Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This will shock you.......Yes i say again, this is going to shock you.

Recently , Archan thep had made a new batch of amulets, the shocking thing is there are many sighting and sounds of spirits, lights and even pokae Lersi Tafai during the ceremony. Lersi tafai is invited to bring power to the amulets and also control all the spirits.

(Archan Thep with 4 other monks blessing the amulets during the night ceremony in the forest in chaiyapon)

Noticed the white light on top of the trees, some Sightings of spirits. There were also strange noise heard during the ceremony.

More white lights suddenly appeared. This is not camera trick.

An hour during the blessing ceremony, the picture of many white were seen. If you zoom in, you might see the spirit of a figure if you look closely.

Shocking , This is the best picture taken. According to Archan thep, this is the spirit of mae nangmai appearing out in the incense smoke. If you look closely (zoom in), You can see a female figure with long hair, in fact a beautiful one. This is so amazing!!!

MAE NANGMAI amulets by Archan Thep

Archan thep mae nangmai (Made of mai takien wood, for windfall luck, gambling luck, transform to good luck , fulfill all wishes) (Handmade only 9 pieces) (Highly, highly , highly recommended by Archan thep Himself)

(Front view)

(Back view)

(Each piece of nangmai is different in shape, pattern and sizes)

Oneday, Archan thep happened to found one piece of mai takien log wood floating in the river at Chaiyapon and he realised that this mai takien possessed strong spiritual energy.
He seek permission from the mai takien and hand curve this mae nangmai amulets out from mai takien wood and has tied it with a handwritten takrut of his. This mae nangmai is also applied with a layer of special love oil made by Archan thep.
All 9 pieces of nangmai comes in different pattern, shape and sizes. (This proves it is really hand made by archan thep)

During the major ceremony in the forest at chaiyapon at nite time, the spirit of nangmai appeared out in the incense smoke and whispered to archan thep the way to pray to her in order for her to help the owner. Nangmai also told archan thep that she will help the owner of this amulet to be successful and fufill his or her every wishes.

According to archan thep, mae nangmai is considered to be a half spirit and half angel.
It is a very good spirit which will help the owner in windfall luck, gambling luck, wealth and even love luck.

Archan thep looked at me and told me this is a very powerful amulet and is strongly recommended by him.

Mae nangmai has to be kept in a white cloth or Handkerchief and chanted a special mantra given by archan thep in order for her to be effective in fulfilling the owner's wishes and desires.

Now It's Up To You........

There are only 9 pieces of this mae nangmai amulets and i guarateed that they will be sold out soon and i mean really soon. Only the fated will be able to own this special mae nangmai amulets.
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Takrut king of mahasaney by Archan Thep

Archan thep king of mahasaney takrut (king of attraction takrut, best for attraction, charm back ex lover and good rapport with everyone)
(made 16 pieces only)

This takrut is specially handwritten by archan thep during a major night ceremony in the forest at chaiyapon. This takrut had received the blessing by pokae lersi tafai and also possessed many spiritual energy.

Archan thep had handwritten all the best yantras for metta and attraction into this takrut.
This takrut is also chanted by 4 monks and himself. They had chanted the best love spell into this takrut.

Handwritten only 16 pieces during the ceremony.
According to Archan thep,this is a very powerful takrut for love luck, metta, sales and attraction of opposite sex.

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