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Kruba Krisida ,Wat San Phra Chao Dang

Kruba Krisida , Wat San Phra Chao Dang in Lampoo province ,Chiangmai is one of my favourite monk, who is presently living.
Desipte his young age, he is the zhao ar wat (abbot) of the Wat San Phra Chao Dang and is one of the monk who possessed a lot of baramee (power).
I collected most of his amulets because of the limited pieces produced and the effectiveness of his amulets.

My Thai friends relates to me how kruba krisida became well-known in Thailand.

Once there was a Thai man in Chiangmai who opened a street side noodle store in Lampoo province.
Although his hand-made noodle was tasty, surprisingly his business was bad. His business sales was apparently so poor that over a period of few months, he had decided to close down his noodle store.
It happened that oneday kruba krisida had finished his meditation in the forest and on his way back to temple, walked passed his noodle store. The man saw kruba krisida and paid respect to him.

Kruba krisida realised that this man business was bad and at that point of time, he took out a piece of old metal foil and wrote a takrut for him while blessing it on the spot.
He blessed the man, then placed the takrut in his hand and told him to keep this takrut in his noodle store and pray to it with faith.

Following the next day after that, more customer went to his noodle shop. Business had improved.
Few weeks later, his noodles became so popular that even customers had to queue up to buy his noodles. His business bloom to great height. It became so successful that following that, he opened a few more stores in other province to expand his noodle business. Simply unbelievable!

News spread about the success of this man's noodle store so fast, that most people in Chiangmai went to visit kruba krisida in his temple to ask for his blessing.

Phra Kruba Krisida Sumetho origninally lived at Ban Huay Muang, 57 Moo 3, Huay Yab district, ban Thi, Lampoon Province.
His father’s name is Mr. Uthai. Mother’s name is Mrs. Taranun and last name is Aekkunta.

A day before delivering a baby which was on Thursday, the eight day of a new moon, a Buddhist holy day, his mother, before dawn, dreamed of a colorful crystal soaring towards her which she held by her heart. When she woke up she started a little bit to be in labor until the delivery day which was Friday, the 7th of May 1976, the 9th day of a new moon, in the sixth lunar month (as of the southern part) but it was the 8th lunar month (as of the northern part) at 11pm.

The mother gave birth to a son with yellow complexion like the champac. His relative named Mr. Noiyuen Punkub, who was still alive did a midwifery at his own place, as in those days, it was very difficult to find a car to the hospital.
The route was more than 10 km away and due to the rain which started in the north during the beginning of May, caused trouble in getting to the hospital.
On the day kruba krisida was born, it was raining cats and dogs; there was thunder and lighting as well as storm. Moreover there was no electric power in the village, so either the paraffin lamp or candle was lit in the night time.
After his birth, his father gave him a name Krisida, following his mother’s dream of a holding a crystal and the heavy rain by the time he was born.
Miraculously, the rain stopped suddenly after he was born and had already taken a bath with warm water.

He was an easy born child, unlike other babies, he did not cry. Surprisingly, there was clear images of a lotus overlaid a conch on his soleprint, specially those on the right side which can be still be seen until now. That’s why his father named him according to these signs.
Young Krisida grew up to be a diligent, gratitude, smart and fast learning child. He talked like an adult. He talked so modestly that everybody was fond of him.
However, he was brought up very hard because of his ill health. He got sick every year.

During his primary education at Wat Huay Yab school, he began to adore Buddhism as he was persuaded by his grandfather to accompany him to make merit at the temple.
During the period of the Buddhist lent, northern people usually stay overnight at the temple in order to chant and make merit.

The first time he went to the temple with his grandfather, he was sitting in the Buddha Image Hall, looking at the main Buddha Image in a temple which was very gorgeous and smiling at him. He was very delighted and became extremely faithful. Every time he went to the temple, he always took a long look at the main Buddha Image and would like to take an ordination in the glorious creed of Buddhism. Furthermore, during the childhood, he studied herbal as well as other medical subjects from his grandfather who was a local doctor respected by the villagers.
Other nearby villagers also came to him for treatment.

