Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kruba Noi Phra OPaKut Special Wealth Buddha

Recently , Kruba Noi from wat si dong moon had produced a new batch of amulets call Phra Opakut also known as Bua Kem.
Phra Opakut is kruba noi most popular amulet and is one of the main buddha in wat si dong moon.

Phra Opakut chanting ceremony.

Kruba noi lighting the candle during the ceremony.

Phra Opakut (Bua kem ) Buddha

Phra OPaKut is a very famous Phra A-Ra-Hunt in Indian. The record showed that Phra OPaKut appear after Lord Buddha pass away 200 year. Phra OPaKut is highly respected in Indian, Burma, Thai, Cambodian and Laos. He has been deep knowledge of Visha and expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way.

Here is the technique to worship of Phra OPaKut Buddha amulet:

1. Provide two trays with pedestal. Place Phra OPaKut on the tray. Then, place this tray onto other bigger tray with pedestal. Put some water into the bigger tray.

2. Doing this means Phra OPaKut lives in the sea. This is because Phra OPaKut keeps the Buddhist precepts regularly and success to be an A-Ra-Hun in the deep sea.

3. Worship Phra Opakut with Jasmine, Banana and a glass of Water. The best day to worship is every Wednesday. The owner will get more lucky and successful in business affairs.

4. Make your mind calm. Think of all your goodness that has done and focuses all your faith to the Phra OPaKut with Katha before you wear.

Thai people believed that Phra OPaKut was the topmost a monk worships. It was believed that Phra OPaKut can help the owner from danger, evil forces, negative energy and all obstacles. Also this great Buddha is especially powerful for business success, wealth and peaceful life.

Kruba Noi Phra Opakut buddha amulet

This Phra Opakut is made by kruba noi during a major ceremony.
He has made these phra Opakut amulet in three type of material, Gold, Silver and Bronze.
According to Kruba Noi, this amulet is able to bring the best of luck and wealth to the owner.
The posture of this Phra Opakut ( hand in bowl )Signifies great wealth and whereever you go, opportuntiy and good wealth will come to you.
Each amulet is inserted with kruba noi old holy powder, lucky leaf pendant and handwritten takrut.

(Phra Opakut buddha gold) (Front view)

(Phra Opakut buddha gold) (Below view)

This amulet is known for:

1) Business luck and sales luck.

2) Increase good luck everyday, making you the luckiest of all.

3) You will never be in debt or poverty.

4) You get to easily sell much more of your products to anyone and enjoy a profit explosion!

5) Achieve and attract Unimaginable wealth to you everyday.

6) Protect the owner from enemies, danger, bad things.

7) Positive energy surround you all the time.

8) Able to be supercharge your career to success.

9) Able to attract more money making opportunity everyday.

10) Attract the right kind of opportunity and people to you

11) Successful in everything that you do.

12) Feel like your world just "flows" somehow, that you're in all the right places at just the right time.

and much much more.......

Gotten believe it to see it!!!
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(Phra Opakut buddha silver) (Front view)

(Phra Opakut buddha silver) (below view)

This phra Opakut made of silver and also limited produced by kruba noi. More information of this amulet at:

(Phra Opakut buddha bronze) (Front view)

(Phra Opakut buddha bronze) (Below view)

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