Monday, January 7, 2008

Lp Up Wat Tongsai

Recently, I went to visit Luang phor Up of Wat Tongsai, Nakornpathom province.

Lp Up is famous for making one particlar type of amulet call Nangpim, also known as Pim pa.
Due to the great experiences and effective results of the Nangpim amulets, I was strongly recommended by many Thai people to visit this monk at Nakornpathom.

When l reached his temple, Lp Up was busy chanting and blessing Thai people who went to visit him. I went to the counter and chow his nangpim amulets and other amulets.
As has been said by many people, his nangpim amulet is indeed unqiue and nevertheless fascinating.
According to the Thai people, this mae nangpim was considered to be a mountain god.
After he finish blessing the Thai people, l passed him all the amulets which I chow from the counter and specially requested him to add extra yantra on the nangpim amulets.
He used his gold marker, chanted a very unique mantra while writing extra yantra on the nangpim amulet, pieces by pieces.

Lp Up told me:" This nangpim amulet can be used for many purposes, even to the extend for curing sickness. You have to chant the katha for the nangpim and rub white liquor on the nangpim to feed her ,then make your wish and pray for nangpim to help you."
Indeed, with that in mind, I got more curious and interested in this nangpim amulet.
After finished toking to Lp Up, I pay my respect and left the temple shortly.

Lp Up Biography

LP Up or PhraAThiGan Gasem KemMaJaRo was born in 12 August B.E.2464.

LP Up was ordained at the age of 20 years at Wat TungNoi. After LP had lived at Wat TongSai for 9 years. Next, LP had Tudong and lived at Wat WangChado for 2 years. Until B.E.2508 LP Up came back to Wat TongSai again.LP was interested in studying magical knowledge since LP was a layman.

LP had learned with LP Noi of Wat Thammasala and traveled to learned Thai herb knowledge with many famous guru monks. LP is very expertise about Thai herb medicine so much. The famous Visha of LP is “ChaeNamMon(holy water)”.
Every day, many people travel LP to wait for cure from any disease.
The famous amulet of LP Up is “Takrut GanNgoo” and “NangPim amulet”.

Lp Up 's amulets

(Lp Up special attraction patyant)

Lp Up mentioned that he made this patyant 8 years ago.
Interesting patyant featuring many kama sutra position and the original temple stamp.
Good for metta and attraction.
This patyant is for display only and not available for sales.

(Lp Up Mae Pim Pa Roon Pong Prai GuMan, front)

(Lp Up Mae Pim Pa Roon Pong Prai GuMan, back)

This nangpim (Pim pa) is specially made by Lp Up with added gold yantra behind.
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(Lp Up Mae Pim Pa Roon with yin tong, front)

(Lp Up Mae Pim Pa Roon with yin tong, back)

This is special nang pim (pim pa) made by lp up, the interesting feature of this amulet is the upside down yintong feature behind the amulet. This amulet also include some special herbs material inserted inside the amulet. Lp Up also specially added yantra on the back and front of this amulet.

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(Lp Up Mae Pim Pa Roon gold plate)

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