Monday, October 26, 2009

Another great Testimonials from the great red and yellow Jet maha put takrut by Archan maha tana

Been so busy lately that i have no time to post on my blog.
Anyway i received another great testimonials from a client in Singapore who sent me this email.
The email is too long, so it is break down into two parts.

Check it out:

(PART 1)

(PART 2)

Here's the exact content:

Hi bro Stanley ,

Remember I get the jet maha put red & yellow from you last week? I only able to pray last night after 12am mid night due to heavy work load at my company. Anyway here is my testimony on the jet ma ha put that you highly recommended me.

I proceeded to pray as instructed you teach as well as the katha , I prepared all the offerings and place them on the aluminum plate outside my house, my place is quite near to the main road but strangely , the night very less car pass by and also no wind but just after raining.

After I placed the offerings, I hold the joss sticks as well as my two takrut and I start chanted the katha, a strange thing happened, the plastic which I used to placed the 2 takrut was moving but I very confirm no wind at that time, my whole body hair stand up and I can feel the angel was out to eat the food and also heard some biting noises but I just quietly waiting there and keep invite jet maha put to eat my offering.

After the joss sticks finished about half hour time, I chant again & nicely packed up and go inside my house.

Today I feel very confidence when I wear the 2 takrut to work. Everything went smoothly.

An amazing thing happened to me on my trip to Thailand, the followng scene took place:

Last week I went to Thailand . The night I was celebrated my birthday with few of my friend at one of the famous disco….after blow the candle easily 10 chicks come to me with their warmly hug, kiss as well as their wish to me. I only know some of them but not all. Some are waitress and guest at the disco. It is beyond what i had expected and my Girlfriend who was also in the disco became so jealous and angry of me that she ask me, how come i am so different this time round and so popular and charming among the opposite sex?

After wearing these two red and yellow jet ma ha put takrut for more then a week,
Business was good; my personal life was good; I was very happy. In some ways, it must be similar to winning the lottery. My life had change overnight. I became very good socially, had more women interested in me and had been happy and positive.

Thanks again bro, and thanks JET MA HA PUT

These are the two red and yellow takrut which my client used,

Archan maha tana red jet maha pu takrut (7 angel thep inside for attraction and good luck in career and business) (Made 29 pieces only) (strongly recommended)

Archan maha tana yellow jet maha pu takrut SPECIAL EDITION (7 angel thep inside for attraction and good luck in career and business) (Made 29 pieces only) (Can be used together with Jet maha put takrut red for enhance effect and power)

However you need to get your skates on, as this takruts are running out. There were only last few pieces left, last time I checked.

Check it out here:

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