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Wanna die with no regrets in this life? Here's one good reason why you should try kruba det takrut na re rumpeng.

Fantastic Testimonials from the great Kruba det Takrut na re rumpeng.
I bet you will be amazed when you read the following testimonials which is sent to me by a client of mine who uses the Takrut na re rumpeng. He has nothing but praise and respect for kruba det and his amulet ever since he had used this takrut na re rumpeng.

Do take note that this is an actual email sent to me, actual content, none edited and 100% genuine to the max.

Here goes:

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In case its too small to read.
I copy and paste the text here:
From my client (Name to be only known as Mr M from Malaysia)
Bro Stanley,
I'd been searching for a effective Metta amulets for long time since I have dun any stable targets (of cuz girl friend i mean).
Suffer man... it's really suffer, have a good look doesn't means that sure got the girls attraction, girls like you a lots but no one is dare to come to you or very brave to tell you. Maybe I always feel shy also n girls sure got shy as instinct. And all these targets stuck in the unclear situation. Sometimes they call you sometimes they never reply you... sufer... ahahah.... Sometimes I felt that I'm a loser, why that ugly swine got a lots of chick stuck with? I'm just request for 1, a stable one. y? ahahaha.... maybe karma.
Today is my 3rd day which officially wearing the Kruba Det Takrut Na Ree Rum Peng(non-officially is total 4 n half days), I got it last saturday, casing done on sunday.
The first day i received the takrut, i just very hope this takrut can help me on love relationship i put it beside the pillow i sleep. Then the 2nd day i make casing for it n learn to chant on it... I closed my eyes chant on it and keep make my wish few times.
My mobile ringing... ei!?! ahaha... the girl that i tried to teckle is calling. She's a shy and very womenize lady, ahahahah she asking me for a ghost movie man n I doesn't show myself very interested (of cuz happy inside only) but i accept it.
In the meanwhile there's an other unknown incoming call. I end the recent call and answer it. WOW~ "Jojo~ we been long time din't see leh.. what's up?" the girl answer me : " yeah, how are you dear? got miss me or not?" n I : "eh........ " I think : Weired man! seems like we never been close as this woh" okay, the conclusion is come out for a tea these few days. Blah blah blah, i end up the call. n my handphone is very hot since stick with my face for so long, n i got 2 sms. Ei?!!!! xXx sms me : "what are you doing now?"....... wah really that miracle meh? but it's true man. It's true! I just can't wait to tell you abt these incidents on msn, then the "ghost movie" lady call again (yesterday afternoon) n last night 8 pm something xXx sms me again "where are you?". last night we got a nice dinner, she wear a traditional chinese skirt, yes, i admit she's very beautiful.. but is it nessasary? ahahahah.... in the conversation, we talk abt those seems quite sensitive topics.... Hmm.... No! i can't make it. I need time. It's not my type man. I declined her (honestly, no lie no cheat.). Just can't wait for tomorrow.... y? I believe others great things will be happen loh. ahahah... i can feel the flower of my life is opening~ n i confidence that this flower will long last won't die~
WALAO eh!!! Superb~ this is the turn for me to experience on "miracle" man. Finally I can have my own experience like others that ever put those incredible testimonial on your blog man. Serious man, it really happen. Thanks dude! it's cool. Kruba Det good good man. You should try to start our Kruba Det's Fans Club. ahahaha... Thank you for helping on my life, Kruba Det. Anyway please just put my name as "Mr. M". Shy.
If you think it's just one testimonial, you are wrong.

Here's another one told to me by a thai friend who had used and tested this kruba det takrut na re rumpeng. He give me a full thumbs up.

There is this Thai guy (40 yrs old) who wore this takrut na re rumpeng by kruba det and wanted to test the power of this amulet.

While he was walking at a shopping center, he saw a cute student girl (university type) from a distance walking towards his direction. So he started chanting on the takrut and make a wish that if the takrut is really so powerful, please make the girl smile at him while she walk pass him and be attracted to him.

Here's where the miracle happens, the girl walk pass him, smile at him and even tok to him. He managed to get her number in 5 ++ min.

Important point to take note: This guy is married with a wife and had a children, he is only testing the takrut.

A few days later, the girl keep calling him at work , freakin 5 times a day , making him unable to concentrate on his work and duties. The girl will even cry when this Thai guy dont call her back.
The student girl is completely mesmerize and crazy about him.

To cut the story short, this Thai guy told me that he had stop using this takrut and keep only because he wish to be faithful to his wife and children. His initially purpose was only to test this takrut to see the full power of it's effect and not to use it for evil means on the girl.

Although he did not mentioned what happen to this girl after that....

Kruba det takrut na re rumpeng (Strong metta and opposite sex attraction)

Do take note that according to Kruba det, this takrut is very hard to make and requires a lot of effort to make it effective. Because of this, only limited pieces is made and I only have limited pieces left before it is Completely sold out. Take action now!!!

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