Friday, January 7, 2011

Beautiful and powerful sakyant tattoo by Luang Phor Suphasit

(Luang Phor suphasit doing sakyant on a female devote)

Luang phor suphasit is consider one of the top sakyant master in Thailand and he has a massive number of followers round Thailand. He is well-known for his worksmanship and super powerful blessing.

Sakyant yant har taew by lp suphasit

(Sakyant done on a female back)

Sakyant yant dor ler (For super attraction and wealth)
Sakyant bua bang bai thep phayathong (Super good sales, business luck and attraction) (Done on leg or lower back)

Sakyant Yin ku mahasaney (Trap lover, super attraction and metta) (Done on leg)
(Sakyant done in super nam man oil)
(Sakyant done in ink)
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Before luang phor suphasit is going back to thailand
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