Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Takrut by Archan maha tana that can Control people, Change their mind and Make everybody say YES to you!!!

The Great master Archan maha tana has created another world class takrut call Salika hong tong. Beside the ability to attract good luck and wealth to the owner, this takrut can make the owner become a master persuader, control people, change people's mind and make them simply say YES to you in life, love, business and everything else.

This takrut represent the heavenly angel nut tae wee hong tong, one of the main angel which archan maha tana pray to.
Nut tae wee hong tong is a symbol of good luck, attraction and persuasion.
Also while writing the yantra and blessing this takrut, Archan maha tana receive the power from nut tae wee hong tong and transfer the power into each takrut, makign it super powerful.

(Nut tae wee hong tong)
The first Process is archan maha tana handwritten this takrut piece by piece and chanted it for very long.(at least 3 months)

The another unique special process is inside the takrut has two small salika pon yer takrut which he place inside his mouth, while making love with a girl, he chanted the spell into the takrut and then later he inserted the two small takrut into the salika hong tong takrut, making it super powerful for attraction.
According to archan maha tana, this two small takrut in his mouth respresent super powerful in communication.Whenever the owner tok, everybody will be charm by him/her.
Wherever the owner wear this takrut, everywhere he goes, it absorbs good energy to him.
This takrut saliak hong tong resprsent 6 effects
1. Ushers good luck and fortune
2. Everyone to tok and persuaude anyone to say yes.
3. Elevating wealth and riches
4. Protects individuals and home
5. Drives away evil, obstacles and hardship
6. Brings windfall luck.

According to archan maha tana, wear this takrut together with the green takrut salika pon yer will made it even more powerfula nd stronger, effect will also come faster.

Archan maha tana special salika hong tong takrut (Super powerful for persuasion for people to say YES to u, wealth and good luck)( 5 star highly recommended)

This takrut is made only 38 pieces by Archan maha tana as the process of making this takrut is super difficult and require him to make love with female often to make the two small salika pon yer takrut.
First come first serve here, You will not wish to be left out on this amazing takrut.
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Great testimonials from Kruba det and luang phor Jan takrut !!!

I have one client from Malaysia who had used both the kruba det Takrut paen neep ruk mahasaney and luang phor Jan Neang salan takrut with phenomenal result. As he reveal to me his story in the msn chat,

- Made a huge difference in his life. Feel like he've opened up so much more.Totally revamped his social circle.

- Went to social enviroment and started to attract the members of the opposite sex, just by wearing the neang salan takrut and chanting the mantra.

- The mind feel cleared from the usual daily problems and concerns in life , like nothing affects him that much anymore. Having a renew sense of confidence.

- Using the kruba det takrut neep ruk mahasaney, able to get the girl of his dream to become his girlfriend who at first only interested to be friends with him. Totally 360 degree change her mind.
Just for a side note, this girl is extremely beautiful ,totally out of his league and has a bf as mentioned by my client.

Email sent to me by this client who is in an extremely happy mood now:

(Click to enlarge)

Original Content from email :

Bro, U are the MAN!!!!!!!!!!! The takrut really works man. All i can say is, the girl i always wanted, is flirting with me since i have started using the takrut.Despite she has a bf... heheheh... Things i have never expected has been happening Since i have been using this 'nuclear weapon'i can fee more respected among frens and also success in watever i do. Lesser stress n tension compared to last time. To everyone out there, this amulets really works!!Bro Stanley, come down to KL for holidays man... All on me.

This are the two amulets which my client used.

lp jan Neang salan takrut (with nang pom hom oil and 59 prai) (takrut for windfall luck and Creating Magic Moments That Will Captivate opposite sex Attention, Win Hearts And Change Minds In An Instant!)

Another verbal feedback given to me by another client has had used this neang salan takrut and the oil told me that he had gotten excellent windfall and gambling luck in the casino.
He had also won the lottery but in small amount after using the lp jan neang salan takrut.
As he mentioned to me, this takrut and oil will multiply your metta and other sources of income, ignite elective income and make you leap to attain higher achievement.
Super revolutionary and powerful takrut.

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Get the lp jan Neang salan oil at: $88sgd

Kruba det Takrut paen neep ruk mahasaney (Charm back ex lover, attract opposite sex, attract money) (5 star rating , super and highly recommended by kruba det himself)

This takrut needs no introduction.
Those who had used this takrut will 100 % agree with me that this is One of the most Amazing and Spectacular takrut ever made by the great Kruba Det.

Those people who had used this takrut for wealth had able to change his fortune, carry him/her to greater heights and allow him/her to step into the truely fortunate path for maximum wealth

Those who used this for attraction and charming ex or new lover back had successful result and turn a bad relationship into a super happy loving relationship.

This kruba det takrut neep ruk mahasaney give anyone the power to experience happiness, love, and wealth -- the natural rewards of life that are available to all human beings.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Improve your fortune and wealth extremely with the snake oil made by the Great Kruba Det

Kruba det had made a special snake oil call kruba det Payah ngoo leum mueab sab
If you have gotten the kruba det takrut ngoo leum and have gotten superior effect, this is a must have for all kruba det fans and devotes.

