Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Interesting Love Charms Patyant (Attraction ,Seduction)

People always ask me," Stanley, do you have any amulet which is very good for attraction and flexible plus easy to wear anywhere?"

It's a good question and I usually replied :"wear a Takrut or a Patyant."

Patyant means a piece of cloth with written yantra and Deva which is properly blessed with spell and mantra into it by the Guru Archans and monks.

The reason why l recommended wearing a patyant is because

1) Easy to wear(which means can put in wallet, wear in the pants pocket, put in bag, or wrap it in a casing to wear on the necklace).

2) Not heavy and bullky (like the Jatukam amulet).

3) Beautiful and nice Yantra design.

4) Same result and good effect compare to amulets.

Today I will shared some Special Patyants made by some Guru Archans.

(Archan meng, Archan sup, Archan sa la buri)

This patyants according to the archans is for attraction, seduction of your lover, metta, best charming sex appeal and much more....

All this patyants is 100% genuine, made and blessed by the Guru Archans themselves.

The design was certainly beautiful and interesting.

You are warned that some patyant may be a bit Obscene.

Well none the less, it's not for the fainted hearted.

So for everyone out there, here it goes:

(Archan meng ee per patyant) (Sold out)

Archan meng ee per patyant with logo chop of archan meng.

(Archan meng attraction mar ser lang patyant)

This is a special love charm call mar ser lang. For more information of this Archan meng mar ser lang patyant, see: (Sold out)

(Archan meng attraction seduction khun pean patyant)

This patyant features khun pean hugging two gals and below with wealth fetching fish and karlong charming bird. See more informationof this patyant at:

(Sold out)

(Archan meng attraction seduction khun pean patyant in red)
Same patyant design as above but in red colour instead. See more information of this Archan Meng patyant at: (sold out)

(Archan meng khun pean with nam pim attraction patyant)
This is one of the most beautiful patyant featuring the warrior khun pean and his wife nam pim. See more information of this patyant at: (Sold out)

(Archan meng special yin ku seduction attraction patyant)
Another patyant by guru Archan meng featuring a kin yu (couple lover making love). See more information of this unique patyant at: (Sold out)

(Archan sup special mae per attraction lover patyant)(Front view)

(Archan sup special mae per attraction lover patyant)(back view)
Archan sup from cambodia is a master of making effective love charm amulets. This ee per patyant is properly blessed by him. For more information of this patyant, check out: (Sold out)

(Archan sa la buri opposite sex attraction yant patyant)
This is one of the patyant specially handwritten and drawn by archan sa la buri. Great for attraction and metta.
Sold out also

I will be sharing more patyants for wealth and luck in my next blog posting next time. Meanwhile, do stay tuned.
To be continued.......................................................

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