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Skyrocket Your Success for Dating, Love and Sales by using Kruba Tai Ong Chang Pasom keong amulets

(Kruba Tai Ong blessing Chang pasom keong amulets)

Kruba Tai Ong of Wat Don koo kai keow temple, phayao province had made and blessed a powerful batch of amulets call Chang Pasom Keong (in chang).
This is one of the best amulet ever made by kruba Tai Ong for strong metta and attraction.

Kruba Tai Ong chang pasom khong (in chang) (Strongest attraction, Turn single to attached, turn friends to lovers and enemy to friends)



The reason why this amulet is so powerful is because Kruba Tai ong had blessed and chanted 3 different kind of strong attraction saney wicha into this amulets.

This amulet is mix with 2 very extremely important ingredients:

1) Powder maha saney (payah tae khua) by Archan chum chai khee ree

2) Wahn chang pasom khong powder from leafs by Kruba Tai Ong

Powder maha saney (payah tae khua) by Archan chum chai khee ree

(Archan chum chai khee ree)

Powder maha saney (payah tae khua)

Archan chum chai khee ree was a teacher of Kruba Tai Ong and had made a very powerful powder call Powder maha saney (payah tae khua) in B.E2519.

Inside this powder include composition of
1) Ei ti jae powder
2) Pa ta mung powder
3) Wahn pasom khong powder

Kruba Tai Ong mentioned that nowadays this powder hard to find cos his teacher (Archan chum) made long time ago. Archan chum told kruba tai ong that one bottle can be used till lifetime for super attraction to control guy / girl to love the user very much.

Kruba Tai Ong mentioend that this powder is so powerful that if whoever drop this powder on the floor and any girl/guy cross over the powder will be charmed and love the user forever and not able to change his or her mind. Hard to help or remove this magic also. Amazing!!!
Now this powder is no longer available as Kruba Tai Ong had use this to make this chang pasom keong amulet.

Wahn chang pasom khong powder from leafs by Kruba Tai Ong

(Leafs of Chang Pasom keong)

Kruba Tai Ong mentioned that this is a very strong leafs for attraction. He had often used this leafs and blessed it to give to people who had experiences good result in metta and attraction after using this leaf. It has ben mentioned that even single is able to be attached with a lover after having this leafs.

Kruba Tai Ong mentioned that there is one Thai guy in amper jun which was a worker in the factory and had kept this real leaf that kruba Tai Ong had blessed for him.
He carry this to work everyday and kept in his pocket. It was told that later his attraction became so good that the daughter of the owner of the factory love him so much and married together with him and now have one children.

Another Good effect from this leaf of chang pasom keong,

One police officer in Thailand had a superior who dislike him and pinpoint him often.
Then kruba Tai ong blessed this leaf and pass one to him.
The police officer bring to work everyday, from then onwards, his superior did not hate him anymore and in fact both of them became good friends.
Kruba Tai Ong the master of wicha, mix this two important ingredients together and created this amulet call chang pasom keong.
Can you imagine how powerful this amulet can be for attraction after mixing this two powerful ingredients together. Simply classfied as World class number 1 .

Would you love to:

- Turn friends into lovers
- Turn enemys into friends
- Turn from being single to attached with many choices.
- Attract members of the opposite sex easily
- Attract members of the same sex (Gay or lesbian) easily
- skyrocket your sales luck, making lots of profit
- Keep your lover(s) eternally loyal
- Make everyone love and be fasincated by you only.
- Feel like you are in control - and stop letting her/him steer you in the relationship

Then this is a good amulet not to be missed out!!!

Just for the extra information,
Kruba Tai Ong had stopped making this amulet as there is no more Powder maha saney (payah tae khua) powder left for making it. So there is only limited pieces left for this batch of chang pasom keong.

Therefore please don't be upset if you come back later only to find they have been sold out and you've missed out.


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