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Fascinating amulets by Luang Phor Amnard of Wat PraJawOoy

(Luang Phor Amnard)

Phra luang phor Amnard was born at Prachin Buri province. He traveled to Northeast of Thailand until he met Luangpu KamMoon of Wat PraJawOoy,Chaiyaphum province who has been a guru monk of this present era. Phra Ajarn Amnard has knowledge of Visha (magic) and has been studied the art of making efficacious Khun Paen and amulets from Luangpu KamMoon. It was said that he himself learnt the arcane secrets of making the famous amulets. Phra luang phor Amnard had also learnt Visha from many Cambodian Ajarns while he went for “Tudung” in Cambodia.

(Lp Amnard blessing me with special magic)

Went to visit lp amnard at Wat PraJawOoy,Chaiyaphum province, his temple is located at the top of the mountain in a forest at chaiyaphum. I was introduced to lp amnard by the Thai people as lp amanrd is well-known for his visha magic and effective amulets. He is also famous in making mai takien amulets. I had taken some amulets made personally by him during this trip.

(lp amnard blessing the amulets taken from him)

(Blessing ceremony for lp amnard amulets in his temple)

LP amnard amulets

lp amnard nang plah mahasaney (mermaid for strong attraction and business luck)



Here is one amulet as recommended to me by lp amnard for best business luck and strongest attraction of opposite sex.

This Special amulet is call nangplah (mermaid) made personally by lp amnard.
The special material collected over the years in making this amulet, includes
- naka soil around khong river from 7 places in thailand
- mae takien wood around 200 year ago
- metta mahasane wan specially mix in oil by lp anmard.
- saney jan herbs
- saennang lom herbs (Effect for many girl will surround you)
- e dokthong herbs (good luck)
- paya taekua herbs (good luck)
- wah kai dang oil (Red oil for attraction and metta)
- 500 nang powder (Effect for owner will have 500 girl)

Behind is inserted with one special handwritten attraction takrut into the amulet for stronger power.

lp had blessed 3 month in mahasaney nang plah wicha for this batch of special amulets.

Then every piece of nang plah is soak in nam mon prai chang pasom khong (elephant make love)and nam mon prai mae takian tong for 9 nites at full moon.Then the process is finally completed.

According to lp armnard, this amulet is best for business luck and attraction towards the opposite sex.

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lp Amnard loop kok Dood Rog Spirit (Best for windfall luck and wealth) (Sold out)



This amulet is call loop kok dood rog spirit.
It is made from Phong Prai Luan (spirit powder of loop kok baby fetus) soaked with Namman Athan (charming oil).
Phra lp Amnard created and strong blessed this amulet with ancient method on the auspicious time by himself at the cemetry in Chaiyaphum. He invited the spirit of loop kok into the amulet during the nite and make this amulet super powerful till it can move by itself.

Power of this amulet: Loop kok Dud Rok has supernatural power about bringing the great luck, wealth and success to worshiper. Moreover, there is great power about fulfill worshiper’s wish.
According to lp amnard, this amulet is best for windfall luck and wealth.
comes with a special mantra to be chanted and a secret way to use this loop kok for best effect.

Left only 2 pieces of this loop kok amulets.
only the fated one will be able to own one.

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