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Super powerful amulet that can make you become the warrior in your own life to overcome all obstacles and challenges that come your way...

(Kruba det inviting the gods and angel for the ceremony)

One of the most special amulet ever made by kruba det is called kawi tanoo(special buffalo amulet which is handmade from a kind of cream (seperng), soi from cemetery and many other ingredients. Kruba det incorporate and mix together two different wicha of bull tanoo subject and buffalo tanoo subject, which makes the amulet have double the effect and power.
When kruba keow mah wat rongdoo was alive, he said that the kawitanoo made by kruba det has the same power and effect same as the kwaitanoo made by kruba keow mah.

(Blessing for the kawitanoo amulets, limited pieces)

True story as told by Krube det:
At one time there was one monk from changmai which wanted to test whether the magic of kruba det is powerful or not.During tudong, the monk live nearly kruba det temple (same wood).

At nite time this monk ask his kwaitanoo (Buffalo )to come to disturbed kruba det in his temple. When Kruba det was meditating , he opened eye saw one buffalo (big red eyes) standing in front of him, so kruba det use his wicha and had cast on his cream shape buffalo then it became to a kawitanoo and then they got into a fight.

In the end the buffalo which belong kruba det had won and victorious.

Next following morning, kruba det went to look for the another monk who was owner of that buffalo but unfortunately he had moved away before kruba det came there.

The process of making kawitanoo amulets:

These amulets are made from soil from 7 cemetary, promprai, takhai from 7 temple , soil from 7 ant hill, soil from thangsampraeng, prong soi, special cream of 100 years , powder of the monkey apple wood, hua jai (heath)bull and buffalo tanoo powder.

Behind is inserted with a cane by kruba det, this cane is specially blessed by kruba det for super powerful protection and get rid of bad things and evil.

For this material, it was collected over a period of 10 years and most importantly, kruba det had blessed a total of 1000 times over a period of 10 years for the material before it was made into this kawitanoo amulet.

During the day that kruba det was blessing this kawitanoo amulets at the cemetry, so many people around his village can saw and heard voice of many buffalo running around, and some can even saw the buffalo which have red eyes.

Accoring to kruba det, this buffalo is best for protection against black magic, evil ,and bad things in life.

The buffalo is able to knock away all bad evil spirit, black magic, bad luck and negative energy.

So the owner life will be smooth and no obstacles in life.

The special method to use is if the owner keep these kawitanoo at any 4 the corners of the house, will be super strong for protection , good luck in business and super rich in life.

If the owner wore this amulet, this kawitanoo amulet will protect the owner from 180 bad things,including health, love, business , luck..etc.( depending on what wish the owner want) Kruba det only made very limited pieces for this batch of amulets.

(Kruba det holding the kawitanoo amulets and communicating with the buffalo)

Kruba det kawitanoo amulet( Super powerful buffalo amulet that can protect and prevent the owner against 180 bad things and events in life)( super highly recommended)



This is one of the best and most effective amulets ever made by Kruba det.
You will become the warrior in your own life to overcome all obstacles and challenges that come your way once you have this amulet.

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