Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Archan Wan, Wat Senanmit the master of magical incantation

Just back from my recent field trip. Had the Privilege to visit Archan wan, the abbot of Wat Senanmit. Archan Wan is the master of magical incantation and is also a famous guru monk who has created many effective amulets and very popular among Thai amulets collectors and foreigner.

(Amazing collection of different Phra Lersi bucha stateus in Archan Wan temple)

(Archan wan blessing me with a kind of special metta fragances oil)

Archan Wan had made some interesting amulets which he highly recommended to me. He mentioned most of his amulets are limited produced and many of the Thai people had feedback to him that they experiences good result after wearing his amulets.

(Archan wan blessing all the amulets which i got from him)

Archan Wan amulets

Archan wan hun pat yong (Hand made for attraction and good luck)



This is a hun pat yong made personally by archan wan. Archan Wan made the structure of the body by himself and blessed it at cemetery every mid night, by more than month.
He handwritten a special takrut for saney for the body and wrap it one by one by himself , tieing the string of the human shape and chanting mantra to increase the power of the amulet. According to archan wan, this amulet is very good for increase good lcuk for owner and strong attraction towards opposite sex.
Comes with a katha to be chanted for best effect.

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Archan wan loop kok amulet (Strong windfall luck)



This loop kok amulet is specially made by archan wan and blessed for 6 months before letting the owner use. Archan wan had chanted scared yantra into the amulet and invite the spirit of loop kok into the amulet. Ingredient made is ash of baby and other powder.
Highly effective for windfall luck and wealth. It has been mentioned that Archan perm had also learnt the effecive way of making this loop kok from the great Archan Wan.

See more information of this Archan wan loop kok amulet at: (Sold out)

Archan wan jingcheok saney (attraction and wealth)



This jingchoek is specially blessed and made by archan wan. According to archan wan, when he was blessing this jingcheok, there is sound of lizard which can be heard during the blessing ceremony. Archan wan had chanted the best attraction katha and wealth fetching katha into the amulet. Only limited pieces is made and highly recommended by archan wan.
Power from this amulet can bring good trading, charming from opposite sex and wealth for the owner.

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