Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Here's why lp jan takrut skin kabaen fish is a must have for everyone!!!

(Giant stingray)

Recently been told by one of my client that he used this lp jan takrut skin kabaen fish and had won a sum of money while gambling during this Chinese new year.

I am simply amazed by this special kabean fish (stingray) takrut and became highly curious. I dug deeper into this subject and realised that stingray is actually been used as a leather for many products, including wallet and bags. I was surprised that stingray has the natural property of fetching wealth and windfall luck. Some people even wore a stingray leather wallet and went to the casino for gambling and had gotten good results. No wonder luang phor Jan takrut stingray fish is so effective and powerful among my client.

Here's what i found from the my research on stingray leather:

History of the Stingray - Enigmatic, powerful, and beautiful.

The mystique of the stingray has captivated a select group of artisans and consumers since ancient times. These other worldly, winged phantoms of the deep evolved from sharks more than 200 million years ago. Early cultures became fascinated with their primitive beauty and grace. Possessing a stealth-like aura stingrays can soar through waters at amazing speeds while maneuvering with incredible dexterity. The stingray's remarkably durable, multipatterned and colored skin also attracted early craftsmen believing this power could be transmitted into their craft.

The earliest civilizations believed the stingray brought strength and power to anyone who handled it. The backbone, resembling clusters of white pearls, was thought to be a protector of good luck and prosperity. Egyptian craftsmen prized the beauty and durability of the stingray skin by fashioning armor and other decorative items. These were discovered in the tombs of ancient pharaohs. Han and Shogun Samurai also used the raw skins for armor as well as handles on their Samurai swords.

(Wallet made of stingray leather)

Since ancient times the mystique of the stingray has captivated overseas artisans believing the mysterious beauty and power (25 times stronger than cowhide) could be transmitted into their craft. Egyptians and their pharaohs, Han warriors and Shogun Samurai all recognized the skin's life protecting durability by using them for armor as well as decoration. Other craftsmen through the ages valued the stingray's beauty and fashioned many fashionable commodities from the skin. The owner of such commodities is reputed to be the beneficiary of the stingray's primitive strength, power, longevity, windfall luck and mythical good fortune.

In ancient China stingray leather was believed to bring wealth to the person who owned the leather and firmly protect their property. Its unique beauty is highlighted by the shiny pebbly texture of the skin, along with a one of a kind design feature a tiny cluster of pearl like pebbles resembling a diamond.It is also known for it's extreme strength and durability. In fact, it is resistant to water, fire, puncture, tearing, and abrasion.

lp jan takrut skin kabaen fish (For windfall luck and Transform fortune and luck) (Highly and strongly recommended)

This takrut is made from stringray skin and inserted with many holy material. Currently Luang phor jan is the only cambodia monk who made this type fo takrut using Cambodia magic.
So far many clients who used this takrut had given good feedback regarding windfall luck, gambling luck and wealth.

This takrut is a must have for everyone since Singapore opens its first casino coinciding with the start of the Chinese New Year, as the city-state makes the latest roll of the dice to turn itself into a playground for the rich.

Just wear this takrut for super good luck and wealth. It really could not be easier!!!

P.S. I'm serious ,I want you to realize for yourself how well it works.
Get out of your comfort zone and try it...once. You'll be a believer.

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