and prosperity.

-  Succeed in finding a new job, starting a new venture, finding a new love, getting rich, finding popularity, passing examinations and getting promotion.

-  Protection against robbery, accidents, enemies, office politics, biz competitors and backstabbing.

-  Bring good rapport among all people especially when meting clients or members of the opposite sex.

This amulet is also best to wore together with Archan maha tana 1st batch lersi tafai and lersi patanaporn.

Can be placed at home, bag or work place for to generate good energy, subdue bad energy so that good fortune continues to grow esponentially.

Only limited pieces is made!!!

Price at only $98sgd (last few pieces left)Accept PayPal, Western Union, Posb, Public Bank tt transfer.
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Phone: +6591881863


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