Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Amazing.! Here's how Archan Maha tana red jet maha put takrut had made a different to someone's life.

What I'm about to share is a true testimonials written to me by a client call kathy.
This is a good story about faith and how someone who is at the crossroad in life but able to find a miracle by using archan maha tana amulets.

I copy down the actual content from my email and it is break down into part 1 and part 2.

Part 1 is the email mentioning about suituation and problem.
Part 2 is the email where the miracles happens.

(Email 1)

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(Email 2)

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In case it is too small to read.

I copy the actual and paste here in my blog.

Part 1 Email (received on 11 September, 2009)

Hi Stanley,

I come across your blog by chance, could be fated, I am not sure.

At this juncture, I am at the rock bottom of my life.

A single parent of 2 kids, heavily in debts, facing big cashflow problem for my business and currently at my wits' end. I visit temples and pray real hard daily. I seek help from Arjahn but seems all want money from me.

I don't mind paying if I have but I am dead broke. I see that you have good luck and wealth amulets for sale.

Can you recommend me one that is real effective and can help me pull through this crisis and be able to lead a better life from now? Hopefully it will not be too costly, I may not be able to afford it. Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon.



Part 2 Email (received on 7 October, 2009)

Dear Stanley,

I write to express my thankfulness to you.

My luck has changed for better since I bought the archan maha tana lersi with salika amulet from you on 13 Sept 2009. Can you believe it? I strike one starter and one conso on 16 Sept, one conso on 19 Sept, a first prize on 20 sept, two conso on 23 Sept, one starter on 26 Sept and one starter on 27 Sept. Despite there were not huge amount won, I have to say that if not for the archan maha tana lersin amulet, I would not have such good luck to having windfall for the 4d draws, almost every draw!

If you could recall, I purchased the red takrut jet maha put takrut from you on 1st October (Thursday). As per instruction, I did the prayer that night but the next day, I was extremely uneasy. I did not know why but somehow, I felt burning hot and was restless. Although you advise not not to think to much and just put the takrut on with good faith, that very night (Friday) I did the prayer again. On the following day (Saturday), I was as uneasy and was stressed becasue I did not have enough collections to meet all my payment deadline and the banks had been calling me one after another.

I was really upset with myself and the situation. You know? My mood sucks! There is no way I could have borrowed or gathered enough money to settle the bills. There was nothing I could do except hoping for miracle.

I chant the karta to jet maha put, I seek help from jet maha put and lersi at the same time to help me pull through. How I wish I could have a windfall, a real big windfall to help me pull through this financial crisis. Guess what?

I got first prize on Sunday! It is a real huge winning to me and with this amount, I am able to clear the majority of my debts.

I have received the kindness from the unseen power. With archan maha tana red takrut Jet Maha Put, I know I am no longer fighting the battle alone. I am certain that Life will be better from now.

I am very grateful to you for your recommendation and your patience with me.

Thank you Stanley, thank you Jet Maha Put, thank you!



Here's the great amulet by archan maha tana who had helped my client.

Archan maha tana jet maha pu takrut (7 angel thep inside for attraction and good luck in career and business) (Made 29 pieces only) (strongly recommended)

Seriously, I only left the very last few pieces of this red or yellow jet maha put takrut by archan maha tana, so i guess only the fated will be able to get the last few pieces.


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P.S: I personally wish kathy to be successful and able to overcome all her problems in life. I really felt that this jet maha put takrut had improve her life to more then 80%. It had an enormous impacts on her life so i am happy for her.

P.S.S: I also had client asking me why i don't include all the testimonials in my blog.
Here's the reason:
1) I am super busy in my daily life and had to travel around looking for good monks or archans, so I don't really have time to post all the testimonials.

2) Most client don't like to write in email about their testimonials, so they only told me how good the effect is by word of mouth. In fact, i reccived so many word of mouth testimonials from the amulets they wore, that i can probably write testimonials enough to cover my whole blog for a year or so.

3) I do also have many testimonials sent to me by email but i only strictly selected some which had huge impact on my client. In another words, which I think the testimonials is interesting.

After all, I have to thanks kathy and the rest of my clients which had written in to my email for being so patient and sincere. I strongly encourage all my clients which had encountered good effect from their amulets to write in the good testimonials and sent to me by email. Who knows? your real testimonials might be feature in my blog to be share around the world. :)

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