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Strong Wicha, Super Powerful Guru Luang Phor Jan from Cambodia.

I was highly recommended by my Thai friends to this cambodia monk call Luang Phor Jan.

Luang Phor Jan khantiko, currently 81 year old , stay in kampong Tom , in Cambodia.
He is very powerful and so strong in khmer and Cambodia subject for wicha magic.

When he was young, 13 years old , he learned from his father and Luang Pu Tea (grandfather)
(Lp Tea is a good and powerful monk that posseses strong magical wicha, he was able control the bird while the bird was flying in the sky, and ask the bird to come to him
He was also able to control the elephant , can change the elephant from be in a rut to be tamed by just groping the elephant and chanting a mantra. Amazing !!!!)

Lp jan when he was 15 year old he first time began made the kumanthong that can blink and whisper and had also blessed many special takut for protection

He also also learned in saney wicha (attraction magic) subject , for the girl or guy love each other forever,
When he was 19 year old , he became to be the monk and lp tea taught him the meditation subject to him.

After lp tea passed away , lp jan had tudong in deep of the wood in Cambodia , Myanmar, Laos and Thailand and around frontier.
Lp jan had made amulet many roon.. and gave to the military in combodia for protection ..and a military trip on the bomb, the bomb went off, but he just bounce off only and not injured at all.

Lp Jan have so many looksit (Student) in both Thailand and Cambodia.

(Lp jan blessing the amulets)

Lp jan is a master of making many unqiue amulets from ancient wicha subject from cambodia. As many people will know. Cambodia magic is very strong and highly effective. Here are some amulets made personally by Lp Jan

LP Jan amulets

Lp Jan Palad payah ngoo jong ang joa sup (the serpent king cobra)( Strong attraction and superb good luck in all aspects of your life) (Highly recommended)

Lp jan made this special amulet based on an ancient subject in cambodia back dated to 1000 plus year ago.
lp jan made from siwaleung (lord siva temple 1000 years of history) at the shrine in combodia (center of power of the god),
Many other materials were collected over a period of years by lp Jan,

Other material includes:
1) The moss from peak of castle in Khmer in 7 different places (for super strong charming and attraction)
2) Soil from the entrance of the castle from 9 different places ( for attracting clients to come to shop or increase business luck)
3) powder kam pong tom, a rare and special powder
4) powder kotcahkut
5) hook for control elephant made 200 year ago (for good luck, richness, control people heart and mind )

This amulet reprsent Lord Siva and have the serpent king (king cobra) surrounding it
According to lp jan , this amulet for good luck , Strong attraction to opposite sex , metta mahaniyom, good communication , good sales luck , boss love , protection and power authority.
only limited pieces is made by Lp jan for this King of cobra amulet.

Get this Lp Jan Palad payah ngoo jong ang joa sup at: $78sgd

Lp Jan Kumanthep pa lit art un meung ton (Strong windfall and gambling luck)

Interesting Kumanthep pa lit art un meung ton made personally by Lp Jan from ancient combodia subject meaning the kumanthep can blink in real life.

This kumanthep is made by real ash powder of baby that pass away already.
According to lp Jan, this kuman is consider to be half angel and half spirit.
lp jan choose the special baby that will be able to become an angel after it passed away.
During a major ceremony, lp jan invited the kuman to come into the amulet.
The important point as mentioend by lp jan is that thel kuman is willingly to enter the amulet for gain merit to help the owner and it is not by force.

Special method to use:

In order for the kumanthep to be super effective and had fast result for the owner, lp jan mentioned that before the owner had to
1) Burn 16 joss stick and tell the guardian angel in house first to allow the kumanthep to follow home
2) Burn 3 joss stick to tell the house god or the Buddha at the altar in the house and ask for permission to allow the kuman to come to the house.
3) Chant the mantra given by Lp jan and pray to the kumanthep using softdrinks , sweets or fruits.

Lp jan mentioned that is the owner contiuned praying to this kumanthep for 7 days, the owner will see result fast and be successful in his wish.

After succeed in wish,then the owner have to pray the sweet , clothes to repay them so the kumanthep will be so happy
Any owner who have sixth sense , maybe be able to feel or see the kumanthep.

According to lp jan, this kumanthep is able to whisper to the owner, give great protection, windfall luck, can appear in the dream for tell lottery, good sales luck and succeed in business.

Only limited pieces is made due to the special angel baby ash.
Get this Lp Jan Kumanthep pa lit art un meung ton at: $88sgd

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