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Want an amulet that Lets You Put People Under Your Control Quickly & Easily and Get Them to Do Anything You Want? Here's one by Kruba Tai Ong

(Kruba Tai Ong, Wat Don koo kai keow)

kruba tai ong, Wat Don koo kai keow temple, phayao province.
He became to monk on 22 December B.E 2522 , at huaikhawkum, Amper Jun, Phayao province.
He move to kookai koew temple since B.E 2538.
He is a fast learner and learned many wicha (magic) from kruba prom min ma hah rat, wat huakhawkum when he was a novice at 11 year old .
After that he learn from lp khong when he was 25 year old at wat tamkhao sompot, amper chai bahdan, lopburi province.

kruba Tai Ong curently the abbot at Wat don koo kai keow temple.
He is a master of wicha and had learned from so many top monks and guru including,
1) kruba prom min ma ha rat, wat hui khao kum ,
2) lp kruba kamlah, wat huikhunsuad
3) lp kruba prom ma jak sung worn , wat pra bath tak pah ,
4) lp kam saen , wat suan dok
5) lp kruba thammachai , wat thungluang .
6) Prakoo dahbot at arsom pai morakot
7) lp waen , Wat doi mai pung ,
8) lp sim, Wat tam pahplong ,
9) lp khong, wat khao sompot
10) lp sut, wat kalong ......and
11) lp neung, wat julah manee

(Kruba keow mah, Wat rongdoo)

Kruba keow mah, wat rongdoo told his looksit (All his students) before he passed away.

He said:
“ After I passed away, if anyone needed help, please go to met kruba tai ong because he possessed strong wicha power and most importantly, he can contact and connect with all gods and heavenly devas angel."

Here's one great interesting amulet made by Kruba Tai Ong called....

Kruba tai ong Look sakot mahawonweun ( For insert name of another party, that allow him/her to be Under Your Control Quickly & Easily and Get Them to Do Anything You Want)

The making of this amulet is based on an ancient wicha for hypnotize people.

In fact, this wicha is so powerful, so unique and so under-the-radar that in ancient old times, some downright bandit who possesed this wicha in Thailand are using it to rob houses and then made all people in house to sleep then following that wake up for cook food for the robbers . All the people not realizing what they're doing, until Sunrise then they realized they have been robbed.

(Kruba Tai Ong and some other great monks blessing ceremony for Looksakot amulet)

Kruba Tai Ong managed to learn this special wicha from 4 great monks, namely:

1) lp khong, wat khoa sompot
2) lp neung, wat julahmanee
3) lp sut, wat kalong .
4) kruba prom min ma ha rat, wat hui khao kum

He integrate this wicha power into a amulet and specially created this Look sakot mahawonweun amulet for strong metta and attraction.

Inside this amulet is the wicha hand written takrut inserted and make by kruba Tai Ong.

This amulet is special in a way which you can insert the name and date of birth of the another party be it a guy or gal, chant a special mantra and make him or her love you and be under control by you.

Even if you do not insert any name and just wore this amulet. It will also give you strong attraction and the ability to control anyone.

Do you wish to....

- Influence anyone to follow your lead
- Command new respect with everyone
- Compel colleagues or your boss to do what you suggest
- Get just about anyone to say “Yes”
- Keep your lover(s) eternally loyal
- Charm an ex lover back
- Get clients & customers to buy from you
easy it will be for you to capture wealth, health, power, respect, happiness... everything you want... FASTER than most truly successful people could ever previously have imagined possible.

You will not want to miss out on this limited edition Look sakot mahawonweun amulet made by kruba Tai Ong.

Fair important Warning:

Please promise me that you will

1) Please know how to draw the line and not abuse the power of this incredible amulet.
Do not use it for bad intentions.

2) Please recommend to someone who needs it. Be a good sport and pass on this for greater good. By recommending people who need this also gain merit.

This amulet is very hard to make and Kruba tai Ong only made very very little and limited pieces.

Therefore please don't be upset if you come back later only to find they have been sold out and you've missed out.

Seriously, You don't want to kick yourself for getting left behind on this one...


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