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Strong Ancient Khmer Magicial Khun Pean by Luang Phor Jan (Made from subject 1000 years ago)

Luang Phor Jan from Cambodia had made the miracle objects for his disciples (students) who admire in the miracle objects in Mahasaney (Strong charm and attraction), This Charm when the owner owns it, will strongly increase his sex appeal and charm and help in the affair of love matters and had constant success in life.

This amulet is called Phra khunpean saney meung tom.



Luang Phor Jan Learned the subject of making this khun pean from the late Luang poo Tea.

This subject of mahasaney attraction is super famous in Cambodia and proven to be highly effective if the amulet is make correctly.
This subject of making khun pean using the magicial wicha which has the history of 1000 year ago.

One of the most important ingredient use to make this khun pean is the special powder made from the Hook (200 year old.) for control and tame elephant.

Before lp tea passed away, he passed this special hook to lp jan.

During wai ku day , lp tea and lp jan always bleesed this hook every year, for super rich , metta and super saney.
If the hook is hit on the head of someone , it will make them go cazy and under mind CONTROL because the hook is super powerful.

This khun pean is also made from
- soil 7 cemetery as collected by lp jan
- powder saney made specially by lp jan
- powder mahapoot prompai at meung tom 7 different places call Pong prai juti ( the person after passed away will be the god or angle in another universe and will not be reborn as a human anymore)

Lp jan mix all powder together and also invite all the heavenly god to come to bless these khun pean for super enhance power, then lp jan chant the special mantra mahasaney (this katha around 1000 year ago) . This is the formular of Mahasaney which can make someone love each others forever and ever.

Important factor of wearing this amulet is also the owner will be able to sense and read the mind of the opposite sex. Super amazing!!!
Finally! Turn the opposite sex On, Anytime... Start A Conversation That Lasts For Ever & Ever... And Never Suffer A Painful Break Up Again... Because You'll Always Know What She or He is Thinking Better Than their own Does!

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