Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Great testimonials from Kruba det and luang phor Jan takrut !!!

I have one client from Malaysia who had used both the kruba det Takrut paen neep ruk mahasaney and luang phor Jan Neang salan takrut with phenomenal result. As he reveal to me his story in the msn chat,

- Made a huge difference in his life. Feel like he've opened up so much more.Totally revamped his social circle.

- Went to social enviroment and started to attract the members of the opposite sex, just by wearing the neang salan takrut and chanting the mantra.

- The mind feel cleared from the usual daily problems and concerns in life , like nothing affects him that much anymore. Having a renew sense of confidence.

- Using the kruba det takrut neep ruk mahasaney, able to get the girl of his dream to become his girlfriend who at first only interested to be friends with him. Totally 360 degree change her mind.
Just for a side note, this girl is extremely beautiful ,totally out of his league and has a bf as mentioned by my client.

Email sent to me by this client who is in an extremely happy mood now:

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Original Content from email :

Bro, U are the MAN!!!!!!!!!!! The takrut really works man. All i can say is, the girl i always wanted, is flirting with me since i have started using the takrut.Despite she has a bf... heheheh... Things i have never expected has been happening Since i have been using this 'nuclear weapon'i can fee more respected among frens and also success in watever i do. Lesser stress n tension compared to last time. To everyone out there, this amulets really works!!Bro Stanley, come down to KL for holidays man... All on me.

This are the two amulets which my client used.

lp jan Neang salan takrut (with nang pom hom oil and 59 prai) (takrut for windfall luck and Creating Magic Moments That Will Captivate opposite sex Attention, Win Hearts And Change Minds In An Instant!)

Another verbal feedback given to me by another client has had used this neang salan takrut and the oil told me that he had gotten excellent windfall and gambling luck in the casino.
He had also won the lottery but in small amount after using the lp jan neang salan takrut.
As he mentioned to me, this takrut and oil will multiply your metta and other sources of income, ignite elective income and make you leap to attain higher achievement.
Super revolutionary and powerful takrut.

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Kruba det Takrut paen neep ruk mahasaney (Charm back ex lover, attract opposite sex, attract money) (5 star rating , super and highly recommended by kruba det himself)

This takrut needs no introduction.
Those who had used this takrut will 100 % agree with me that this is One of the most Amazing and Spectacular takrut ever made by the great Kruba Det.

Those people who had used this takrut for wealth had able to change his fortune, carry him/her to greater heights and allow him/her to step into the truely fortunate path for maximum wealth

Those who used this for attraction and charming ex or new lover back had successful result and turn a bad relationship into a super happy loving relationship.

This kruba det takrut neep ruk mahasaney give anyone the power to experience happiness, love, and wealth -- the natural rewards of life that are available to all human beings.

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