Kruba det Payah ngoo leum mueab sab (Snake oil for super gambling windfall luck and wealth) (Highly recommended and 5 star rating)

Story of how kruba det obtain this special snake skin which he insert into this oil:

Kruba det got this boa snake skin when he went to tudong in one cave while he was sitting samati doing meditationand saw that the snake die itself in the cave due to old age.Then kruba det do samati and see,then know this snake is a very special snake which possess a lot of magical power. It is god guardian spirit snake for protecting the heavenly god and spirits in this cave .
The reason that it die cos the snake will to be born to next life The boa snake want kruba det took body of its for doing amulet to help the people.while kruba det was bleesing these amulet , there were many boa snake crawl in to this ceremony..
Then kruba det told all snake and inform them that the ceremony is finish already then all snake sudden disappear in thin air.
This special oil is made by kruba det, he boil the oil and mix with many herbs 108 different kind. Chant 108 time with special katha and blessed on a full moon day call mahamongcol day (This day only happen one year one time) and while chanting, the oil absorb the power from the moon making it super powerful.
While he was boiling the oil , many snakes appear and came during the ritual till it was finished, then all snake moved away and disappear into the forest.
Each bottle of oil was inserted with the rare snake skin and kruba det writtenspecial takrut for yantra call money and was also placed inside each bottle, making the oil super effective for fetching wealth and windfall luck.
This special snake oil has 3 special method and effect.

1) For gambling and SUCCESS IN SNATCHING WINDFALL, apply the oil onto both palm of hand and chant the mantra, then can go gambling in casino , buy lottery, soccer betting and even successful in trading of stocks and shares.

2) Apply the oil on the forehead and hand also for business always good. client will come to you like the snake who can bait its prey.meaning easy to find money same as the snake easy to find food. Wiont be poor and in poverty also.It attracts money, bountiful amounts of money, multiplying, duplicating, replenishing itself, infinite money, recreating money effortlessly where money rushes to you everyday.

3) For super charm and attraction towards the opposite sex, apply on forehead and eyebrown of user, the user can initiate a new love, spice up your existing love life and harvest marriage luck. This special snake oil would definitely make the wearer more attractive than before, thus inviting many people into their lives.
According to kruba det, If use this oil hand in hand with kruba det takrut ngoo leum, the effect will be even more powerful then ever.
Made only 38 bottles, before this kruba det Payah ngoo leum mueab sab is completely sold out for good, Get it now at only $88sgd

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Beautiful and powerful sakyant tattoo by Luang Phor Suphasit

(Luang Phor suphasit doing sakyant on a female devote)

Luang phor suphasit is consider one of the top sakyant master in Thailand and he has a massive number of followers round Thailand. He is well-known for his worksmanship and super powerful blessing.

Sakyant yant har taew by lp suphasit

(Sakyant done on a female back)

Sakyant yant dor ler (For super attraction and wealth)
Sakyant bua bang bai thep phayathong (Super good sales, business luck and attraction) (Done on leg or lower back)

Sakyant Yin ku mahasaney (Trap lover, super attraction and metta) (Done on leg)
(Sakyant done in super nam man oil)
(Sakyant done in ink)
Lots more other design available at Siamarts.
Before luang phor suphasit is going back to thailand
Get the Great sakyant done now at
149 Rochor Road#03-06
Fu Lu Shou Complex
Singapore 188425
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Luang phor suphasit had made a new batch of effective kumanthong.
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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Great master Luang Phor Suphasit

Bio of Luang Phor Suphasit

Phra luang phor Suphasit was born on 19 June at Tambon weang , amper Chengkhong , Chiangrai.

Become the novice when he was 12 year old at Donchai temple , amper Cheangkhong , Chiangrai. At that time his master is Prakhoo Soponjariyakit and also learn many subject from him.

When he was 17-18 year old, he became the student of Luang Tah Kham which they met during tudong. He learned the subject from his master of making khun pean from orginial subject jaw choo and inku Praisane.

Luang Phor suhapsit realised at that time that he was able to communciate and connect with spirits from underworld and taewada thep from the heaven.

Master of all Wicha magic including the fine art of magicial sakyant (Tattoo)

He learn the subject of sepeung , kumanthong and another subject from archan sab prommano .

He also learned metta , Protection subject from lp noppawan sananimit.

Then learn the magicial art of sakyant tattoo jingjok and other from phra archan Leang,Jomket temple in Ayuttaya.
Many people in thailand went to get tattoo done by Luang Phor suphasit due to the powerful effect and nice workmanship from him.

Learn do takrut (ware on waist ) from lp Hen , Dontong temple , call “ Takut pucha chong benjarid ” wicha ser non gin. (tiger sleeping and eating ) This is a famous takrut made by luang Phor suhpashit also.

Then learn from archan Chum, por Teang nuammahna, archan Manee Saitongdee (aj keow ) to make Prai koo mahasaney, inrunjuan , ,mae takientong , phra ngan and others.

He started to made khun pean jaw choo ,kuman Dood sab and other great amulets which became highly popular in Thailand. His kuman according to some feedback from Thai people that it has given them lottery luck and business luck.

(Kumanthong Dood sab)

(Khun pean jaw choo)

Also known as the great master who can produced beautiful sakyants, luang phor suphasit put in hours of dedicated hard work and concentration to make sure the sakyant is precise and detailed.

During the process, Luang phor suphasit would have to be focused as he has to recite an ancient incantation while he is tattooing the yantra. After finishing the sakyant design on the skin, he would recite another magicial invocation to increase the magicial power in the sakyant.
He is also famous for his yant har taew Sakyant, the Five Pillars, or Rows Yantra, as made popular by the Actress Angelina Jolie, after she receive this yant.
Watch this great video of Luang Phor Suphasit blessing till the person on trance.

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