Friday, December 11, 2009

You will regret if you miss out on this, One of the best amulet for wealth fetching and windfall luck.

(Luang Phor Jan)

Recently, lp jan had made a batch of wealth takrut amulets which he claim is super powerful for good luck and wealth. The interesting thing is this powerful takrut is made by skin of the kabaen fish.

Lp jan obtained the kabaen fish from the sea which was wash up to the shore after it had passed away due to old age. The kabean fish possessed strong energy and aura even after it had passed away. Lp jan chanted a special cambodia katha for using the fish skin to made into amulet.

(Kabaen fish in Thailand)

First lp jan handwritten a special takrut for super good luck and wealth , then cover it with kabaen fish skin while chanting mantra.

He then cover the fish skin and takrut with
1) wahn herbs 108 (for good luck , transform bad luck to good luck , protection)
2) and a special prom prai ash of a lady who passed away but will become an angel after that to enhance the power of the amulet.

According to lp jan, whoever who keep this skin fish takrut will attract lot of money, all wealth will double in amount and strong windfall or gambling luck.

lp jan takrut skin kabaen fish (For windfall luck and Transform fortune and luck) (Highly and strongly recommended)

The special feature of this kabaen fish is that it stay deep underneath the river, and this fish is in the form of the water element which can stop fire, so wearing it can also :

1) Control one people temper, calmness and obtain peace of mind,
2) have more power and control in life,
3) Super good luck,
4) protection from bad things and evil
5) windfall luck and having six sense in lottery luck.

Here's even more....

-Your financial situations start to change, you start attracting money and abundance into your life .

-Things that you always wanted started to show up in your life effortlessly.

-You start to attract the right supportive people to you.

-Financial wealth, love and happiness will be yours.

-You feel peace with yourself and others.

-You feel good about yourself in every aspect.

- You find yourself more energetic, passionate, and enthusiastic in life.

lp jan only made 38 pieces of this takrut using the kabean fish so i have to remind you that this takrut is very high demand and limited.

With the world's economy in it's current state and the word "recession" and "bankrupt" thrown about in newspaper headlines everyday, it will be good and advisable to own one of this lp jan fish kabaen takrut to get ahead of ordinary people.

Immediately before this takrut is totally sold out again,
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