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Special wealth amulets from Luang Tat Nian, Sisakaet province

(Luang Tat Nian)

Luang tah nian is an abbot of susarnboran ,sisakaet province. Luang tat nian was born in sisakaet province. He studied the Cambodia magic since he was 15 years old and is magical expert in charming and special wealth amulet. Everyday many people visit luang tat nian and seek for his blessing in his temple.

(Blessing ceremony for amulets)

Amulets by Luang Tat Nian

luang tat nian 9 mai maha mong khun (highly recommended)

Taken directly from luang tat nian temple.
This 9 different piece of wood is collected over a period of half a year,
specially blessed and chanted properly by luang tat nian.
The 9 wood is:
1) mai ta kang: The wood help the wearer everytime to be lucky and happy.
2) mai kun : make more money and wealth fetching.
3) mai ka noon: if working or doing business, will have people come help. Chinese Gui Ren.get rid of bad stabbers.
4) mai rak: Healthy
5) mai ta kong: Safety and protection,
6) mai ma loom: opposite sex attraction and charming.
7) mai ma youm:well liked and love by all.
8) mai your: everytime has people praise you, or say good thing about you
9) mai kalong: attract the girl or guy u like.(specific to 1 person)

This piece of amulet can be placed in the bag, house, car and pocket.
One of the best amulet for overall effect.
Get this luang tat nian 9 mai maha mong khun at: $68sgd

luang tat nian Rare See Pheung sivali (best for metta, sales and business luck)

Special cream made and blessed by luang tat nian with inserted two fish for good luck and pra sivali amulet for good metta and business luck.
To be apply on lips and eyebrown for good sales luck and business success.

Phra Sivali is worshiped as the greatest. Fortune-fetching monk. Phra Sivali was an important disciple of Lord Buddha. He was praised by the Lord as the most miraculous monk for fortune.Buddhist legend says the Lord and his large group of disciple made a pilgrimage to a jungle for meditation practice.The deep jungle really caused troubles, no people offered food to Lord Buddha and all his disciple monks.How and where could they get food from? Had they anything to eat? The Lord's closest disciple was strongly worried about that. However, the Lord soothed him to not worry because Phra Sivali, who had also joined the pilgrimage group, could help bring food for everyone by his great miraculous power. That's true, all and unseen creatures in the jungle gathered to pay respect.

Only limited pieces made, see this special luang tat nian Rare See Pheung sivali at: $48sgd

luang tat nian special chan mak loop om (best for protection against harm and black magic)

Special chan mak chew and eaten by luang tat nian himself.
He had chanted and blessed this chan mak and made it into a loop om.
Ideal for carring in bag or pocket, protecting the owner all day round, anywhere, anytime .
Best for protection against black magic, evil spirit and negative things.

Get this luang tat nian special chan mak loop om for $48sgd

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