Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One of the most Amazing and Spectacular takrut ever made by the great Kruba Det

I'm ready to EXPLODE!!!
The magical monk Kruba det had made one of the most amazing and spectacular takrut call Takrut paen neep ruk mahasaney. This is of the most effective and popular ever made by kruba det and to be precise, it can be used for many purpose with good effectiveness.

(Kruba det blessing takrut paen neep ruk mahasaney)

Yant neep ruk , meaning super powerful and the ability to control for the opposite sex to love the user . In the past, kruba det had made a few of this takruts but only gave to his disciple
which all the users had reported that they had experience super good effect.

The process of making this takrut
Kruba det had handwritten all this takruts on the auspicious day and good time during the night time in the cemetery. While he blessing and chanting the magical spell, there were animals making love and the noise is extremely loud , then he drew the yantra onto the takrut call heart of both the girl and guy by these 2 yantra to join each other face to face.

Kruba mentioned that everything in the universe there are in pairs , men/women(pair).
The power of this takrut can make girl /guy to be in a pair and to be bonded forever .
After he drew these 2 yantra till the very last piece, he would tie the takrut by the cord (cord must blessed already also) and then he continue blessing on the center of the crematorium in the cemetery to enhance the power of it.

Important factor is that he is only able to made a limited amount of this takrut, if want more must wait till next year on an auspicious date.
This subject is super wicha in lannan magic, so many Thai people know well that this takrut is so powerful and good.

Kruba det mentioned that whoever who own this special takrut will possessed strong metta ,attraction towards opposite sex , control mind of people, girl /guy missing and loving the user all time, boss love and everybody will be amazed and fascinated with you.

Special method to use (As taught by kruba det)

1) For super good luck, charming and super metta
Place this takrut in the water, then the owner is able to use this water to clean his/her face every day to have super metta, attraction and good luck.

2)For good business and sales luck
This water can also be used to sprinkle around the shop or the stock of items then the sales will be skyrocket and super good.

3)To charm a lover or attract an ex lover back to you
To attract an ex lover back or make your current relationship or marriage to improve, standby both the owner picture and the opposite sex picture and write the name behind the picture of who that want to be love by the user and then join face to face of both the picture and insert into the takrut . Chant the special mantra given by kruba det and Gf/bf will love the user more than last time. If the opposite sex is not beside or stay long distances in another country, she or he will be missing and love the user all time.

Kruba det mentioned that if want more powerful must do on Monday (cos is mahasaney day)

In fact this takrut attration is so strong and powerful that Gay, lesbian, tomboy can also use this takrut on the same sex.

4)To attract lots of money to you
To attract money and wealth to the user, can insert money into the takrut then chant the mantra, for attracting lots of money to the user everyday

Finally here's

Kruba det Takrut paen neep ruk mahasaney (Charm back ex lover, attract opposite sex, attract money) (5 star rating , super and highly recommended by kruba det himself)

Needless to say, this is one of the best takrut ever made by kruba det. To conclude, this takrut is very limited made and rare by kruba det, equally important is you do not wish to kick yourself if this takrut is totally sold out for good.

Now It's Up To You...
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