Monday, July 27, 2009

Wow, Khun pean of 7 spirit by LP Sawat of Wat Kaset Suk

(Lp sawat blessing khun pean nang rum rai)

Lp sawat of Wat Kaset Suk in Payao Province is a master of making effective love and great charming amulets. Recently he had created a batch of special khun pean call nang rum rai (Means girl/guy love and think of user very much)

This is an very unique and special khun pean made and blessed by lp sawat.
He made following ancient magic book and chant mantra all the time in holy ceremony.
There are full of Mysterious Materials used to make this khun pean collected over a period of 10 years. The 20++ types materials as mentioned by Lp sawat are:

1) Rum rai powder
2) Treung nang powder
3) Khun pean chom tarad powder
4) Pra luck nah tong powder
5) Prom prai bone powder of 7 spirit
6) Payah tae krua powder
7) Ruk chon powder
8) Bone of men(Crash into powder)
9) Soil from 7 cemetry
10) Wan saw long
11) Wan nang lom
12) Wan jung nang
13) Kheu kao long
14) Wan dok thong
15) Wan sane hah
16) Wan mahasane
17) Wan pasom khong
18) Wan 500 women
19) Wan salika
20) Sane jan khao
21) Sane jan dang
22) Wan khun paen
23) Look sawat powder

When mix together, this powder is super powerful and lp sawat mentioned that before anyone who have to pound this powder together for make into amulet have to ask permission and apologize to the powder first.
Unfortunately , there was one monk (his look sit) before pounding the powder had forgotten to ask permission , so during the process when he was pounding, he smelled the powder and suddenly became insane.

lp sawat have to do magic ritual on him for 7 day and 7 nite till he recovered.
Finally LP Sawat chant 108 times of Mont Nang Ram Rai mantra into it.
This khun pean amulet is very very powerful but safe to use as Lp sawat had already control the amulet.

Lp sawat khun pean nang rum rai (7 spirit for strong love and atttraction)



Lp sawat mentioned that this is not an ordinary khun pean and in fact very different from other khun pean made by other masters.

This khun pean can bring great kindness and attraction. Also, this amulet great in MaHaSaNay (great charming) for opposite sex. Moreover, this amulet will also make the owner be beloved by boss and all people.

Most importantly, the 7 spirit will help the owner to be successful and even whisper to the owner for ADVICE whenever the owner had a problem.
The 7 spirit can give advise to the owner for love, business and other interpersonal relationship in life.

While you're reading through, I want you to ask yourself how much better you'd feel about your own life if these problems could be resolved for you.

How would it impact your happiness?
How would it increase your ability to attract members of the opposite sex?
How would you feel about yourself?

This khun pean is very limited produced and will not be remaking anymore as mentioend by lp sawat.


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