Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Improve your fortune and wealth extremely with the snake oil made by the Great Kruba Det

Kruba det had made a special snake oil call kruba det Payah ngoo leum mueab sab
If you have gotten the kruba det takrut ngoo leum and have gotten superior effect, this is a must have for all kruba det fans and devotes.

Kruba det Payah ngoo leum mueab sab (Snake oil for super gambling windfall luck and wealth) (Highly recommended and 5 star rating)

Story of how kruba det obtain this special snake skin which he insert into this oil:

Kruba det got this boa snake skin when he went to tudong in one cave while he was sitting samati doing meditationand saw that the snake die itself in the cave due to old age.Then kruba det do samati and see,then know this snake is a very special snake which possess a lot of magical power. It is god guardian spirit snake for protecting the heavenly god and spirits in this cave .
The reason that it die cos the snake will to be born to next life The boa snake want kruba det took body of its for doing amulet to help the people.while kruba det was bleesing these amulet , there were many boa snake crawl in to this ceremony..
Then kruba det told all snake and inform them that the ceremony is finish already then all snake sudden disappear in thin air.
This special oil is made by kruba det, he boil the oil and mix with many herbs 108 different kind. Chant 108 time with special katha and blessed on a full moon day call mahamongcol day (This day only happen one year one time) and while chanting, the oil absorb the power from the moon making it super powerful.
While he was boiling the oil , many snakes appear and came during the ritual till it was finished, then all snake moved away and disappear into the forest.
Each bottle of oil was inserted with the rare snake skin and kruba det writtenspecial takrut for yantra call money and was also placed inside each bottle, making the oil super effective for fetching wealth and windfall luck.
This special snake oil has 3 special method and effect.

1) For gambling and SUCCESS IN SNATCHING WINDFALL, apply the oil onto both palm of hand and chant the mantra, then can go gambling in casino , buy lottery, soccer betting and even successful in trading of stocks and shares.

2) Apply the oil on the forehead and hand also for business always good. client will come to you like the snake who can bait its prey.meaning easy to find money same as the snake easy to find food. Wiont be poor and in poverty also.It attracts money, bountiful amounts of money, multiplying, duplicating, replenishing itself, infinite money, recreating money effortlessly where money rushes to you everyday.

3) For super charm and attraction towards the opposite sex, apply on forehead and eyebrown of user, the user can initiate a new love, spice up your existing love life and harvest marriage luck. This special snake oil would definitely make the wearer more attractive than before, thus inviting many people into their lives.
According to kruba det, If use this oil hand in hand with kruba det takrut ngoo leum, the effect will be even more powerful then ever.
Made only 38 bottles, before this kruba det Payah ngoo leum mueab sab is completely sold out for good, Get it now at only $88sgd

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