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Holy shit, you're not going to believe this. Kruba Det takrut ner hom of 1000 spirit in it!!!

(Kruba det blessing the takrut ner hom)

Kruba Det from sam nak song, wat pah ratta na go sin had created one batch of very powerful takrut call Takrut Ner hom in Thailand year 2544. (Which is roughly 8 years ago)

What makes these takruts so powerful and special as mentioned by kruba det is because inside this takrut, there are total of not 1, not 10, not 58, not 100 but a total of 1000 spirits in the takrut. Amazing and totally mind blowing.
Kruba det takeut ner hom prom prai 1000 (Strongest attraction of all)

(Ingredient of 1000 ash prom prai inside takrut)
Process for this takrut ner hom:

Kruba det learned the ancient way and wicha of making this takrut following the thaiyai ancestry in Myanmar. He learned the effective way of making this takrut from his teacher called archan Kootao.

Archan Kootao is well-known for making strong love amulets and well verse in the subject of saney and love magic wicha. He is currently 78 years old but his wife is only the age of 20 years old and very beautiful. (Take note that he is not rich and look very old, how a gal of 20 years old can be attracted to him, i leave it to your imgaination)

At first, the most important step is, Kruba det had to go to the temple where they cremate the body of dead people call chung ta korn and there is a special place where they burn the body but had small left overs residue of ashes in a certain area. He collected a total of 1000 different ashes from the that area.

During a major ceremony, he mix the 1000 ashes with love herbs and metta powder and inserted it into the special hand written takrut. Following that he chanted a special mantra for inviting 1000 ghost to the ceremony.

kruba Det said after he invited all ghost into the these takut, he transfered a lot of merits to them in order for the 1000 prom prai spirits to be super powerful and effective.

Important point to take note as kruba det mentioned is that all this spirits is willingly to stay inside this takrut to help the owner. He did not force them nor did he abuse them.

After that he dipped this takrut into nam man prai oil and chanted katha for a period of few months to further increase the power of this takrut ner hom.

Takrut ner hom means whoever owner use this takrut, the skin will smell good and everyone will surround him and girl/guy will love the user very much.

Kruba det had given a special katha to be chanted for this takrut to further enhance the power of it.

Kruba det mentioned:

- This takrut ner hom is so strong for attraction that whoever who use this takrut will possessed strong charming and become very popular.
(Another way to call it is - SMOOTH-SAILING the process of you easily getting the members of the opposite sex you want to be attracted to you when you're out with her/him)
- This takrut can not only attract the opposite sex but it can be used to attract the same sex too. Meaning, Gays, Lesbians, tomboys, ladyboys can also use this takrut. Fabulous !!!

Imagine what it will be like to become The Glamour Trophy ‘Prize’ Women or Man Jealously Fight & Compete For… At Every Available Opportunity, anytime, anywhere after you wore this takrut ner hom.”Awesome!

PS: I know my email will be flooded with lots of question regarding this takrut ner hom.
Lots of people will ask me if this takrut is safe and will the spirits harm the user in anyway?
As mentioned by kruba det, he said that the spirit is only there to help the owner and not harm the owner. The spirit in direct will also gain merit by helping the user. That's why the effect can be seen very fast once the owner wears it. So it is 100% safe.

This is the last few pieces of takrut left over in year 2544, meaning nowadays kruba det is not making this takrut anymore due to the fact that he not able to find the same kind of material to make it presently. This is one of kruba det old batch takrut.
Fans of kruba det will not want to miss out on this.

One more important thing.

Those who have used the takrut na ree rum peng by kruba det which had gotten good effect and result, here's one great news for you.

kruba det takrut na ree rum peng + kruba det takrut ner hom = amazing super metta and attraction to the highest limit possible.

Any user who combined these two takrut together, the result will be PHENOMENAL !!!

Before this takrut is sold out for good, here's how you can get  this Kruba det takrut ner hom: $98sgd only

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