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Archan Maha tana powerful amulets

(Isan, is the northeast region of Thailand)

I travelled to Isan in Thailand during one of my recent Trip. My Thai driver suggested to bring me to visit a White robe archan call Archan Maha tana. He is a forest archan who live near the cemetry in the forest.
Apparently he is an archan specialist in black magic and making effective love charms amulets.
He learned his visha art and magic from the mountain Miao.
The Miao sect black magic was the strongest and most powerful of all among all black magic.
It involved using Poison as a form of Sorcery.
The miao sect black magic is famous for the 5 posion, namely using scorpion, centipede , spiders .etc..

later he travelled to Cambodia to learn the art of making effective amulets and ritual.

It was a long trip inside the deep forest to the location of Archan maha tana. He stay in a hut in the deep forest near the cemetry.
Finally after 3 and a half long hours, I reached his hut.
Archan maha tana was just finishing his meditation when l reached his place.
He was friendly and we tok a little (through my translator).
He told me a bit about his history and where he learned his art.

I realised he was a person who follow strick discipline and rules when making amulets and doing ritual because he was focus on the good result and didn't want any backfire.
When l requested to take picture with him, he denied. He told me he like to stay low profile and doesn't like to get famous. (That is why I do not have any picture of him)

He even mentioned that his amulet is for helping people and getting good result. Fame is not important.

Archan maha tana Mae per with scorpion amulet (Love charm)

( Archan maha tana Mae per) (Front view)

( Archan maha tana Mae per) (Back view)

This is a unique love charm amulet made by Archan maha tana. He told me this mae per is the best for attraction towards the opposite sex , charming a lover back or keeping a lover loyal to you.
The scorpion behind is for attracting many people to you and trapping a lover.
I was surprised when he told me the ingredients.
It consist of
1) 7 cemetery soil from 7 different countries
2) 7 mountain soil
3) 7 types of nam man prai oil obtain from dead woman who die with their baby in the body.
4) Ash of woman who die on Tuesday and cremated on Saturday
5) 3 black scorpions powder.
6) Powder he obtain from Cambodia.
7) Other many holy powder and herbs.
8) Centipede and snake powder.
WOW!!! I asked him why he wanted to use ash and nam man prai for the amulet. He said that will enhance the power of the amulets and the spirit will not harm the owner and instead will help them faster achieve their goals and desires. Everynight , he has to Mediate to the spirits in the cemetry to transfer merit to them in order for them to help the owner to do good deeds.
For the process of making this mae per amulet, there is 7 blessing and ritual involve. While blessing the amulets in his hut, he could felt the Tingling cold air surrounding him. There were sound of frog making horny noise calling for mate, he has to ignore to focus his energy on the love charms.
After which, he proceeded to the cemetry to blessed the amulet and communicate with the mae per spirit. In total he went to chant for the amulets at the cemetry for 7 days.
On the last days of the ritual blessing, he mentioned that it is one of the most interesting day. When he entered the cemetery, CROWS are crowing, flying around him. Throughout the blessing, it was raining very heavily with thunder storm. Then after the blessing, when he open his eyes, he saw 2 Dark shadow at the side of the cemetry making love!!!!! . He told me that they could be horny spirits because he has chant a lot of attraction and love mantra during the Ceremony, which will cause horny energy to be exist.
Archan maha tana mentioned that there is a special way to use this amulet and he had given a special katha for this amulet to be chanted. He mentioned that after chanting, you got to kiss this amulet one time and ask her to fullfill your wishes and desires.
I requested Archan maha tana to add handwritten extra yantra to the mae per amulet. He agreed and started chanting some cambodia mantra while writing special yantra on it.
Archan maha tana mentioned that the owner will see result fast if he follow the instruction to use and the special katha to be chanted.

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Archan maha tana phra Lersi with salika (Wealth and metta charms)
Archan maha tana phra Lersi with salika (Front view)

Archan maha tana phra Lersi with salika (Back view)

I asked Archan maha tana :"do you have any amulet which is best for wealth and metta, but must 100 % be effective?" He smiled, and took out from his box, this Phra lersi amulet. He mentioned to me that this was one of the most powerful amulet he has ever done.
In fact he confidently looked me in the eyes and mentioned firmly that for any person who wore this Phra lersi amulet, they will sure be able to see result and improvement in their lifes in 3 to 5 days time.
This was the first time I saw an archan or monk who was so confident in their amulets. Simply amazing!!!
The behind of the amulet feature a salika ku (couple bird). Salika bird was believed to have originated from heaven and as such considered holy by the Thais. It was said that they have magical powers and particularly for lovers or those who want to be charming either towards a member of the opposite sex or in a business scenario. People believed that a pair of “Salika” birds amulet is often associated with love, attraction of opposite sexes and good relationships.The sweet talker being able to charm his companion or hosts.
Archan maha tana told me that most lersi amulet was for protection and against black magic, but this piece was specially made for the purpose of attracting great wealth and increasing great personal attraction and charm.
This amulet was chanted for 7 ceremony and on 7 Thursday, which was the best day for making magic.
This amulet is best for:
1) Great sales luck and able to sell more.
2) The capacity to earn, hold and grow money expands day by day.
3) You get to feel important, be popular and powerful among your friends.
4) Able to communicate well and charm most people.
5) Business luck will improve tremendously.
6) You get to overcome the most common and most difficult persuasion challenges you can ever encounter when doing sales.
7) You get to develop magnetic charisma, charm and great confidence.
and much much more.........................

He said that due to the limited ingredients, he can only produced 88 pieces of this amulets.

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