Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Here's one last chance to own Archan maha tana amulets. Testimonials from Archan Maha Tana takrut Jet maha put.

Recently gotten a email sent to me by a client who have used this Archan maha Takrut Jet maha put. He feedback to me that it has a big impact on him. Simply PHENOMENAL. The testimonials literally speak for themselves...

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In case its too small to read.

I copy and paste the text here:

From my client (Name to be only unknown)

Hi Stanley, sorie for the late submission man, i was away on work assignment in China, anyway here is my testimony on the jet ma ha put you recommended me.

After collecting the amulet from you that night , i proceeded to pray as instructed, i prepared all the offerings and place them on the alluminium foil at my flats void deck, my palce is quite near the MRT and bus interchange so there will always be people walking here pass my block to reach there homes, but strangely , that night there were no one around, no wind, no birds no insect noises, its like i am in a vaccum.

After i placed the offerings and the joss sticks and chanted the kata, a strange thing happened, the allumnium foil started to crackle as if someone or something was touching the offerings, moving it, i could'nt see it but i sure can hear it, cold sweat trickled down my forehead and i can feel my hair standing on end.

After the joss sticks finished i packed up and left the prayer site, when i got home my parents ask me why my face was so red, like i went for a drinking session,that night i felt as if i was having a fever, but everything was ok the next morning.

After that incident, my luck seemed to change, i got a job offer and the pay was triple what i was receiving in my ex company, strangers seem to give me a second look as i pass them by( especially the ladies).Now i have a new wife and a good one after my divorce, and things are going my way, i have yet to strike it big in 4d and ToTo but i have faith it will happen one day.

Thanks again bro, and thanks JET MA HA PUT


Archan maha tana jet maha pu takrut (7 angel thep inside for attraction and good luck in career and business) (Made 29 pieces only) (strongly recommended)

I've gotten such a barrage of emails, facebook comments, and other requests for this Archan maha tana Jet maha put takrut that i do not even have the time to reply to them.
This takrut is going to change your life. I don't know, maybe you're not ready for that... really... and if so I understand. Do not Underestimate the energy and good effect of the 'unseen power'.
This is your last chance to grab these Archan maha tana jet maha put takrut as it is left with only last few pieces. This takrut is going to be sold out sooner than later.
So with that thought, and my suggestion that you check out this amulet before its gone, Price at only $138sgd

Accept PayPal, Western Union, Posb, Public Bank tt transfer.
Contact me by Email for any enquires:
Phone: +6591881863


I PROVIDE OVERSEAS TRANSACTIONS AND ACCEPT PAYPAL PAYMENT TOO,YOU CAN EMAIL ME FOR THE RATE AND EXTRA SHIPPING CHARGE FOR THE AMULETS.. I care a lot about how the amulet has helps you in your life.Nothing is more important to me than a happy client. ..
If you need help and got a question to ask, pls email me at:
Have an awesome day!!!
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