Sunday, November 29, 2009

Luang Phor Pun, the master of making effective love and wealth charms using cambodia and kareang magical subject

This recent trip i got to visit the great luang Phor Pun in his temple at wat huai han. He is probably one of the monk who is 83 years old , yet the first time i saw him, radiate strong metta and aura. Many people believe that wearing LP Pun amulets could help them have richness or away from poor and also become more attractive to the opposite sex.

(Praying for good luck and making wish)

(Lp pun blessing nana thong wicha)

(A special ritual by lp pun for removing bad luck and increase metta)

(Lp pun blessing the amulets)

Lp pun is a master of making effective love charms and wealth amulets using cambodia and kareang wicha subject. There were many good feedback from Thai people who had used lp pun amulets.

Lp Pun amulets

lp pun parakit Mai Gar Faag (secure good fortune in business and bring the owner secure good fortune)

Lp pun handwritten and engrave special yantra on the parakit while chanting at the same time for enhancing the power of the parakit.

Special parakit made of mai gar faag wood and handcrave by lp pun. This tree is known as an auspicious trees that could help the owner to be admired, love and good luck in wealth. This parakit is inscribed with special yantra personally by lp pun and blessed it specially by himself.

lp pun is specialist in making this parakit, and the efficacy of a given amulet is dependant on the charisma and reputation of it's creator. Only limited pieces is made and will be sold out very soon.

According to lp pun, this parakit is best for secure good fortune in business, bring the owner secure good fortune and great charm and attraction.

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lp pun kumanthong rag sup (Strong windfall luck and wealth fetching)

Special kumanthong made and chanted by lp pun. He had studied the subject of making this kumanthong from ancient magical kareang subject cos he was born in kareang town .
During the process of making this kumanthong, he chanted the kumanthong untill it came alive and can move by itself.
According to lp pun, this kuamnthong is super powerful for windfall luck and business luck.It can even guide the owner to the right direction in life.
A must have for all kumanthong lover.

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lp pun patyant teawada (Strong attraction, Attract many right people to you and sales luck)

Special teawada patyant made by lp pun. He had connected with the heavenly teawada god and blessed this patyant during a major ceremony .This patyant can be placed in bag, wallet and pocket. According to lp pun, this patyant will bring good attraction, wealth and sales luck to the owner.
Comes with a special mantra to be chanted for best effect.

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