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Archan Sakda Pakan, guru master in magical mystery

(Archan Sakda Pakan)

Archan Sakda Pakan is younger brother of Archan Wara Pakan. He studied magical knowledge from his brother. Then, he is very expert about making love amulet similar with his brother. He is also a master of wicha and had learn many magical arts from his brother. His love and metta amulets are highly effective.

(Archan Wara Pakan)

Archan Wara PaKan .was a famous guru master in magical mystery. When he was 14 years old. He learned to made oil of charm from Khmer. Firstly, he made Nam Man and See Phueng (lip wax). He used the material from Nakorn Ratchasima Province. Both amulets were successful.
He tested his Nam Man until he has 32 wives.

Thus, he was very famous about making Nam Man Prai and magic charm. He has many experiences with Phra Arhan in Kher and kept many rare holy mass over 10 years old. These mass are known as magical things that has super power to made amulets is strong and very hard to find nowadays. He is one of the top guru masters who have reputation for his Visha and Buddhist Dharma (he has only one wife). He dies in 2005.

(All the Phra Buddha and Lersi hermit statues in Archan Sakda house)

(Archan sakda blessing all the amulets)

Just came back from a recent trip to Archan sakda house. He has made and show some of the old amulets made by himself and archan wara.

Archan Sakda Pakan amulets

Archan wara/ Archan sakda, Poo Jow SaMing Prai Pong Prai 58 Spirits (highly recommended by Archan Sakda)



This is the famous amulet made by both archan wara and archan sakda call Poo Jow SaMing Prai Pong Prai 58 Spirits. The special ingredients inside this amulet is:
1. Pong Prai 58 sprits powder
2.NumMum Prai Leut , Spirit oil coated on the amulet.
3. TaKrut Sarika. This Takrut is known as powerful thing that could bring luck and help the owner to be admired and love.
4. Bone fragment of woman.

This amulet is very powerful for protection from all types of dangers and help the owner have good luck, love, attracion and metta.
This amulet is also able to have authory and control over all spirits.

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Archan sakda Chang sep nang (Strong opposite sex attraction) (Sold out)



This is an amulet featuring the elephant making love with a girl. According to archan sakda , this amulet is made of many saney powder, oil and special material which make it highly effective for attraction of opposite sex. Inside is also filled with yoi elehpant oil. One of the best for people who have problem attracting the heart of the opposite sex.

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Archan sakda Takrut nang pak saney (chant name of opposite sex for forever love)

This takrut is specially made by archan sakda for a period of 3 months using the magical method taught to him by archan wara for best attraction and to trap the opposite sex.
Specially hand written by achan sakda and cover with one piece of yantra cloth. Comes with a special katha to chant the name of the opposite sex to make her/him love the user forever. This takrut can get rid of obstacles betwwen the user and his lover.

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