Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Amazing, 3 different testimonials by 3 different person in one week!!!

Recently , i reccived 3 different testimonials by 3 different clients in a single week regarding the effectiveness of lp jan takrut skin kabaen fish. All testimonials were mentioend to me personally or verbally through the phone.
I know readers out there like to hear more about people's success stories, so here goes:

All name are not mentioned to protect the person privacy.
Dates mentioned were the day the testimonials was told to me.

Client 1 (22/12/09): This client when approached me, owns his own business which was headhunters to major business houses in Singapore. He had been experiencing a downturn in his business this year from starting Feb. A lot of time and resources were just going down the drain.
After he wore this takrut by lp jan for more then a week, he mentioned to me there has been a marked improvement in recruitment, growth in business and a steady flow in funds since then. He is now doing better then last time and had became a strong believer of Luang Phor Jan amulets.

Client 2 (25/12/09): This client had failed in her business and had declared bankruptcy last year during Dec when business was going down. Basically, she was really in very bad condition and things were not just moving in the right direction for her. She was very stress due to worrying about repayments and debts every month till now for one year already.
Even when i first saw her. she had that stress look of concered.
One week after she wore the lp jan takrut skin kabaen fish, she won a small lottery enough to cover her one month debts. She mentioned that she was surprised because she had not won a single lottery draw for the past 5 years already.
Suddenly. her current sales job brought in more sales profit for her. She said to me on the phone: "Although i still need to pay my monthly debts, but here I am now, happy and relieved, thank you! "

Client 3 (27/12/09): This client from Malaysia was doing a sales job also in an established company but his boss was not on good terms with him. Basic problem is unable to hit sales target set by the company.
Here's the amazing part which surprised me also. The first day he went to work wearing the lp jan takrut, the moment he met his boss at work, he noticed his boss behavior changed. Their communication got better and his prospective to see things changed, previously he used to blame him for everything but now he listen to my client and mostly agrees to him on controversial issues between them. Interesting !!!
Few days later sales come in from out of nowwhere. Past clients will suddenly call him back without him expecting it. In another words, he had managed to close a few more sales during this few days. He had yet to told me wether he will hit the sales target for this month but i guess,he will.
Here is this Amazing takrut made by kabaen fish by the combodia monk Lp Jan.
lp jan takrut skin kabaen fish (For windfall luck and Transform fortune and luck) (Highly and strongly recommended)

This takrut is so good and effective that perhaps you will need to try it out to find out for yourself just how good this takrut is.
lp jan only made 38 pieces of this takrut using the kabean fish so i have to remind you that this takrut is very high demand and limited.
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i wish to collect even more testimonials for this lp jan takrut because i believe very much in it's power and effect. Share your testimonials with the world!!!

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