After primary school, he was 13 years old at that time and ordained to be a summer novice at Wat Pa Yang (Sun Phra Chao Dang), Huay Yab, Ban Thi district, Lampoon province on the 1st of April, 1989, at 1.00 pm by Phra Kru Sopon Ratanasarn, the Ban Thi district monastery housemaster, who was a preceptor.
After ordination, he stayed at Wat Huay Yab and learned dharma together with elementary education at Sophon Vidhaya School for one year.

In 1990, he moved to Wat Pa Yang (Sun Phra Chao Dang) in order to study conveniently as he usually had to take a bus. That year, he met and paid respect to Kru Ba Inta Intapunyo, Wat Huay Sai Tai, Huay Yab, Ban Thi District, Lampoon Province on New Year’s day. When he saw Kru Ba, he was un-verbally faithful to him.
As Kru Ba was a senior monk in the district about whose capability he had heard from his grandfather and some villagers, he visited Kru Ba so often to be familiar with him. Kru Ba always loved and cared for him as he was his son. He taught him every thing, focusing on praying, counting beads and settling the respiration. Beside, he started to learn not only Lanna letter but also some other Lanna chanting from Por Noi and Por Nam who were masters at that time.
Anytime he did not understand anything, Kru Ba Inta would always give him clear advice and explanation. That’s why he became extraordinary close to Kru Ba.
In spite of him being a novice at Wat Huay Sai, he usually went back and forth Wat Pa Yang (Sun Phra Chao Dang) as he worked for these 2 temples efficiently.

He continued his education in various subjects and also trained to preach the story of the last great incarnation of the Buddha, especially the chapter of daughter and son (Kumarn) as well as wife (Mutsee) which he preached so beautifully that he became well-known by the time he was only a novice. Therefore, he traveled all over the northern part to give a sermon.
Until he was 20 years old and ready to go into priesthood under the glorious creed of Buddhism with Phra Kru Sophonratanasarn, the district monastery housemaster, as a preceptor. Phra Singkum Kuntigo (died) and Phra Athikarnvilaakkajitto, the Tambon monastery housemaster (left the priesthood) were his masters.
He was ordained at the church of Wat Pa Yang (Sun Phra Chao Dang), Huay Yab, Ban Thi districtm Lampoon province, on 7th May 1996, 1.35 pm.
He also got a Buddhist name as Sumethon by his preceptor of which the meaning was the intellectual. Not long after his ordination, the abbot then had left the priesthood and left all task of the temple to be under his responsibility when he was only 20 years old and also into his 1st year of priesthood.
He was acting as the abbot until he was 25 years old, the 5th year of priesthood, he was appointed to be the abbot until now. He has delivered a sermon since then and developed permanent structures and priest’s house in Wat Pa yang (Sun Phra Chao Dang) and other temples nearby.

He was also asked to preside over the successful construction of several permanent structures for many temples in different districts. Each time he has never given up although the funds of millions baht is needed. He not only develops the morality and Dharma to the public, disregarding castes and classes, but also develops continuously various permanent constructions till now.

Kruba Krisida 's amulets

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(Kruba Krisida Phra Pu Ta Zao Kua)

This amulet features the buddha sitting on a naga dragon.
Kruba mentioned to me that this amulet is best for increasing luck and fetching wealth
as the buddha (phra pu ta zao kua) fetched good luck and wealth
where else the Naga ate away all the bad luck.
Made of old nawa material.
Seeing is believing!
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(Kruba krisida special luck and wealth takrut)

(Kruba Krisida handwritten the gold takrut) (Sold out)

This is a handwritten takrut by kruba krisida for increasing luck and wealth, I took this picture in his temple while he was blessing and writing the takrut with special yantra.

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